Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player
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This creation is based on Idea of James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Game. This idea of Finite And Infinite Game recently popularised due to Simon Sinek also.

This creation talks about the concept of Indefinite Thinking, a way of thinking, a way of becoming an infinite player. it explains why some people have succeeded and tend to lead the competition while others always lag

I got to know about the concept of Finite And Infinite game due to the creation of James Carse about Finite and Infinite Game, and Simon Sinek’s speeches that covered this concept. But thinking deep within myself I realised it misses on something. It talked about the way of setting goals, but it never talked about how to reach there.

First I discuss the concept of Finite and Infinite Game as explained by them, and once you understand it, you will slowly be introduced to the concept of Definite and indefinite Thinker. We shall discuss how the different types of players and thinkers vary from one another in the Game Quadrant. Indefinite Thinking develops the mindset to become creative and innovative. Infinite Game is about covering the maximum distance and to reach the farthest point, you need to overcome many hurdles.

I believe it to be a fundamental principle of humanity. It has explained human behavior, it explains setting up of different goals, it represents the mindset of person, and it talks about why some people always lag and others always lead in the game. It is extremely powerful.

The concept of Indefinite Thinking, will make you An Infinite Player. You will be creative, you will be able to think out of the box. Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, is a wonderful Concept, that will help you become more creative, think different, be able to find more solutions. You Will be able to work for a long time.

Life is about thinking about the unknown, finding the things that no one notices, and then leveraging them. Leveraging them till they make a significant impact. Life is about bringing paradigm shift. This concept will help you choose the right goal. A right life goal, will help you move in the right direction, and then the Indefinite Thinking helps you find the solution to these problems.

In any mission that you are unable to achieve, there is a secret ingredient that is missing. And the secret ingredient exists in the universe, it’s just that you have not discovered it. Gravity existed even before Newton discovered it, same is how it happens.

Atom existed even before it was discovered, and the same way existed this beautiful concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, it existed ever since the start of the human race, but it was not discovered and now we unveil it to you. And this singular concept governs our lives and therefore it can help you achieve immense success.

We in our lives have met many really talented yet unsuccessful people, these people have the calibre to change the world, and they yet they never reach their goals. This thing can be explained by this wonderful concept. In this creation we will discuss about the Game Quadrant, which explains the different types of goals that exist in the world, and then it discusses about different types of people and how  they lie on one or the other side of Game Quadrant. We will give a sneak peak.

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player and an Indefinite Thinker Finite Player, both are the type of people that are willing to succeed, but they don’t fully know the mantra. Discovering, the concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is a really powerful thing. Everything that we ever do in our lives can be explained very well with this concept. And here we realize that the Define Thinker Infinite Players and Indefinite Thinker Finite Player, both have not discovered this wonderful concept.

Always remember the Concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, if a lifestyle, it’s a way to live. With this creation, you will learn the secret to challenge your competition and stay ahead of them.

Concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player explains Smart work and Hard word. An Indefinite Thinker is deep into Smart work, he makes great choices and finds innovative solutions.

For any Task, there are 3 things: setting mission, planning and execution. The concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, takes into account every aspect.

This creation talks about the Concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. We all have wondered about what was so different with Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, that they face really tough situations, and never gave up.

Our life is a game, and anyone and everyone with similar work is your competitor, the Concept of Finite And Infinite Game of James Carse talked about how to be an Infinite player, how to play till infinity.

The concept of Indefinite Thinker and Infinite Player Explains it well. We have discussed about the mindset, we discovered the concept of Indefinite Thinking, because we felt the need to explain how to become an Infinite player.

Indefinite thinker Infinite Player is a lifestyle, it’s a way of living, a person who is an Indefinite Thinker, will find unknown opportunities and scope for improvement.

The first step is to be a Zero Thinker, a Zero thinker is a person who keeps wandering, who is constantly exploring the world and finding new things. The goal of a Zero Thinker, is to find what he loves or find his true passion, it’s a creative process, full of experiments.

You need to spend a lot of time to find what you truly want to do, if you haven’t found it, keep finding. The next step is to set an infinite goal. An infinite goal is a goal which is undistinguished, for example, being handsome, it’s impossible to distinguish and know when you have truly become handsome, it’s a constant process.

A finite player, works for a goal, like having a particular shade of skin tone, when you achieve it, you stop playing. But, an Infinite Player would still continue till Infinity. And at the end the Infinite Player would be more handsome. The #Infinite Player is simply a person who plays till infinite time duration.

The initial portion of the creation talks about how to become an infinite player. Further on we discuss the concept that we ourselves together developed, the Indefinite Thinker, talks about how to develop thought process and mindset of how to find problems and opportunities to reach your goal.

  • Become a Zero Thinker,
  • Find your Passion
  • Set an Infinite Goal
  • Start Thinking Indefinite
  • Become a part of game Quadrant
  • In trouble become a #Wanderer

If you feel demotivated, in the journey to be Infinite player, you can have simple motivation in earlier portion, which is a motivation motivation. It talks about how great people, like #SteveJobs, Elon Musk, made it through, they unknowingly or intentionally were Infinite Player and Indefinite thinkers.

How It All Started

I have been a great reader, ever since my childhood. I loved doing new errands and doing new things. At that time I started I was a lost person, I was directionless and wondered how successful people become successful. I knew Passion was a driving force in all of them.

But then I wanted to know how they found solutions to difficult problems. Over the past 2 years, I found that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player explains it to a large extent.

The time is 12th September, 2017, I am a technology enthusiast, and like anyone into it, Apple plays a key role in the technology world. And 12th September 2017, was the launch of new iPhones, on that Morning, I opened there sire and watched Live Stream of Apple. The event went, good, new iPhones, performance jumps, design improvements etc.

I after watching realized that Apple events were no more that amazing, they lacked wow factor. The hype for iPhones had diluted, being a bit nostalgic, I recalled the days of first iPhone, how Apple dramatically changed the world. The launch event that I saw had incremental updates, but nothing game changer. But launch of First iPhone was a game changer.

Over the time 2 questions came into my mind. First, How do companies like Apple make these great products, which bring a paradigm shift in the world, and the second question was, why do great companies start to dilute over time.

These questions hit me hard. I started to research about many such people to understand what made them so successful, one common thing I found was passion. Another equally wonderful thing is hard work.

I that day watched the launch event of first iPhone, Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple, and the then CEO, unveiled this revolutionary product. And watching the event I felt energised, I was amazed to see how different, and radically new concept they had brought when compared to competitors at that time. While watching the event, another thing I felt was the enthusiasm, I felt that Steve Jobs truly loved his product, and he is totally taken to it. And that was doing a magical impact on us too.

There are many great creations that talk about becoming successful, and most of them work. I wrote this creation to present newer concept of Indefinite Thinking. I observed that the energy in Steve Jobs was really too much. I could feel that Steve Jobs actually loved his work. I wanted to know what distinguished him with his competition. Why only Apple could bring such game changing product.

I started finding stuff, then about 7 months later I landed over to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk which by the way is the 3rd most watched Ted ever. His idea of Golden Circle seemed good. And few months after that I discovered Finite and Infinite Game. Thought the Finite and Infinite game presented by them was good, but there were 2 things that bothered me.

First, I realized that being an Infinite Player is not always a good decision, sometimes you need to be a finite player. Also, the concept never explained how to actually become an Infinite Player.

In Part 1, we will discuss what Finite and Infinite Game actually is. But here I just gave you a broader view of the whole thing.

I didn’t give description of Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk because I encourage you to watch it. Over a period of time, I discovered Finite and Infinite Game. For me, it explained to a large extent why great companies dilute (they are finite players). It also, very well explained the need for being an Infinite Player.

The concept of Finite And Infinite Game could not actually tell how to become an infinite player. Moreover, I felt that Infinite Game, can be simply doing the same things over and over again. As a result I started gathering up my own thoughts.

I realized that the mindset and the way we think is more important than the way we play. It’s hard to be an infinite player, if you can’t find a solution to a problem. I have been largely grateful for James Carse to give this concept, and Simon Sinek for further promoting it.

There was an urgent need for something to explain how to think like an infinite player, for which I introduced something called Infinite Goal, and then there was a problem solving mindset needed for surviving in this competition. Along with that, I also found something called Zero Thinker. Zero Thinking is all about creativity exploration and discovering new things.

I wrote this creation to help people to find There Life Goal or find Their Passion. We give you the right recipe for deciding your goal. We will just adjust your existing goal to fit with it. Then we give you concept of infinite game which tells you how to work, and then we reach finally to Indefinite Thinking which discusses how to solve all problems in life.

I went into discovering the answers to the 2 questions, first is that what is the mindset of people who changed our world and made an impact? Second, how do they become creative, innovative, resourceful and unconventional?

I found these answers with a lot of hard work, and formed the concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, and now I will share them all with you.

Some Motivation To Get Started

This creation had the mission of talking about a concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. It’s a lifestyle, and more importantly life changing style. It’s a fundamental concept, and it has existed since ages, the only thing is that it had not been uncovered yet. With this creation, we try to bring it to you. This is more of an inspiration one.

Here we will mainly talk about motivational and inspirational stories, many of what will come in the first part of a creation.

