Milyin 2.8.1

Taking Milyin Private at $420. Funding Secured. (SEC and Elon Musk notified)

No just kidding we are not doing anything we are taking something public. Here are things we are doing in past few days. These including making our milestones public. You can see all our activities and important milestones since our birth with this calendar.


We did that so that our users don’t feel blinded in our works they know what all is happening with us.

Another great things we are doing is introducing Chat. Milyin’s way for Content Creators to interact with each other.

We have in order to accommodate the Chat in menu, have added Creators in the Menu, creators contains all Creations, Discover, Chat.

We have had a constant update to our policies to improve user experience. We have also changed our payment structure

$0.8 per every 1000 Views

$0.4 per every 1000 comments

$0.2 per every 1000 images used in creations

$0.1 per every 1000 words written

We have restarted work of our LinkedIn profile. At present Milyin has its profiles over YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Though Milyin at present has suspended its work for the YouTube channel.

We have increased our presence of Amazon affiliate account, sharing the post space equally between Adsense and Amazon affiliates.

The newly introduced text editor at Milyin will allow you more control over your Creations and easier editing.

We have fixed sitemaps and indexing to insure better search results

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Milyin Creators

Milyin Creators

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