OnePlus Teases New Gesture Navigation: More Intuitive and smoother

Instead of letting products leak, OnePlus usually itself teases new features of its phones. After In display fingerprint sensor now is gesture navigation, it brings whole new UI experience which is said to make this version of OxygenOS “most distinctive and intuitive”. 

Today, the company has revealed new information about the phone and to our surprise, it isn’t about the in-display fingerprint scanner

They have made the user experience more smooth and worked to make it buttery. OnePlus has fixed up many issues regarding it. One noted problem is of using Google Assistant without navigation buttons being difficult. OnePlus will trigger assistant with long press of power button 

The new user interface will being up simpler and better functioning of features like do not disturb also.

They also talk about the navigation gesture to have improved as a new gesture is said to have been added which, if the user swipes from the bottom of the screen towards the right, will help to change between the two recently used apps

It is common now days for phones to get fully leaked before launch. We saw how Pixel 3 got leaked weeks before launch. OnePlus knows that and instead of being tight lipped it teases its new features on its own to create even bigger buzz. This is a nice thing of OnePlus.

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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