How To Stay Inspired in Life by Taking Inspiration. We will discuss how hardships hit hard in life and still staying inspired staying motivated while practicing perseverance will make you successful.

Let’s discuss the hardships faced by person. This is a true story, and you would have probably heard the name of this person too.

A child is in the womb of his mother when his parents decide that they didn’t want a child. As a result he is put for adoption, even before his birth. Even before he comes to existence he is being left by his own parents. The new parents with whom the child has been placed for adoption, back out on the day he is actually born, because they wanted a girl and the child was a boy.

That’s a really bad start of life, your own parents reject you before birth and the to-be adoptive parents also reject on birth

After birth, he is finally handed over to a family that is not very well off. The biological parents take a promise from adoptive parents, that they will ensure the boy goes to a good college.

Till here the child even before birth was not liked by his own parents. After birth his planned adoptive parents also move away. This was one of the most negative start anyone can imagine for his or her life. But by the end of this you will know how this person is actually a really successful and widely known name in the entire world.

He when started his school life, was not very enthusiastic about studies. His teaches struggled to have him do work. Some teachers even bribed him with chocolates to get work done. He played pranks with his friends, that landed him in trouble.

At one instance he got his friend and himself to make a notice on board asking children to bring their pets to school. The next day teachers who were unaware, were puzzled finding pet dogs running behind pet cats. It was a total mess.

He was bullied in school. To the extent that he threatened his parents to not go to school at all, if they didn’t take him to another school. His life faced difficulties to a great extent.

Till here you might me wondering why such a negative and unlucky person is being talked about when the topic is inspiration. But don’t worry we will tell you How to Stay Inspired in Life.

When it was time to go to college he selected one of the big colleges of the town the Reed College. But into his college life he decided he didn’t want to study and decided to drop out of college. The trouble was that his poor parents had to go through a lot of trouble to collect money for this college now this was all wasted.

He got a part time job in a company. Frustrated and tired of his life, it was hard to find inspiration for him. His job was not much exciting, and he wanted something more exciting for himself. Then came the time when he went to India, and visited some buddhist Monks to rediscover his own self.

After returning, he started to see the world with different perspective. He was full of energy, started a company to sell his best friends product.

That soon turned into profit, and he became a millionaire at 24. But it was not long when due to his own mistake he was kicked out of his own company (let’s call it Company A). His success and hard work was called one hit wonder, and his hard work and efforts were all gone as he was now jobless. The company he started rose to the pinnacle of success, but then due to company politics he was shunted out.

He started another new company (B), he had truly enjoyed the work he did in company A, and therefore he started another company in which he could do similar works. He was actually passionate about his work. All his success had been short lived, and never did he had a smooth sailing life till here.

His second company carried forward his vision and plans from first company itself. Their products were lovable but again hardships never left him, his company could not generate enough profits, and they decided to sell their company. Meanwhile the Company A which he left, was also performing poorly.

And then with 12 years of hard work established it fairly well to the extent that the company that he left acquired his new company. This meant that A was acquired by B and it got him back to his original company as a low level employee. His relentless work and unstable condition of his original company made him the CEO. The original company found hope in his second venture and as a deal they got him back. The Company was in trouble, the loyals of company believed that only he could save them.

He was made the CEO of the Company from which he was kicked out 12 years ago. And it seems like a dream and impossible but it is true. He after that became one of the most successful CEOs in the World.

Now it is the right time to introduce you to the actual character so that you can understand how a seemingly fiction is actually a real story of a really successful Billionaire. Life takes turnaround his hard work and relentless efforts paid off. At the end he is a really successful person, and his lost respect is back, mouths of people who called him a one hit wonder were shut. So who was this person?

He was Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was born to Joanne and Abdulfattah. He was adopted by Paul And Clara Jobs. He lived in Palo Alto and did schooling there. He joined Reed College and after that went to Work in Atari as a part time.

After returning from India, he started a company with Mr. Wozniak, that we all know today as Apple. He with his Macintosh and Apple II became really popular. But then he did one of the bigger mistakes of his life, which was to hire John Sculley to be the CEO of the company.

Due to converging opinions Steve Jobs was kicked out by John Sculley. It was sad to see a person being kicked from his own company by a person who he himself had hired.

But still Steve Jobs knew very well how to Stay Inspired in Life. He started a new Company called NeXT. Skip 12 years, and NeXT was not in good financial condition and Apple was not in a good Innovation Condition.

Apple bought NeXT so that they can use NeXT software which was really great. Board realized that only Steve Jobs could save them, and as a result in less than a year of his return, he was made the iCEO of his company.

He knowing How to Stay inspired in Life, worked day and night to bring Apple back up. Over the next decade, he brought back the magic of Apple and gave it an amazing turn around. From a point where it had no profitable products, He worked to bring up iMacs, iPods, iPhones and iPads to the market. He is considered to be one of the greatest CEOs and entrepreneurs of all times. He is a true inspiration. He knew How to Stay Inspired In Life and his life teaches us the same way of remaining Positive and Inspired in Life for being Successful.

Success stories like these are amazing to hear, and in hard times they inspire you a lot, we come to such success stories not very often. Over the period I have discovered that most of these successful people were unintentionally and unknowingly Indefinite Thinkers and Infinite Players.

Part 1

Finite And Infinite Game


What is Indefinite Thinker and Infinite Player

A Story…

Steve Jobs was a visionary, and he is till date considered one of the biggest Entrepreneurs and CEO of the company. He had a great passion for great technology, and beautiful designs. That was eminent in his work.

The time is of early 1980s, Apple was working on their 3rd Device Apple Macintosh. They decided that they wanted to sell a complete device that can be used by any random person. They wanted power supply directly built in to the system, and wanted the computer to be fully covered in a plastic case. These today’s common things were unknown till then.

Steve Jobs, the Co-Founder of Apple was in favor that they definitely need geometric figures. Their machine must be able to display squares, triangles and various other figures. Upon some hard coding, they could prepare a way to show these figures on their device.

Steve Jobs was enlightened by the idea of Graphic User Interface. Before that everything needed a command to run.

Steve Jobs wanted that there new device, can make visual content, it can make geometric shapes, it shall have icons, and various other features. Engineers worked really hard. Steve Jobs constantly took demos to see how the work is going.

A demo was arranged in a hall, where both Co-Founders and many others gathered to see how it worked. Everything seemed good and amazing, but Steve Jobs seemed unsatisfied. Upon being asked he asked, for rounded rectangles. The edges for them should be circled. People found his idea outrageous.

The demo was supposed to showcase the ability of device to draw geometric figures, like squares and rectangles. But Steve Jobs wanted rounded rectangles.

Steve Jobs was an Indefinite Thinker and more importantly an Infinite Player. He took some people to a white board near by, and made them touch the whiteboard edges, there were rounded edges, he took them to a street to show how everything has rounded edges, some have radius of the edges smaller while others larger, but edges must be round. The signs on the side of the road were rounded, the handles of the door were rounded. The sign boards were rounded, and every small or big thing had some kind of radius to it.

The bunch of engineers who were earlier unconvinced by the idea of having rounded edges, realized that nature had diverse styles of rounded edges. It was decided that they needed rounded rectangles.

As it happens with an Indefinite Thinker, people to tend realize it late that the guy is right. Upon realizing they started the task of coding the program to have the edges rounded. Then came another obstacle, and this obstacle was something only an Indefinite Thinker could solve.

This was the brilliance of Indefinite Thinking, they could think of opportunities and scopes of improvement in a manner in which no other company thought. But then be informed of a hurdle that

The Problem

The processors that they wanted to use in their machine, didn’t possess the ability to calculate squares of numbers. Storing all the squares would consume a lot of memory and the memory resources and cost for memory would make machine too expensive. It was obvious that could not be able to find a solution until they became a bigger company

A Definite Thinker will probably lose on it, and either give up the idea of edges or he will compromise on performance by using more storage. (Okay, having different processors is an option, but I wished to contrast what a Definite Thinker will do and what an Indefinite Thinker will do)

So what did the Indefinite Thinker do? They found a wonderful way out. Bill Atkinson got idea was a simple yet amazing algorithm. He worked on a fundamental concept, “the square of any no. ‘x’ is equal to the sum of first x odd no.s” For eg.  4^2 is adding first 4 odd no.s 1+3+5+7 = 16 = 4^2.

42 = 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 16

52= 1 + 3 + 5 +7 + 9 = 25

It is very simple, it could be easily put into existing computer, didn’t require much memory, and was simple yet subtle solution.

This is an amazing story, and if you just leniently skipped it, then better read it again, this story will be told many times in this creation, and this a great example of the whole concept of the Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

This story along with few others if learned and understood properly will help you leverage the concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. And trust me it is life changing, there will be many more brilliant and wonderful example, but this example has always been simple yet amazing.

This meant that basically they could calculate squares easily and, besides if they calculate square of number and then the user demanded a square of number that was near to the current no. they could simply start counting from the already calculated square.

This was an amazing implementation they could calculate squares and powers of numbers even when the machine didn’t support it, an Indefinite Thinker and Infinite Player can do such amazing things.

They wanted the calculated the Squares of numbers but they were held in a quagmire, the processor of computer didn’t support it. They were infinite players, even though they were bound by the rules in the form of limitations of processors, still they thought like infinite player, and that made all the difference.

