Material Design 2: Now Available For Chrome Canary

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#Material Design, the major thing that brought paradigm shift in designing of web apps and websites something we at Milyin follow deeply.

Though from around a year we have been hearing that Google is working on Material Design 2.0 the next standard of designing.

Material Design 2.0 has been in testing and it has in some extent has rolled out today on #Google Chrome Canary, for Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and would be available to all the people though ones on MAC would need to manually turn it on.

This is not a full role out, and more design iterations will be seen over the months.

The iterations can be seen in Tabs mainly. It is seen in shape and size. The design has also some improvements in various aspects that make it look more popping and attractive.

These redesigns would see further refinements in future and then only would be released to normal chrome users and then to various other formats.

All chrome canary users would be able to see these new features and enjoy their previleges, though if you are among the ones using Mac you can use it by simply going to chrome://flags/# #top -chrome-md to “Refresh” and enable chrome://flags/ #views -browser-windows this will enable material design 2.0 for you and you can enjoy it. 

If you are a #developer you should definatly try to use it and craft your website according to it because it will for sure become industry standard.

And this help you to cope up with next curve of Designing.


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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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