Life is All About Connecting The Dots

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Everyone has played that connecting the dots sheet in childhood you connect the dots and it forms an actual meaningful drawing. Our world is the same, we connect the dots.

In any work we connect the dots, just think how you used to prepare for exams, the dots that you connected that time were:

  1. Read the book
  2. Read the notes
  3. Do problem solving
  4. Get reference books and more practice
  5. Revise notes
  6. Take doubts

Most of the people did at least this, though there are a lot more things they can do, I am an Indefinite Thinker, I don’t have any respect for limits so i believe you can have far more points for preparation also. Now consider these 6 points as dots. The person who connects more dots and does it accurately will succeed. When the 6 dots will connect the picture will look good.

But what about confidence, do you need confidence and a high level of confidence? If you are not confident in yourself, why will someone give you marks for an answer that seemed unconfident or skeptical.

7. Be Confident

Confidence is another #dot, most of us will follow the status quo and will be happy with the first 6 points, but an Indefinite Thinker will know that Confidence is like Gravity before Newton, it existed but no one knew how it works or how to use it. Same is Confidence, we all know this word “Confidence” but only an infinite thinker will actually connect the dots.

A definite Thinker is a #person who plays by rules, and doesn’t try to daviate from them, these people are not much creative, and the solution that they find may or may not connect the maximum no. of dots.

A Indefinite Thinker is a person who finds opportunities. They are optimistic and with simple change of perspective they find solutions, that more often than not, connects the maximum no. of dots, and therefore its usually best.

As the Indefinite player got one more dot in the form of Confidence connected, his picture would look better than anyone else. And #confidence is just an example there are a lot many other dots. And the beautiful thing is that even though a definite player will never work to be Confident because it’s never part of his dpts, but still he has confidence, it may be that the confidence is less or it is sufficient. But he never thought of it, just like Gravity, he unknowingly had some level of confidence, but he is yet to develop and learn it in reality.

A #definite thinker will do everything that he is asked to do, asked in the form of rules, in the form of limitations, and in the form of procedures. An Indefinite player will do everything that is necessary, but he will think different, and he will find other things that were required but no one talked about it. He will connect few extra dots, the dots that exist but they were never discovered.

This raises an interesting #question, “How many dots are there?”

What is the total number of dots. Even if you understand that you need to connect more dots, but how many dots do you need to connect? 10, 15, 30 how many?

Well a indefinite player knows that total no. of dots are unknown. The dots will never end, if you try to find, you will surely find more dots and more room to improve. The dots won’t end the picture would keep getting bigger and bigger.

You just need to find dots that Don’t exist and are unknown (remember gravity). And then connect them. Like the thoughts of indefinite player, the dots that can be discovered are infinite.

Keep Connecting The dots, Those dots won’t end but the circle Would keep Getting Bigger

Now please think within yourself what would you call the process of connecting never ending dots? What would you call a person who connects a never ending no. of dots? Think a bit hard because we have discussed this in one of the earliest chapters. Think hard.

It’s called infinite game and the person is called infinite player. A person who keeps connecting dots without stopping will be an infinite player. Remember how we defined as infinite player: a person with no rules, who has a goal which is not defined:

An Infinite goal is like ‘becoming fit’ or ‘becoming handsome’ there is no true definition of it, you can not do a perfect distinction of handsome, you can’t tell the exact day or exact time when you became fit. (Chapter 2)

An Indefinite #Thinker will find all the things that are already written and are necessary like a definite thinker. And then he will start finding out important undiscovered dots, this would be the stage when he becomes an Indefinite Thinker. And then he starts to work on it, he works day in and day out till he achieves his goal.

But remember that the first step is to decide goal. If the goal is infinite you will naturally do it. And there is a warning i will try to give you, probably no one has time to do this all for his every goa. Trust me finding a single missing dot can take weeks. So it won’t be wise to try to build the thought process for each and every activity.

Decide on an infinite goal, and something that you want to put your entire life for. Decide on one goal.

You can be an infinite player, and you can connect the dots for any

Head back to How Steve Jobs made a Perfect Balance of Smart Work and Hard Work,, and reread the story about Apple, calculating squares was a necessity. They were bound by 1 rules, the rule that was the fact that there processor was not designed to calculate squares. A Definite thinker will be bound by a rule of status quo, which is that the square of any no. is the number multiplied by itself. But being an indefinite thinker Apple brought out an amazing way to do it. Read How Steve Jobs made a Perfect Balance of Smart Work and Hard Work, just in case…

The thing we learn from the above quoted example of Apple is, that the limitation was the processor and there were no rules and no limits on the mathematics behind it. The brilliant engineer must have been An Indefinite Thinker (unknowingly) who thought of everything that was not limited or bound by the rules and he did a #wonderful work.

When I spoke at the event, the rules asked me to speak in a neutral and ethical manner, and I had to finish the speech in given time, I always followed these rules and everyone else also did the same. All the other people lived in an illusion, that their job was to tell the facts and praise the company. Well I also did the same, but rules never governed my energy, my enthusiasm, my voice modulation etc. I did what everyone else did but I added the energy and enthusiasm to the mix and that turned out to be magical

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