OnePlus 6: NOTch this

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OnePlus 6 is the latest iteration to the chinese now-not-so budget smartphone maker. That is said to Debut on 16th of May, a whole month earlier than OnePlus 5’s 20th June, last year. Though with the CEO of OnePlus leaking almost all of the details including ‘embrace the notch’

The specs like in case of almost almost all smartphone maker these days are leaked already. A whooping 256GB storage 8 GB of RAM for top of the line model, and the price as you can expect is $399. Ahem… It is 2018 and following Apple trend OnePlus is increasing its prices also, tough not $1000, but it would definitely cross $500 mark.

The processor is Snapdragon 845, which features in many flagships. There are dual cameras but it is almost i possible to compete Pixel 2 in that department. If one is expecting some AR feature, or some other fancy stuff one shouldn’t expect such in a phone with this less price. Right? No it has headphone jack, which is at verge of extinction now. Also it has a glass bsck that makes it look and feel premium.

OnePlus will launch its phone in London on May the 16th, till then we can’t expect any other news for the device. We would update you as soon as we receive further updates.

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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