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OnePlus started as a brand that provided cost efficient products. Costing less but high on power and design. That has been true there phone are roughly what premium range flagships are offering, but never to forget the price of there phone has increased $200 more than what it was in 2016. Now they sell above $500 mark, and that’s the point.

From OnePlus 5, 5t and OnePlus 6, they have been adding some ‘Wasteful Necessities’ as I term them. These features are basically not adding to phones usability and productivity but they are still asked by folks and leads to price increase. Though they have not added to much of extra features, but like in this case the Glass Back doesn’t really add up to phones productivity or usability, but looks. (Wireless charging is still not there)

As a result OnePlus phones have seen price hike in few years. Okay phones are getting expensive due to more expensive chipsets, more RAM etc. but Wasteful Necessities like glass back, stickers can be kept out of phone if they won’t to keep there price low. Though they have done pretty good job keeping wireless charging away.Also They can also improve speakers rather than wasting energy over Star Wars edition phones.

The thing is that I feel that they want to reach premium price range flagships, but they won’t to do it slowly and smoothly, what i believe is that they should remain in mid range flagships, else they would become like LG, i mean good for nothing stuff. If they won’t to reach premium price point, then they need some Steve Jobs like innovation to stand out of other companies and give them reason to buy there products. The later I don’t believe has much scope, and now they have developed fan following of people who want pocket friendly quality smartphones.

The better way can also be they start 2 lineups. Like Apple has launched SE series, which for long has been due for update though, they solve both the problems. OnePlus can launch a premium range phone and keep the other range without any Wasteful Necessities. Well anyways what do you think about this idea?

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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