LIVE: Population Counter of India

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India is mostly known for it’s multi cultural atmosphere and population. It ranks 2nd after China in it’s population. And it’s growing day by day. Once it was noticed that number of berth per day was found to be very large than number of deaths. This is the main reason for increase in population of india.

But now when many people are aware of the short coming, invest their time and money in family planning methods. This was necessary for the future generation as with increase in population  an undue pressure builds on our Mother Earth. Which later will trouble us.

LIVE: Population Of India

People who are uneducated are mostly not aware like the educated once and have sometime 5-6 kids. This not only troubles them in later stage but only increase poverty. As with increase in no. Of kids the money earned by parents is to be divided and than spent. For example: If an educated parents have one child. So the parents can give their child quality life, education and nutrition. But if a parent has 6 kids and earn less than may be some one would go to school but some could not. Proper nutrition  couldn be provided to them nor a quality life.

Their are many contraceptive methods that one can use to prevent pregnancy. One can Google it out.

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