The ability to be an Indefinite Thinker, gives birth to creativity and innovation, this gives birth to out of the box thinking, and unconventional ideas. You do something impossible with just the simple change in thought process.

This creation will help you become an Indefinite Thinker Infinite player. By becoming an Indefinite Thinker, you will develop a thought process of an artist, or a poet. They have a respect in society because they think indefinitely. There is no perfect way to become creative, we are all creative, we all have that secret of indefinite thinking in them, we just need to learn how to use it. An Infinite Player, is someone who is the doer, any work you do is a play, an Infinite player, is a mindset with which you need to compete and a perspective of setting goals.

The Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Explains how to play in an amazing way to find solutions to tough problems and great ways to handle them. Indefinting Thinking is a lifestyle.

The Indefinite Thinking makes you creative, and helps you find the best solution. Indefinite Thinking is the key to success for the people who have infinitely big goals.

This was amazing and very well implemented example of Infinite Indefinite Game. Till now you must have got a feel of how is like to think indefinite and how is it like to work/play infinite.

Now let’s study in depth each of these terms.

The Finite And The Infinite Game

“Life is a game”

When I got to know about Finite And Infinite Game, I was really excited, because I felt that it gives a reason about what distinguishes people who achieve their goals from the people who do not achieve their goals. But then I realized it misses on the right thought process, as a result, Indeed research and found the missing piece in the form of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, which I will discuss about this in the next portions, but before that let’s understand the concept of finite and infinite game as presented by them

Whenever you have a competitor you are a part of a game, a finite game is a game with defined rules, and everyone follows them. An infinite game is a game where there are no definite rules and therefore there is more liberty and freedom to players. A game of Football has definite rules and therefore can be termed finite but creation writing is infinite you don’t have rules, you can write whatever you want and therefore it is infinite.

So what is a player? A player is a person who puts efforts to reach towards his goal. Success and failure are different yet important parts, but sheer existence of a person working towards a goal makes him a player with respect to that goal.

A Spectator/Viewer is a person who doesn’t put any effort, in terms of that goal. A Viewer and a Player, can be defined only in absolute terms, a person can be a player for one goal, and still be a spectator for another goal.

We play to succeed. All of us play to succeed, all of us want to achieve our goals. People who seem to be not willing to succeed, want to succeed somewhere else. But surely everyone wants success, and it’s human psychology that we play to win.

But we know that some people succeed, while others keep lagging behind. Some people select goals of distinctly different format from goals of others, and that makes a difference.

Finite Game:

A Game with Definite Rules, and Limited Ability To do anything different. In a finite game you play for a definite goal, for example in a game of chess your goal can be to get the king of the opponent. A Finite Game is a game that can have a correct distinction about when your goal is achieved. You can exactly tell that when the king of opponent dies you win the game, and therefore you have won the game.

In finite goals there is nothing abstract. You have defined parameters. Like if your goal is to become the greatest player of chess, then you would have some defined parameters like the number of matches won, or the ratio between matches won and matches lost.

Take a scenario of a 2 year old kid, when he sees other people walking, he wants to walk and works hard for it, when he learns to walk, he sees his elder brother run, and he wants to run. When he grows up and learns to run, he wants to learn riding a cycle. When he achieves the goal of getting cycle, when he gets a cycle, ge wants a car like his parents. As he grows older he even gets a car, now he wants a bigger car, and then when he gets a bigger car he wants an even bigger car. When he gets that he wants an aeroplane.

A Finite Player puts up goals that are possible to achieve, everything that he wants, can be achieved. And when a Finite Player achieves what he wants, he wants more or he wants something different. He is never satisfied with his goal.

The problem with the finite game is that once you achieve your goal, the game is over. The characteristics of perseverance and consistency are non-existent. Take this for example, you give a child a toffee for completing homework, for the child the finite goal is to get toffee, once he gets it, the next time, the toffee won’t excite him that much, he would want a chocolate, and then a bigger chocolate. Once the finite goal is achieved trying to achieve it again is not that exciting, and soon you start to slow down.

Now what is an infinite game, before getting to know this, here is another story for you guys.

About 3 decades ago, not everyone owned cars, and cars were considered a luxury by common man. My father, was working in a company, for roughly 6 years, he had a promotion and he got a chance to be in a group of employees that were rich enough to own cars.

Realizing this fact that he was amongst the minor percentage who didn’t have a car in the group, he decided to get a good one. He did a research and found out the most expensive car that his co-workers owned. His mindset was that in order to survive in this group, he needed to be like the people in this group, and to leave an impression he needed a great car. Therefore he made a finite goal to get a car more expensive than the most expensive car that his colleagues had.

Now his colleagues were not millionaire and therefore there cars were also not Ferrari they were decent cars, the most expensive car in group was still a normal car, but he still set up to have car more expensive than the cars of his colleagues.

This was a finite goal, he decided to save roughly 15% of his monthly income for 16 months. He would use this money saved along with some stock investments along with a small loan to get the car. And guess what, he was able to buy that car after 17 months. Even though he was a month late, he was still happy that he had what he wanted.

Till here the finite goal seemed to be great, and you may feel that it’s fine everyone does it. But, the bad part begins now. Some of the colleagues had bought a new car in the meantime. And even though he had a car, he didn’t feel like the supreme, and the problem was that it wasn’t worth it to start the process of collecting money again and get a new car again and do it repeatedly.

That’s where the Finite game lacks.

Infinite Game:  

Game with indefinite rules, and no parameters is an infinite game. An infinite game undeliberately or unintentionally provides people the people the ability to innovate, be creative and think out of the box. In an Infinite game there is no winner or no looser. An Infinite goal is like ‘becoming fit’ or ‘becoming handsome’ there is no true definition of it, you can not do a perfect distinction of handsome, you can’t tell the exact day or exact time when you became fit.

An Infinite Player plays till infinity, this means that an Infinite Player will play as long as they can play. And therefore it’s called infinite. An Infinite Player has advantages in terms of the reward and in terms of decisions that he makes. Take the case of buying a car that we discussed in finite game.

A good creation writer will set a goal to write a New York Times bestseller, and would be a finite goal. An Infinite Player will rather set up a goal to write great literature. An Infinite Player will continue on improving and writing and therefore will be working really hard, and even if his first creation is not good, after few creations he would have multiple bestsellers, because his goal is to become an amazing writer, there is no true definition of a great writer, and therefore he will improve till infinity.

But which is better?, or which is the right one?, or which one should I be? I shall say it all depends, it depends on your goal, what goal you have and the nature of your goal decide it all. Though I must say that an Infinite Player is more powerful, but none of the 2 are bad, and none of the 2 are wrong by any means.

Now before proceeding, I want you to read the story we talked about in Finite Game portion of The story of buying a car. How do you adjust the goal so that it becomes an infinite goal, and you start playing an infinite game.

Suppose a person gets a promotion and sees people with better cars. Then he feels the need for a cat for his own. In such a scenario how do we play an infinite.

An Infinite Player would pick up a goal like, “being able to buy great cars throughout my life”. In the story we read in Finite game, the goal was to get a particular car. The infinite goal here is to build a cash flow that gets you a good car every few years. The type of game you play depends on your goal. Only condition is that you can’t be a finite player and dream the success of infinite player.

The Infinite Player rather than saving money to buy a car, he would probably save money to buy an asset in the form of stock or invest in real estate, his investment would generate a portfolio income, and in a few years he will buy the car. Even though his first car can take more time than simple direct saving, but the beautiful thing is that when he buys the car, the investment would start to again collect in the form of returns. He would have money to buy another car in a few years.

In a finite game where the limitation was finances, and you get the car when you have the necessary finances, it seems to be a for sure finite game, but an Indefinite Thinker will do the magic, and will alter the goal to be infinite. A Finite Player after achieving the goal would be too tired to play further, because he never planned that he would need a new car in the future. In contrast to the finite player, the goal of Infinite Player is to buy great cars, and the keyword here is cars, because he didn’t select a particular car, the Finite Player chooses a particular car and set it as the distinction between goal achieved or not achieved.

The finite game is fully acceptable if you leave the game once you achieve the goal. Once you bought the car, if you can remove the thought of competing with others for car, then it’s fine. But when you buy a car and achieve your goal you don’t finish the competition, and you still keep an eye on others car, and wish to compete. A finite game doesn’t allow you to compete once you achieve the goal.

Okay, you can again set up a new goal to buy another new car, but then you shall always lag. Remember in the “How it Started Section” I discussed why some people lead and other always lag behind or follow. The reason is the Finite and Infinite Game. For a Finite Player if he sets a new goal again, he shall have to start from the very beginning.

But an Infinite Player sets an infinitely big goal, like buying great cars throughout his life. The choices made by finite and the Infinite Player make difference. An Infinite Player would not have to start again from zero when he would have to buy a second car, he develops assets and the return from those assets gives him new cars every so often. Selecting the right goals, and making the right decisions can help you succeed in life.

Infinite player will buy cars throughout his life, buying a particular car in the journey would be just a milestone, buying any new car for him will take him closer to his Infinite goal of achieving financial state of easy cars.

