It has gore, it has great graphics, it has guns and most importantly it has TALKING BANANA!!

MY FRIEND PEDRO is a new action 2d game and Its AMAZINGGGG!!. Although its a 2d game but its very good , you have 2 pistols with infinite ammo.You can slow time , you can do backflips and other tricks and don’t forget A TALKING BANANNAAA!!.

Gameplay the player character uses a mix of split-aiming and slow-motion techniques to kill the enemies. They can also jump off walls while doing flips, bounce bullets off frying pans and signs or kick things like severed heads from the floor into the enemies.[4] Players are awarded bonus points if any of these kills are extra special, like firing at the frying pan to kill enemies or fly through the air and more.

It also received a great score of 8.5 from IGN so its worth it.

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