Instagram’s Next Target YouTube

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Kevin Systrom took to stage to in San Fransisco, to give a message that would echo in YouTube headquarter in San Bruno, for the next many days.

Instagram to announced Instagram TV, or as it is being called IGTV. Instagram already allows sending videos in their native platform, but maximum length in such cases could be 1 minute only. IGTV will allow videos up to 1 hour length.

Instagram has not planned yet over monetization, and is for leisure time creators rather than full-time creators.

Instagram TV will be available as a part of Instagram as well as a standalone app also. The Instagram TV can give you nostalgic feeling. Where videos start playing as soon as you as you open the app without tapping anything else. The. You can swipe to access videos from people you follow.

The button for IGTV in Instagram native app is located above the Instagram stories.

It would as usual feature the 3 buttons- heart, comment and share


One problem IGTV will have is that it only supports vertical supports, not that landscape videos haven’t rolled out or they are in development it is done intentionally. Instagram believes that the majority of 1 billion monthly active users, use it on phones.

As phones are designed to work in portrait mode, (though they can be taken to landscape also) it is better to have videos also in portrait mode. This will allow easy scroll through videos.

This feature i believe is a throwback for many people, as most of the content creators want to create in landscape mode, also this restricts IGTV’s use mainly to phones and tablets. As laptops and TV’s are all in portrait mode

Another small thing missing is live streams, IGTV, doesn’t support livestreams, but they have hinted that it might be in development

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