A Finite Game can be played like an Infinite Player by just changing Perspective

Remember we talked about a scenario of a boy, first he wants to walk, then he wants cycle, then he wants car etc.

An infinite goal means you will set a goal so big, that you won’t have to change the goal. Infinite goal means something so big, you will never need to change it.

Owning a helicopter is a really big goal, and this means that you will constantly work towards that big goal. You will not slow down, when you learn to run, and once you learn to run you will not settle you will not waste time. It may seem a bit too abstract but you shall understand it with this example.

Imagine you are to go on a trip from Washington DC you pack a day’s clothes and keep money, and get on the road, you travel 7 hours and reach Columbus, Ohio. Your finite mission is achieved, once you reach there, you see you still have fuel left, and you realize you can go to Aurora, Illinois, which is just 6 hours away. When you reach there, you get dopamine rush and want to go to Des Moines, Jowa.

You don’t have clothes and as a result you have to stop in Aurora for a day, so that you can ask your buddy, to send over money, and you buy some clothes. You waste a full day in that, later you move onto Rock Springs, Wyoming. You enjoy there and you realize you are already so far from home, you can reach Salt Lake City, which is not very far off. You again use your credit card, and move to Salt Lake City. You best friend lives in San Francisco and you decide to finally go there.

The above was how finite game works, you reach a goal and you realize that you want more so you chase the next goal, and then the next. You are stuck in a rat race. You make plans and get resources for one goal, and you liberally use them assuming that you have ample your reach your goal, but then when you change your goal, and you realize that you have no resources left.

The Difference Between Them

Now imagine a person who sets goal to reach San Francisco, he will pack more clothes and take more money, like the previous person he will also pass through all those places and landmarks, but he will try to waste least time there. The first person would slow down car multiple times and get down the highway multiple times assuming he achieved his goal.

Whereas the second person will be wise enough to get decent resources, or if he doesn’t then he will surely use them wisely, because he knows there is a long journey ahead of him. He will carefully use the resources.

The problem with finite game, is that when we see that we are close to achieving our goal, it’s our psychology to slow down. And as an Infinite Player never achieves his goal he will run till infinity without slowing down. And in order to get that never ending passion and energy within ourselves we need to be truly passionate, we need to love the journey, and we need to an indefinite thinker.

No doubt that reaching, San Francisco is a finite goal, because it has a clear distinction and it can be achieved. But the above example shows you that even if you select a finite goal, it is always better to select a big Finite goal. And yes, a Finite Player will slow down even in his big goal. He will slow down when he is close to San Francisco. But an Infinite Player will have an infinite goal, something like, traveling the maximum distance by a single car. He never slowdown and will try to travel maximum distance.

Now when I use the word slowdown, I do not mean hurdles, from slowdown I means an unforced decrease in speed towards the journey to achieve our goal. No doubt hurdles will come, people will come in your way, and those are hurdles rather than slowdowns. We need to face them, and we can do that by Indefinite Thinking.

But a slow down is when the road is clear and you are capable of moving ahead but still you don’t move just due to unwillingness or laziness. Such slowdowns happen with mostly finite players because they know that they will still achieve the goal even if they slow down a bit, or take a nap. An Infinite Player never slows down, and as a result he gains a lead in the race. And more often than not due to this, he will travel far more distance than a finite player.

In school, the below example was experienced by me quite often. My parents asked to get a particular grade and once I got it, the parents asked to aim even higher. The motivation of achieving a big goal was soon overshadowed by the resentment of my goal being to shallow.

You should know that incase you want to study Finite Game and an infinite Game, then James Carse’s creation and Simon Sinek’s creation are great options. This creation just talks about the need for infinite game, and indefinite thinker. An indefinite thinker, is a person with a mindset to think any problem as an infinite problem it talks about how to become an Infinite Player and how to build a creative unconventional thought process.

The need for infinite game arises from the biggest problem of finite players. A Finite Player upon achieving his goal will get greedy and want more, once a human gets one thing he needs another. A Finite Player is hit with demotivation when he realizes he needs a new thing. Imagine u decide to wake up early and reah before time, you reach 15 mins before time and sit on your seat with a proud feeling that you have achieved what you want, but soon you realize that you forgot an important file at home. And all your motivation is turned into remorse and resentment.

The above example is how the finite game will work. A Finite Player sets a mission and achieves a goal and then realizes “oh! this was not what I wanted and expected to happen”


The whole reason why finite game fails can be explained in just one word “Greed”. Human brain is greedy, if we start earning a billion dollar a month we would need 2 billion. We don’t like what we have and therefore when we get what we want, we start to demand more. And the result is we are in a quagmire. In a Finite Player constantly sees himself playing catch up with his dreams, but then comes infinite player, an Infinite Player is equally greedy, but an Infinite Player wants infinity, his goal was never a billion dollar, his goal was infinite.

The human greed moves us forward, we have always been greedy, first humans used to go everywhere by walking, then we made the wheel, that didn’t seem enough so came bicycles, the greed was satisfied for some time but then we need cars and then we needed planes. The wheel was invented 1000s of years ago, when we were just at the budding stage, but then airplanes are just a little more than a century old.

The law of attraction attracts whatever we want, the universe brings it to us, we just need to dream big. We just need to dream big and stay constant. We can’t change the dream once we achieve it. Success is converting your imagination into reality.

Infinite Game also teaches us team work. When your goal is infinite, your team will have the best jems. In infinite game, there would be instances where you would be a part of the team. In offices I have seen, really talented people getting kicked just because they couldn’t achieve a finite goal. In offices we have really short term goals. They want to get a project completed by the end of the month.

A Finite Player wants to go fast, it wants to go for fastest possible speed, and for it he is willing to give up all his resources, he can sacrifice his employees for a finite goal. But an infinite goal means the goal is to travel the longest distance possible, and for which we need to save and efficiently use resources. Our team members are also important resources, and as a result it teaches us team work.

When I was a kid, my father due to some office trip went to Switzerland for a week. As a kid I always remained excited. It was a good stay for him, and at home I waited for him to return. Upon his coming back home after a week, he told a lot of stories, and had done a lot of shopping there.

Later I found some Swiss chocolates in his bag, and I assumed them to be for me, I took one and start eating, my father upon finding that I ate one of them, scolded me. He had brought those chocolates for the children of his friends. That day he prioritizes his friends more than me.

As in all families, the infinite goal is to make a happy family, and for it a necessity was that each member of the family, had got an infinite goal to make the whole family happy. When any member of any team, thinks different from the rest of others, then the machine starts to break. For achieving an Infinite goal, we need teamwork. And teamwork comes naturally in teams, with all players having the intent to be Infinite Players

Regardless of how hard you worked, you would be scolded because you have not achieved your goal. But this is not the case in Infinite game. In an infinite game the goal is infinite and the team as a whole shall spend infinite time to reach as close to the goal as possible.

In an Infinite Game, you never fail to achieve your infinite goal, we discuss about it later, when we talk about how an Infinite Player never losses.

As I said that because you can never fail to achieve goals, an office team will value the real talent. There are no deadlines and no targets. But how do we distinguish a good player with bad player?

The answer is in Indefinite Thinking. Indefinite Thinking is the ability to find creative solutions for the problems, and therefore as we progress in the game, we shall have only the people with the same infinite goal, and the people with the ability to solve problems.

A team with Indefinite goal shall get like minded people at the end of the day

An Infinite Player Never Loses

I defined an infinite goal, as a goal with no correct distinction. You cannot tell when you have accomplished the goal. This arises a question, who will be a winner or a loser of Infinite game. An infinite goal is Infinitely big in size and as a result we can never reach it, our efforts to try to reach as close to that Infinite Goal as possible.

In sports, the person or the team with better score wins. And in business if your goal is to have a particular annual income, then if you achieve it you win.

But in an infinite game, the goal that you set can never be achieved. Because as we said the goal is infinite. You can just keep a check over milestones you achieve in the journey towards your Infinite Goal. You can just go close to your goal.

In an Infinite game, there is no winner and loser. We just lead or trail behind. There exists no clear distinction between winning and losing, therefore the question of “Who is the winner?” Is a invalid question.

It’s like elections, in the United States, they happen every 4 years. There is no one who can actually win politics. They win elections, but it seems odd to say that the party won politics.

Elections are a milestone, of larger infinite game of having major hold in politics. The party that lost one election may win another election. The losing party just couldn’t reach that particular milestone later, and they would become a leader. The infinite game is about becoming a leader, be it the game leader or the industry leader.

And always remember being an infinite player, is just a matter of choices. There is no rule to make a game finite or infinite. We just have to change our perspective. With the simple change of perspective. Any game or any condition can have finite aa well as infinite players.

An infinite goal can be set within a finite game too. What matters is that our goal should be infinite. If everyone is playing finite, then it does NOT mean that you also, need to play finite, if you have an infinite goal, you will be an infinite player, you will have a high level of passion.

You Never Win, You Lead

And most importantly you will never ever lose in the game. This doesn’t mean you lagging behind in the game is fine, it’s just that, if you lag you have a sure chance of becoming a leader

This infinite game also gives birth to a threat as well, if you currently lead in the race to your infinite goal, then you should remember that your lead is temporary. Another person with the same goal, can anyday take away your lead. There is a constant need for improvement if you want to play infinite.

