Milyin | 17th May, 2018

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Our site, which at this pint and time is a free website form wordpress, has been a hit in the time it got. (well according to our 5 member team) we are taking the game to next level we are going to be getting a proper domain as a investment and would start working at it. From past 2 days we have been working  over the same.

We are now buying the domain and would be designing the website for next 24 hours or a little more. We can assure you that new website would a great one. We are sorry for any inconvenience and we also are eager to reach back to our readers, who would be missing us.

Our domain would be changed to , but what hasn’t changed is that our tagline is still Internet Won’t Be Just Internet Anymore. And our content is still as great as ever before. We would soon get back to our reader who love to call Millionaire… Ahem ahem… i mean Milyin-aire, slang you know.

Internet Won’t Be Just Internet Anymore.




It’s The Passion That Matters

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Milyin Creators

Milyin Creators

It's The Passion That Matters


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