Inside Xbox event: every game showcased in event

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Xbox showcased gameplays of new games coming on Xbox series X and you van also play these games on Xbox one. A lot of new games like assassins creed Valhalla, dirt 5, scorn and many more were showed. Here are all the games Xbox showed us.


This game is a first person shooter with great melee mechanics. Think of it as titanfall2 and devil may cry come together, that’s what you get. This game surprisingly capture great fps as well as sword swinging features like in devil may cry series. To see what you are going to get you really have to see this game #in #action . All I can say is gameplay is awesome and it is a great next gen game.

Date: TBA( only coming to Xbox series x)


So dirt 5 is looking to give you more freedom than previous games, offering you more #cars , racetracks and a new career mode. You guys already know that dirt is best played with friends so dirt 5 supports multiplayer with a 4 player split screen.

Release date:TBA( supports smart delivery)


Most of you already know about scorn. It is a adventure-horror game which is inspired by artstylings of H.R gigger.  First trailer was released in 2016 and a 8 minute gameplay is also available. The developers EBB said that game is based on ” being thrown into world”. There are a number of areas and all are #interconnected . You fan explore any areas irrespective of order, each area has its own theme and story which #collectively contributes to story. Scorn also takes some elements from metroid. You can unlock abilities, weapons and other things on the way to move further. If you want to more about the game a 8 minute gameplay is also available and believe me the environment is very bloody and even guns are different in this game.

Release date:TBA( smart delivery not confirmed)


Chorus is a narrative driven combat game. You play as an ex convict, Nara. Nara is haunted by her dark past and a voice speaks to her constantly. The first trailer showed some combat.

Release date: TBA 2021( smart delivery supported)


Vampire is also one of the awaited games. The new vampire trailer showed a man dancing in a room full of corpses and a first person #vampire bite. Some vampiric #powers were also shown. You can get more supernatural powers in the game. This Is a great game and I am looking forward to buying it.

Release date: TBA( will support smart delivery)


Call of the sea is a first person exploring game. You play as norah who is finding her husband on an island. As you explore the inland you will get to know about more failed #expeditions and more about the island.

Release date: late 2020( will support smart delivery)


The medium is a horror game produced by bloober studio. You play as #spiritual medium who is haunted by memories of a child’s murder. To unravel the truth she goes into a abandoned hotel to find her answers.

Bloober studios said that the game captures “duality” meaning it would allow you to explore real and spirit world. You must explore the two worlds to get your answers.

Release date: TBA( smart delivery not yet confirmed)


Second extinction is a cooperative  shooting game. You can play up to 2-3 players and your mission is to hunt mutant dinosaurs and reclaim earth. The trailer showed a snowy area so there might be weather changes and there are different type of mutant dinosaurs.

Release date:TBA


Yakuza 7(like a dragon) is the newest game in franchise. It is the continuation of previous story but offers new story for new players. With long running #pratagonist kazuma’s story being wrapped up. A new character comes in this story. He just got out of jail and get to know that his gang has betrayed him. This yakuza game is a little different from others as it focus on turn based combat.


I already wrote about assassins creed Valhalla in previous post so if you want to know about the game read it here:Explore england in assassins creed valhalla



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