So, in an Infinite game you need to do whatever the existing finite players do, but you need to get an extra edge over them, by finding extra opportunities, and more improvements in yourself to reach closer to your infinite goal. And how do we find the missing opportunities or the extra edge will be explained when we talk about the Definite and Indefinite Thinkers.

You never win a game, so you should be careful with that. Work with constant improvement and iterations, so that you keep processing towards your infinite goal.

The need for this constant improvement is fulfilled by Indefinite Thinking, once you achieve a milestone you never rest. You should think about other aspects, also, you need to improve in manners that your competition never imagined.

The goal is not just to tell you what is an Infinite player, but also to help you become an Infinite player, and for doing the same you need to understand and become an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

Indefinite Thinking is a thought process, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a practical approach to handle problems in life, and find better ways to improve our lives and approach towards our infinite goal.

Before I introduce you to Indefinite Thinking, I want to firmly propose that in my opinion, Indefinite Thinking is one of the most powerful tool humanity has, it has remained undiscovered till now. Indefinite Thinking tells you how to do Smart Work and hard work, it talks about problem solving, the creative skills of artists, and the ability to change Perspective of people for a given situation and form public opinion.

This wonderful concept further explains what many other creations have talked about till date. The goal is to become an infinite player, and the Indefinite Thinking is the tool we use to Become Infinite Player

In a race, what matters is who reaches at the finish line, before anyone else. It doesn’t matter, if someone burned more calories, or someone reached a higher top speed. What matters is that you need to reach the finish line first.

Same is the case with our lives and our life goals. What matters is the end. It doesn’t matter when you start, or how you work, what matters is that you need to cover the maximum distance, because the people who are ahead of you will slow down some day when the hurdles arrive, but if you can Dodge those hurdles you will surely be ahead of them.

Going Far Not Fast

A Finite Player tries to be the fastest. All he wants is to achieve a given milestone, at the fastest possible way, he shall consume all his resources for it. A Finite Player shall never cover the maximum distance, but surely he will cover a humble amount of distance at a fast pace, and once he does that, he shall leave the game.

If you start fast and get slow in between, then it won’t benefit. You can run with a normal speed, but you need to make the right decisions, and tackle all hurdles faster. You need to make the right decisions, and select the shortest yet, sustainable paths to reach your goal.

The Finite and Infinite Game makes you realize that everyone is a part of a game, but there are only a few who have a perfect goal. A perfect goal is a goal, that you imagine. It’s not just numbers and words. It’s something you can feel in heart. Something which you admire and you imagine how it would feel achieving it.

Athletes imagine themselves crossing the finish line. They make a clear picture of how the end would look like. And they start to crave for that feeling, and they put all their heart and soul so that they reach there.

But wait a minute, we were discussing infinite game, and how does a race come in an infinite game? In a race we clearly distinguish achievement goal, and as the finish line of the race is achievable it must be a finite game right?

Well the answer is Yes, and No. In the later portion of the creation a portion comes which talks about perspective. And that perspective can change a lot of things.

Whether a race is a finite and infinite game, depends upon our goal. If our goal is to win the race, then it’s a finite game. But if our goal is to be a great athlete then it could be an infinite goal. And if it’s an infinite goal then winning a race would be a milestone that takes them closer to the Infinite goal. And yes, Infinite goals can have finite milestones

And like an infinite goal, it is impossible to have something infinite work exactly as your dream. The goal is to reach closer and closer to it. For an Infinite Player each race that a person wins is just a milestone. The milestones in the journey to reach your infinite goal.

Imagine Your Dream

Imagination is really powerful, you need to imagine and feel your dream. Like we discussed about buying a car in finite and infinite game, we need to have a dream. Just go for a test drive for your next car, feel the steering wheel, try adjusting the seats and feeling comfortable sitting in it.

And once you come back home, keep recalling the good moments you had when you were sitting for a test drive in your dream car. The next day when you will sit in your current car, those memories would hit you, you will create a craving desire.

When you see, something great, and you create a genuine desire for it, you truly start working for it. The human grees if used in the right way, can be really powerful. If you begin with the end in mind, then you will rarely deviate from your goal, and you will always be on track. The End is always important.

Before I started writing this creation, I also had an end in mind. The title of this creation is “Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player”, here we see that the word “Indefinite Thinker” comes before the word “Infinite Player”, so we should discuss and learn and talk about “Indefinite Thinker” before “Infinite Player” right?

No we start with the end. We started with our ultimate goal, the ultimate goal of this creation is to make you an Infinite Player. Helping the significant portion of the world’s population to become an infinite player.

As a result we started with the goal, and therefore we discussed what is Finite And Infinite Game. And then we shall discuss how to become a Finite and Infinite Player.

Part 2

Infinite Goal and Passion

An Infinite Goal

Our goals, govern a lot of things we do, and if we choose our goals wisely and in the correct manner, our success and our fulfillment is pretty much sure. But how do we choose our goals.

15 years ago, as a kid, my parents asked me to get a particular number of marks and as a reward, I would get a toy of my choice. And almost always I would get the needed marks for my exams. I was really successful and I always believed my goals, and many would say it was a good parenting strategy.

But then on the result day, I would see some of my best friends who were equally capable as me, score more than me and others score less than me. And I would be jealous of the high scorers. Even after achieving the goal of having toy, I was never fulfilled.

I realized that just because I decided that I wanted a particular marks I got it. Even though I was capable of for more, I just decided to not try to achieve it. And later seeing someone else achieve more just because they decided to work for it, made me reform myself.

I realized that’s it’s totally wrong to set your goals in terms of numbers. A particular digit salary, or a particular weight, or a particular height should not be the goal.

When we discussed the story of buying a car in finite and infinite game, a Finite Player always remained in unhappy, because whenever he achieved a goal he became greedy and wanted more. I have seen people slow down when they know that they are about to reach their goal, whenever they realize the finish line is near, they slowdown with the illusion that it will be achieved soon.

And sometimes the opposite may also be equally likely, people after achieving a goal, prefer not to move forward, even when they have the capability. Just because they feel it unnecessary.

I found the Infinite Game to perfectly explain how to set the goal. The wonderful thing that we observe with infinite goal is that all great scientists, who did great work, but were failures in school also had this thing in them.

The Right Goal

The thing is called an infinite goal. And infinite goal is a goal which can never be achieved, the effort is to reach as close to that goal as possible. Their goal was never to get good grades, there motive was to get more education and get more knowledge.

Infinite goal means you will do everything that is possible to reach close to that goal. Great revolutionaries worked for it. Mahatma Gandhi, did that, they had an infinite goal of having non-violence, peace and yet attain freedom.

They never, reach close to their goal, and therefore they never slowdown. And the fact they never reach their goal they play till infinite time. And the fact that the goal was so far away, they were super desperate to achieve it, the vision and the dream pulled them forward to achieve it.

On a journey to reach the infinite goal, you will keep getting closer to your infinite goal but never reach it. And even when you reach the greatest level you would be ahead of all your competitors. Working for a goal is like driving on a foggy day.

You can never get to see the full road till the goal, you just see next few meters of distance, and as you keep covering the distance the next few hundred meters reveal in front of you. For a finite player, he shall park his car when he reaches his goal. But He doesn’t realize that even though he reached his goal, the road is still there, he can travel even more, it’s just that he doesn’t want to travel. For an Infinite Player the road is as big as Infinity and the goal is also as big as Infinity, therefore he continues to drive, until the maximum time he can.

But what if we reach a deadend, what if we find that irrespective of goal we have reached a point after which the road doesn’t exist. That’s where the importance of goal comes. If you have a crystal clear goal in your mind, then you will try to take the correct turns, and choose the right lanes towards your goal, and if you make a mistake you will be quick to realize and quick to correct it. Their is an immense importance of goal. Always choose your goal wisely.

In Infinite game you never reach your goal, because Infinity is always bigger than whatever we have. And we never achieve our goal, and the reward in an infinite game is a result of journey. An Infinite Game has an Infinite number of finite Milestones. An Infinite Player achieves more number of finite milestones than any of his competitors. As a result he receives more success and better rewards. The success and the rewards of Infinite Player are not the result of accomplishment of finite game, but in fact they are the result of the journey traveled to approach the infinite goal. The finite milestones reward you rather than the infinite goal itself.

The Reason Why We Fall

Great companies rise to the pinnacle of success and then have a downfall. They set big goals, they for example decide to make their products more affordable and cost effective, so that the general public can afford it.

As they move closer to their goal, they attract more people, people start to love their products, and soon they become and big and powerful company. Upon seeing their success many other small companies also start to implement same techniques, tricks and policy.

And as a result, the distinguishing factor between your company and other companies starts to dilute. The market share divides in other companies also, because now they also offer similar products. Over the years, there glory and success starts to fade off.

The problem is when you achieve the goal of making anything better than competition, it can bring you success. But then when competition copies it, you start to lag.

Rather if you have an infinite goal, it can be anything, just it should be well defined. A goal like “Becoming Great Person” is too abstract, and therefore a well defined infinite goal is a must.

The next part would help you, become an infinite player, play long, and for infinite time, work till infinity, we will discuss about the right thought process and mindset that you need in order to pursue your infinite goal, for a long period of time.

