Internet’s Revoution: By Father Of Internet himself

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Internet which was created to make the world better and easy transmission and working of world. And 28 years ago Tim Berners Lee the father of Computer changed the world.

But in recent time we have seen the other side of coin other than health and waste of time, we have seen many incidents of Fake News, Data Breach and Political leverages

We have seen many incidences where fake news are spread by some people jist for having fun and thoae create huge troubles. This mainly happens on platforms like WhatsApp where it is next to impossible to track the source of any message, and people use it in wrong means.

Anyone remembers Facebook. Ya okay, now we don’t use Facebook but still we definatly remember what Facebook actually is. So Facebook data breach to Cambridge Analytica, that was a huge loss of trust in promises of big companies to keep our data safe.

Twitter supported by providing useful user data to political elections and would have a portion of why Trump became the President.

So what was the solution Tim Berners Lee the father of Internet himself thinks that he knows the solution. He believes that internet should be decentralized. The data should remain with people, and next to nothing should remain with tech giants.

This is a huge threat to big companies like Google and Facebook, because decentralizations will mainly reduce the income of these companies and would be huge functionality iteration. Tim Berners Lee believes he can decentralize the internet, and is working on the same.

Lee is working on a project for the past 2 years which he calls ‘Solid’ it would be difficult to see new developments and prospects i the field of Internet

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Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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