Ok Google Too Much Desperation for Hardware is bad

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Just 2 years ago Google dreamt a ambutious world where everyone used google hardware. Google launched 2 phones, a laptop, a wireless earphone, 3 smart speakers and none have them have made great profit

Google just yesterday was rumoured to be working on gaming console and a platform to build gamers under a roof. And today Google is supposed to have started working on their watches.

We just yesterday discussed if Google should go Hardware or Software. And  Evan Blass the man that is king when it comes to leaking of information, he believed Google to be working on Pixel watches and it waswnext to impossible that this information is wrong. Now we have started too hear information about the 3 watches Ling, Triton, and Sardine

Google has not good sale enough to and they are pitting to much on stake on hardware which is somewhat not their mainstream thing, It’s known that they have Rick Osterloh ex-motorola CEO as their hardware head and this is also right they want to make a full fledged line up of device to keep Google in each aspect of life.

But simply having a product won’t make people but it. They need quality and features, and other than Pixel’s Camera and Google Home’s intellegence which is also available in phones they have no featires to stand out

Google is laying itself too thin. Let one product be successful then move on to another product, being big company doesn’t mean you can create a huge lineup of average products and leverage your name for everything else.

Google is making 3 watches and they all are launching this Made By Google event, which is not more than 3-4 months. Google this desperation is not letting you work and make great products.

Google did not made Search, YouTube, Android, Play Store, Play Games and Gmail is 2 years, they took more than a decade. This decades time allowed you to make great products. Please don’t dilute yourself

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