Being an Infinite Player does not mean that you must have a goal which has a seriously big number in it.

Imagine a business house, that built a great new product that would disrupt the industry. And before the launch, the sales team is given the goal of 100% market share for that product. Would you call it a finite goal or an infinite goal.

100 is a not very big number, and “Infinite percentage” market share is not defined. But still it shall be considered an infinite goal. Can 100% market share be achieved? No a perfect 100% would mean that absolutely 0 people use products of other companies. Which is highly improbable.

We said that an Infinite Goal is a goal that can never be achieved, we can just approach it. A 100% market share can never be achieved, we can try to get closer and closer to it.

A finite goal is a goal that can be achieved, and has a clear Distinction. We have a lot of finite goals in our life, and you yourself can imagine what a finite goal actually is?

In our lives, our goals are decided based on our dreams and ambitions. When we select our life goals, we expect ourselves to spend major portion of our lives working for that goal. In order to find it we need to find our true passion and love.

Once we find our true love, we need to decide what we want to do with it. In what ways do we want to set our goals and work so that we can put our entire lives in it.

It’s The Passion That Matters

Passion is a really powerful thing, finding your true goal, true mission finding what you truly love, finding your passion is a difficult task. People with Passion, are the ones who devote truly to a mission.

And what is a true passion? Well something that you can do for your entire life. Only God knows how your entire life happens. But you need to think of those you can really do for at least 30 years. What if you don’t do this ? You get into huge quagmire.

A Not-so-Short Story

Let me tell you a story of a girl. In early childhood, she was great in studies, studious and always scoring good in class, she was loved by all. At the age of 11 she dreamed to become a CEO of some big company.

She worked really hard, and she was passionate. Her passion to become famous and gain popularity and being rich was a driving force, and in fact she was really passionate, one of the most passionate people I have ever met.

I don’t comment on her being what type of player or thinker, because at that time I had not discovered the concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite player, and because I didn’t know it, I couldn’t observe her to find out what kind of player she was. And just in case you wonder, how to identify a player, them we discuss in Game Quadrant

Nevertheless her hard work was unprecedented. She got good marks in almost all grades, and then when came the time for college, she thought, what kind of job do I want to start with. Once she figured that out, she decided the college that could get her there. With full energy and enthusiasm she gave the entrance exam.

The result day, she was equally excited and nervous, and she got selected, so her hard work was paying off. After college, she got the job she wanted. Her dream job was knocking at her door. Those years in college and few years after them were amazing. She was passionate and her hard work started to pay off at the age of 24, (a gap of 13 years)

But then she got married. And her husband, was equally earning and rich person. They were both really successful. She got distracted during marriage time, but her life goal of being CEO was still there. Late shifts, and family pressure started to take a toll on her.

They had developed ample savings for themselves. Financial problems never came in there way. But they had less family time, emergency meetings and long hours were common, they got less time with one another.

Her husband was in favor of her leaving job, they had long working hours, and there were days when they didn’t meet because of the office pressure. She loved her husband and the need for love started to outgrow. She questioned herself one night, “Do I want a rich life or peaceful life” and the next day she resigned. She was 26 at that time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong, if you change your life goal, but what she had done was giving up, she was unsuccessful in achieving her mission. For a few years, life was smooth sailing but then at the age of 32, she saw her Instagram show her colleagues rising to unprecedented heights.

That was like lighting a candle she saw someone else achieving her dream. It’s heartbreaking to see someone else being rewarded when you wanted to get the reward. She was still much bothered, she had “moved on”. She was really happy with her married life and a new born daughter.

She for some personal work gave a visit to her own office. And what she realized was that no one knew her, she had lost her identity, her colleagues had moved on and were so close to the dreams she always wanted.

All old memories were recalled slowly, she realized eventually that for the past few years her life has been at a standstill. Though at the age of 32, she was miles behind her competition.

She went back home, thinking what’s going on in her life, after that day she slowly started to lose the feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment in family. She had found her passion at a really early age, but the problem remained that she lost it.

When she landed in troubled waters, and here life needed her to take an important decision, she at the age of 24 chose temporary happiness over permanent happiness.

Life Goals Take Time

Life goals are not decided in a few hours, they take months, you need to truly see the future, and dream big. 

There is nothing wrong is her dream was to live a normal life and give time to her family. The problem arises when the goals change quickly. Rarely does a person get 2 chances to set and achieve life goals. And that’s the thing about passion.

It doesn’t matter what your goal actually is? If your goal is to be a family person then it’s fine, if your goal is to be the CEO of the company, then it’s fine. What matters is that you can’t complain. Be whatever you want, but Don’t dream of another thing. If you want to be CEO, then forget the thought of being a family person. An Infinitely big goal needs you to

A passionate person needs an immense level of optimism. A pessimist, will lose faith and give up in tough situations, but an optimistic person will always keep hope that things will improve, and a brighter more fulfilled and happy future adores there way.That hope helps them maintain calm. Passion is power, passion gives you energy and enthusiasm, and if you are passionate enough, you will be able to motivate people around you.

Passion gives you the courage needed to take big decisions and risks. Some less capable people succeed from capable people just because they choose to act. What is the meaning of risk? Risk is nothing but lack of knowledge. Is driving risky? Well yes and no both, it all depends upon your knowledge/skill required to drive and your control over vehicle. Literally anything can be made to be felt like risky.

Passion comes from what we love, and infinite goal comes from what we want to achieve. They both give you something to work for entire life, but one can be passionate for a finite goal also. Therefore they are both giving you something to work. Passion gives you something that you love to do. You can even love playing video games. Then you find a goal. The goal can be to become the greatest player in a game, or may be become a giving tips about these video games.

You need to be truly passionate about what you do, and you should be ready to follow your passion until you achieve your dream. And if your dream is an infinite goal, it means that you will never stop moving towards your goal.

You can choose whatever you want, and you can take ample time for it, but be sure to never change it again. Because it’s far more difficult to start again. This doesn’t mean that once you fail you should be sad. It means keep trying, don’t let yourself go into a quagmire, and be sure to achieve your goal.

Many people say that passion is really important for success, and that’s quite true, because passion moves us forward, it pushes us to work hard in times of difficulties.

People with passion have changed the world, truly passionate people are infinite players. And passion is a mission or a dream rather than a goal.

As we talk later, being a Zero Thinker, will help you better understand yourself, but true passion is different. If your Zero Thinking has not landed you to your true passion, then continue being zero thinker. It’s your life, you can’t compromise a major portion of life, and if you compromise who knows your life can go into regrets.

We discussed earlier that passion for something, is justified when you are willing to do that thing at different situations. Just try doing that thing for 10 extra minutes after time is up, did u feel fulfilled? If yes then it may be your passion.

For a month or so, make a list of all the things that you love to do, and love means that you feel good when you do them, it shouldn’t be the reward that excites you, it should be the task. Keep shortlisting and then one by one, Try each doing each of them in different situations

Test yourself in a variety of situations, and don’t forcefully sit yo prove the world your true passion. Just try missing a family function and working on that one thing, write down how did you feel after doing it, try staying up late at night for doing it. Try doing your task in every small break and in as many situations, and keep writing your feelings on a sheet.

Now it would have taken you some time to write down and shortlist the things, and again some time to test them in various situations. After that, on a suitable time to read all of them one by one, read out loud in your mind each task, and think what work did you enjoy the most. Reading your feelings will tell you which tasks did you love in these situations.

Take the story of that girl from last heading, had she tried continuing her studies when there were family functions or a family member was ill, she would have learned how she works. It’s nothing wrong in going to family functions, the point is that can you sacrifice them if needed to achieve your dreams.

How to Find Your Passion And Become Successful. Passion is Everything, and as we say it’s The Passion That Matters. Here are tips on how to find your passion and become successful.

Passion is when you do something you love and try to succeed including making career in it. Really less people are able to find their passion and love life and those who do find passion, they change the world in an unimaginable manner. Today we will give you tips

Advice of Steve Jobs on Finding Your Passion

Steve Jobs is my role model, and one thing that inspires me about him was his passion to make great products. He was the founder of Apple, and he was the main visionary behind the First Macintosh. People who worked at Apple, loved it all due to Steve Jobs magic. But he was shunted out of his own company in an unceremonious way.

He was a multi millionaire at that time, he could have used the fame he had gained and his money, to live his life peacefully, but he was a truly passionate person, he started a new company, and acquired a 3rd another company. His second company was called NeXT, and it made computers, and Steve Jobs decided to make it a competitor of Apple, his 3rd company was Pixar, he acquired Pixar for their great work. He used supported them in making animated movies.

His hard work and passion for tech, didn’t let him settle when he was rich, he started again from scratch, after 12 years of relentless effort, his company was acquired by Apple, and he came back at Apple with great respect. Later in about a time of year he became the CEO of Apple.

His one company today lives at the heart of Apple and other lives at the heart of Disney. From where do such people come. Even the company that shunted him had to get him back just because they are doing great work, and Steve Jobs’ passion and energy both were so difficult to ignore.

