Material Design Bring Updates For Gmail, Contacts

New Updates for Material Design bring a wonderful lot of improvements to Gmail and Google Contacts. Google’s New updates to the apps on Android were much anticipated.

With the design, the background colors have become more uniform.  A major revamp has been the navbar. The navbar is now reduced in width. The quick toggle to change account has been made easily accessible.

The design is now more clean and seamless. Google is also bringing it’s dark mode to Google Chrome. This will make elements darker for the people who like that theme. Samsung has been ahead in this game, and Google is catching up.

The newer Gmail, also has new icons. Google’s Material icon font, that are basically minimalistic outline icons.

They also have the new button for compose, with all 4 colors. Google has made elements have more rounded edges also.

Upon swiping or tapping any #mail we can see that the border is now rounded. The Gmail material design for desktop rolled out quite a while ago.

But the new Gmail for Android and iOS is now coming out to almost all of the phones.

The new feature in terms of usability is, the ability to view attachments without opening the mail, is a new feature, for phones.

The #new #Google’s Material Design is rolling out on Google Photos, Google Contacts, Google Keep.

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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