Indian Air Strike on Pakistan Carried out By Indian Air Force

India caries out Indian Air Strike over Pakistan. After first surgical strike this is the revenge of Pakistan’s Pulwama terrorist attack.

The Indian Air Surgical Strike was carried out by Indian Air Force’s Mirage 2000 aircrafts. 12 aircrafts took off from Indian Air force bases over various locations to carry out air surgical strike on Pakistan. The surgical strike destroyed 3 terror camps. The planes carried out the air strike in PoK and Pakistan.

The airstrike happens 12 days after the nation cried due to brutal terrorist attack by Pakistan over Pulwama, that took life of 40 army men.

The air strike on Pakistan was very well planned, and planes took off at 3:30am midnight. The terrorist camps had terrorists from not only JeM but many other organisations.

The planes went through Muzafarabad sector to carry out air strike on Pakistan. The nation is happy and citizens have felt that the Indian air strikes are the correct revenge for the loss that India suffered.

The Indian army was ready in case Pakistan retaliated the air strike. Though that was never required. The indian air strike took lives over 200 terrorists. It has been reported from top #sources that large number of JeM terrorists, trainers and senior commanders were neutralised in largest JeM camp in Balako.

There were 2 other camps also. Pakistani F-16 aircrafts tried to retaliate, but soon turned back being fearfull. The Indian forces have returned back safely.

The Indian #AirForce as well as the forces on ground on high alert. #NSA Ajeet Dowal has given briefings. #Army head, and North Zone Commander have also taken reports and briefings.

JeM’s Yusuf Azhar alias Mohammad Salim alias Ustaad Gohri, who was killed in the indian Air strikes. 


There was over 1000 kilograms of ammunition fired over #Pakistan. Many aircrafts were on standby and other were on 2 minute preparation time, in case required. Many people are calling it #SurgicalStrike 2.0 for the #terrorist that were neutralised.


Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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