Justine Musk’s Advice On How to Find Your Passion

Justine Musk a successful writer and a wonderful human, wrote in an answer on Quora about How to Find Passion and succeed with it. She very well told that passion is something you love. At any point and place in life if you find yourself really energized and willing to do a particular task, note it down in a notecreation or diary. Keep doing it till you make a list. Then try connecting the dots and common things about most of those activities. That common thing of all those activities that you love to do is your passion.

It would take you some time, it would take you days to make a list of things you truly like and then a lot of time again to figure out the common among all those activities. The basic concept is that if you loved to do a particular type of work over and over again and again then that is your passion, making that field your career and goal if life is sure to make you help find your passion.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Thoughts on How To Follow Your Passion

Gary Vaynerchuk is a motivational speaker. According to him, a majority of people in the world do jobs and work in companies they hate just because they have not found their love and passion. Here’s the thing, it’s better to face the heat and gain success following your passion than to have shit and keeping doing shut while crying and dreaming for success.

He gives a method where u should ask almost all your good friends well wishers and known ones to tell one thing that you are best at and the thing you are worst at.

The result would be that you would know what you are good at and therefore it will help you find your passion. Another important thing about how to find your passion is that you should never consider materialistic things like money as a factor.

One thing you should know about how to find your passion is that remember money is the fuel money is not the result of money is the cause. You can’t love money or be good at money or like earning money. “People Who Love The Journey Reach The Most Beautiful Destination” you should love the journey you should love the work and not the result.

Simon Sinek’s How To Find Your Why

Simon Sinek is another motivational speaker. He has given a different concept of finding your cause or dream or ambition. He very well tells how to work and achieve your passion goals.

How to Find Your Passion is just half of the story, he says Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a leader of a team, or are looking to find clarity on your next move, your WHY is the one constant that will guide you toward fulfillment in your work and life.

According to him people buy “why you do” rather than “what you do”. He himself has promoted the concept of Finite and Infinite Game, but absolutely no one has thought of concept of Definite And Indefinite Thinking. Also, if you read more about his Golden Circle and the need for “Why” rather than “How”, then it shall totally comply with Definite And Indefinite Thinking. I have found my concept of Definite and Indefinite Thinking to be true in all cases.

He has talked about the importance of leadership and thought process, according to him on your journey of how to find your Passion, you should always have a bias for your team and your goal, you should be willing to sacrifice your finances for your people.

People Who Love The Journey Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations

I talked about passion earlier, but the creation was supposed to talk about Finite And infinite Game, Indefinite and Definite Thinkers, from where did this passion come up. Well let’s clarify, passion is a part of finding your infinite goal. I taught you Finite and The Infinite Game so that you understand the need for being a finite or an infinite player. if you wished to be an infinite player, then you needed infinite goal which was explained in past few headings. A life goal or infinite goal demands you to put a major part of life in it.

I have some people who love playing video games, and they call themselves passionate about video games, and they truly enjoy there game. But playig video games entire life can seem stupid. Not because it’s bad, but because it will soon become boring. There does not exist a goal. And as a result, probably no one will remember them. They need a goal, which can be like becoming a YouTubers and give best tips about video games, or become a game developer or become greatest player and then take sponsorships etc. By simply playing games throughout his life, he would just be a spectator and not a player.

Find a Goal You want to achieve and The path that You Love To travel

A passion with just what we love is incomplete, it needs a mission statement. Passion is whatever you love, but you need to decide something which you want to do in that area and a goal that you want to achieve. Irrespective of finite or Infinite goal, a passion and a goal is required.

It’s the Passion that Matters. But you need passion for achieving a goal, and a passion for doing what you do. The second part of passion, which is support for doing what we do shall be naturally existing in Indefinite Thinker. We shall Discuss it in depth in the headings, “Definite and Indefinite Thinker”

You need to love what you do and be passionate about achieving a goal. But a Passion has two parts, the journey and the goal. First we need a goal, without a goal we can’t work.

Passion is very important, in fact if you are truly passionate, you naturally start to be in the correct type of game.

Not everyone can work towards a singular mission for years. And that’s where we realize that we need to truly love the cause, the visions, and the work that we do. The love for our work comes from passion, and the right mindset for working with passion comes from this portion

Passionate people are the ones who love the journey, they love what they do. Any rational person does a job, for salary at the start of next month, these people in my eyes are not passionate ones, and neither are they infinite players.

Why? First of all passionate people are the ones who love their work, whereas non-passionate people work for results. One person loves his work and other person loves money. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wishing money, and in fact it’s quite common infinite goal to have an infinite amount of money.

But like I said that you need to love the goal and the journey. A goal to be rich is fine, but people never bother to think which is the right road to reach a destination.

But, there is a difference, these people have a goal to have a salary at first of every month.

There goal is achieved at the start of every month, and therefore the goal cannot be infinite. Rather if there goal is to “earn good” then there is no true definition of earn good, each time you get a pay hike you will want more..

Always remember that keep your goals crystal clear in mind. Slight change in words can make life unstable. A stable life is when you follow your passion, and the goal that you want to achieve is a result if that passion.

For eg. if your goal Is to get a salary at the start of every month throughout your life, then the goal is infinite, because you shall be working for infinite time. And because salary is received by job, this means you love your job too, which makes your life stable.

But if your goal is to get rich, and you do a job, then it’s not stable. If you are truly passionate about being rich, then a stable system, shall have you do job, invest in companies, do trading etc. you will do everything you can to become as rich as possible.

In first you work for a salary, which is a definite amount of money that an employer pays you. Your target is to do everything, so that you get that employer is happy and you get salary. In the second case your goal is to do everything to generate the most income possible.

What happens is the people play to get salary at the end of each month, which can be called a finite milestone, and they can do it for their entire life, therefore it can be called an infinite game too. But the problem is that they never aimed to big. They aimed probably 20% increment in salary at the end of the year. An infinite person will set his finite milestones extremely high, probably 200% jump. He will think indefinitely and reach it some day or the other.

A majority of people don’t know how to set their goals. Half of the people going 9 to 5 job want money, they wish that they could be extremely rich, they dream of having an extremely rich life, but they set their goal as a salary. They are never passionate about getting salary, they may hate the company, but they work for a salary. The goal is to be rich, not to get a good salary.

They don’t love what they do, and in fact they hate the journey to get a salary, yet they do it. It is well known that taxation laws favor business owners more in most countries. An extreme wealth needs you to be a businessman. You get a job only if you love your work. A person who loves coding and is not having money as priority suits a programmers job.

Find your passion, and then set an Infinite goal, clearly decide whether you want salary or wealth? And then find a path such that you love the journey.

A good carpenter will not put a lousy piece of wood at the back of his cabinet even if it faces a wall. A passionate person may spend more time in a small task, just so that it becomes a great piece of art.

Life Is Short

Life is really short, you need to act quickly, life rarely gives a second chance. 75 years is a long time, and in terms of years or life span, our lives are really big, but our life is too short to achieve everything. Ask a kid whose grandfather lies on the deathbed, life is not short for the Grandfather, but life is short for the kid, the kid can contribute everything he has in life but still it will not give him his grandfather back.

Life is too short for the kid who couldn’t complete his exam, life is short for an entrepreneur who was late in a big public keynote.

As a passionate Indefinite Thinker, you shall know that, if you connect the maximum number of dots you can achieve the impossible, but the constraint is time. You have to start on time. May be that you connect the dots when it’s late and achieve your mission, but it would not be worth the effort.

It is better to think and prevent the milk from spilling, than too collect the milk after spilling. When you have passion you will work for infinite time.

Now just read the passion advice of people in last portion. They all talk about the journey, the journey here is a metaphor for the process of reaching your ultimate goal, and your ultimate goal is the destination.

Passionate people love their journey they love their work. We saw it with Martin Luther King. He demanded rights of blacks. Even though, almost nobody believed that blacks would get their rights. And demanding these rights would have been called foolish by many.

The reason? Because they saw it from the perspective of results, and it was almost impossible at that time, to imagine blacks being equal to the whites. And it must have been foolish to work for something, whose fulfillment was next to impossible.

Any such person would get motivated whenever he got failed is his quest. But in contrast people like Martin Luther King, loved the journey, he loved the cause and he worked for it. He took motivation every time he saw people putting their hope in them.

Journey is The Reward

The journey is the reward. Even though blacks got equal rights, due to works of Martin Luther King, but still somewhere in some part of America their must still be some incidences of black discrimination observed. Does that mean that Martin Luther King failed? No. When your goal is infinite, we never score infinity, we just try to get close to infinity. For to efforts of Martin Luther King we have reached closest to having an equally between blacks and whites, sick that the difference between them is negligible, but it still exists.

Imagine a company willing to maximize its market share for a particular product. The percentage share can be 100% also, but it’s practically impossible to reach 100% market share. They can just rather fill market share and there each edit would take them closer to 100% market share.

That’s the beauty of infinite game, an Infinite Player will never achieve his goal, but his journey to reach class closest to his goal is the reward. In this case, a high market share would reward them in more income.

For a Finite Player the reward would be, to get probably 40% or 60% of market share. There goal is accomplished once they reach there Golden number, and even if they have some ideas to increase the market share screen further, they will refrain to do it just because their goal had already been achieved.

