Milyin 2.75

Milyin Updates is coming up after 3 weeks and a whole lot of things have changed in this period of time.

Milyin has just abolished the system of category everything on Milyin now comes under category ‘Standard’

Report Content

Milyin has added the system of Report Content, where upon finding any inappropriate content, user can report it with a button on bottom of post.

We have added new Comments system with a variety of options for a better comment experience, as for making a better discussion experience

Text Editor

We have also added a new text editor to our forms. The newer text editor has variety of options, including option to set width and height of media. Adding option to code css derictly from the options and variety of other things, for simplicity in Content Creations.


We also introduced a page called ‘Discover’ which can be used to Discover other Content Creators. You can find other Content Creators searching by name, email, or user id.


Milyin is doing great in perspect of statistics. Milyin has now over 500 users and over 1,200 posts in all. These stats are really breathe taking, and we want to keep on im0roving it further



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Milyin Creators

Milyin Creators

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