And it is worth noting, that even though I had told you that after finalising the goal, the first step is to start thinking Indefinite, but the inverse also works. If you truly were an Infinite Player and have an infinite goal, then to achieve it you will naturally start thinking Indefinite. Take the Market Share situation for example.

If you truly want a large Market stake then, you will naturally start thinking of every possibility that your competition missed, and as many of these small possibilities start getting leverages, you start gaining what your competition ever imagined.

Infinite Game is same as “To better Your best” when your elders or your seniors see you gaining success, they say “Keep Betting your best”, it means if you are the leader, if you are the number one, still keep bettering yourself, because the race never ends

Part 3

Definite And Indefinite Thinker

The Definite and Indefinite Thinker

So what exactly is a Definite and Indefinite Thinker. For the sake of this portion, just consider Indefinite Thinker as a creative person, while a Definite Thinker as someone who is not creative. We will discuss the exact meaning of it after you understand some basic ideas in the next few pages.

A few years ago, I got a chance to read about Finite and Infinite Game. I was traveling For a business meeting by train. And tried to become an infinite player. The idea seemed to say that an Infinite Player really changes the world, an Infinite Player is the one who is more powerful, the ones who change the world, ones who bring paradigm shift.

I realized that Infinite Player can be more powerful than finite player, but there aren’t necessary reasons that an Infinite Player will always bring a paradigm in society. An Infinite Player has Infinite Goals, and an infinite goal, is basically a goal, which has at least one parameter infinite, which makes it impossible to achieve, and only possible to reach closer.

Simply Being Infinite Player Won’t Make You Revolutionary

Let’s take an example, an office employee, sets up an infinite goal, to keep working for his current company, it’s an infinite goal, because the time he wants to spend in his company is infinite. When he dies, the race is still going, but he leaves the game. (Like in Buying great cars example, the number of cars were infinite, but he would leave the game, at one point, due to death, or may be unwillingness to play)

So the goal was infinite, and may be he makes some rewards for being the longest serving employee of the company, and his company praises him, but did he bring a change in the world, probably not, an infinite game doesn’t actually makes an innovative or an influencer. A perfect combination of Indefinite Thinker and Infinite Player is required to do that. We shall discuss it in Game Quadrant, right now let’s discuss what is Indefinite Thinking, and how Indefinite Thinking works, and How it can make us an influencer, a leader, a person who brings change in society.

Infinite Player and Finite Player can be equally successful. Doing the same thing for an infinite amount of time, will not make you revolutionary. The people, the groups and the organizations that bring change in the society, are really The ones who had innovative mindset.

If you play by the rules, status quo and the conventions of society, you would never be the revolutionaries or the legend you wish you could be. For doing the things that others never did, you need to think about things that others never thought.

You need to think and find the right goal, a goal that is infinite, that gives you passion, that makes you love the journey and yet has an idea that was never imagined. Passionate people think and find a mission for which they want to work

Simple existence of a mission statement/cause/purpose for which you work, means that you will naturally think in a manner that you become an indefinite thinker. Along with many other representatives from companies were responsible for pitching there company.

Indefinite Thinking: Same Problem can Have Different Answers

Albert Einstein while a professor in an institution, amongst many responsibilities had the responsibility to set question papers for exams also.

At one point his assistant, being worried and puzzled, told Einstein, that the question paper he set for this year was exactly the same as the question of the previous year.

Assistant, had probably thought that this was a mistake, because it seemed outrageous and illogical to set the exact same question papers. Because, students practice Previous year questions, and they would know all the answers very easily.

Einstein was asked, “Dr. Einstein, Aren’t these the same questions as last year’s [physics] final exam?”

Dr. Einstein: “Yes; But this year the answers are different.”

Due to advancement in science, and new discoveries, the answers were different now. This meant that the answers that very correct in last year’s exam, would not get them marks in this year’s exams. This time the different answers and explanations were needed.

Our life is the same, the questions are the same, but the answers are different. Almost everyone has the exact same questions, “How to be Happy?”, “How to be Successful?”, “How to be rich”, “How to be more efficient / productive / hardworking / productive?”

And the answers have changed over time. 20 years how to be productive, was simply having full focus.. but today the answer is “stay away from phones” and Take Good Sleep

Same is in business, the questions have always been, “How to make product fast”, “How to Make it Cost Effective”, “How to Attract More Customers”

And the answers changed, when you needed a better way to travel, 150 years ago, it meant traveling via see, 100 years ago, aeroplanes were the answer to travel long distances. Then we needed something to travel short distances fast, answer came, a few decades ago, when cars became efficient and reliable

Our simple taxis were good but Uber was better

Our TV was good but Netflix is better

Our phones were good but smartphones were better

Our Fans were good but AC were better.

Get Out of Status Quo

Everything we have in our status quo is good, but there can be something better. These great ideas changed the composition of our life times, they made old things outdated.

An Infinite Player is only bothered about playing and covering the maximum distance towards it’s Infinite goal. But it misses on the things required to truly become a revolutionary. Those characteristics are given by Thinking. The thought process gives us our goal and then Indefinite Thinking helps us achieve it.

Thinking is of 3 types, Indefinite Thinking, Definite Thinking and Zero thinking. Zero thinking is different from the rest of the 2 and as a result we only study Definite and Indefinite Thinker here.

Same happens with our Infinite Game. An Infinite Game is good, but being in Finite Game or Infinite Game is your choice.

It was not until a week after the given incident, that I realized that I had found the trick to Master the finite and Infinite game. I called it definite and Indefinite thinking, and called the whole concept Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

I was supposed to deliver a speech and talk about my own company. The goal was to make an impression in the business meet so that my company gets the contract.

I realized that there could be rules to decide what I could speak of my company, but there were no rules to decide how much energy I put while I speak in front of an audience.

While traveling by train, to reach my business destination, I made a number of thoughts in this matter, I decided that I will play beyond the limits of rules. I added exclamation marks, in my speech to know where I will increase my pitch, and I made my mind over how to change my voice to attract maximum audience and attention.

When I reached the destination, the weather had gotten a bit sunny, so I rushed to reach the office. Once I reached outside the office, I found a wonderful shop with variety of juices. I decided to take one, so that I can remain cool and calm, even though there was still an hour to speak, but my heart was pounding, because I was going beyond the rules, and any wrong step could have a devastating negative impact for my company, and my image as an employee

While taking my last sip, I found some guys dressed formally, my eyes and ears were all set on them, a closer look, and I could see that they were the office guys only. I just greeted them with a warm ‘hi’ and smile, and asked about where the event was organized. They pointed my towards the stairs, and asked to go to the second floor. I further asked how many companies were attending this event, they said “about one and a half dozen companies”

Once I was up there, I could see many nervous faces all around, no doubt I myself was nervous too. In a few minutes, it started. The event began, and representatives from companies were called one by one, on stage to present there company, and make there point. I was at number 11, so I had time to hear a few guys and understand public response.

After the Initial excitement, the crowd started to get bored, the flat voices of representatives one after another, slowly lead to loss of interest. I knew that the majority were being to conventional following the status quo. Audience was really bored hearing the same things said by 10 people again and again.

When I got to speak, I walked up the stage and before I started to speak, I ran my eye through the room, few sleepy faces, few talking with one another, some felt border. I took a lot of air in, and then in a high pitch said. “GOOD MORNING!!!!”, few faces turned my way, and I started to speak.

I consistently used the word “Ladies and Gentlemen” so that I got attention, and by the time I was about to finish my speech, I found almost everyone looking at me. Now I am not a great orator, or a wonderful public speaker, but what I realised was people gained interest, as an Indefinite Thinker I was able to bend the rules in my favor. After speaking 15 mins, I had to sit because that was the time limit (I couldn’t find an infinite way to bypass time limit).

People Love The ones Who Bring a Change

After getting down stage, I found one of the few guys who I met at the juice shop, he said, “at least someone entertained us”, I smiled and I moved on. What I knew was that even though there were people yet to speak, I had made an impact. In more or less presented the exact same points, but I had done something extra which was out of the box, Unconventional and was an Indefinite thought and that changed everything for me

I could be anywhere from boring to exciting in my speech. My voice modulation and pitch and tone, were not bound by any rules. What I realized was that finite and infinite games are just our illusions we can play any game as a finite game, and we can play any game as infinite game just by bringing a paradigm shift in our thought process. Our thought process governs who we are. We can leave an impact, bend reality in our favor, and some problems which have no solution, by having the right thoughts.

Take any great painter for example, what they do is take anything in nature and present it to the world with a different perspective, they just take something like a sunset and knowingly or unknowingly think indefinite about how to present it, that’s when the magic happens.

Like my speech, everyone can judge which company is good or bad by few definite facts, but with energy and enthusiasm, you present Indefinite facts, which gave the feeling of confidence. Similarly, everyone knows that the sunset scene looks very good. But painter adds Indefinite things, like brilliant color magic and that makes the painting amazing.

The rules of the game are not changeable, but they surely are malleable, it would be called cheating or corruption if you break the rules. But an Indefinite Thinker knows how to leverage The things that do not have rules or the things that are available in abundance.

More often than not, there are some rules in every work you do, but there are some undefined rules that still exist. Gravity existed before Newton defined that physical quantity. We are unknowingly or knowingly doing many things that are not in rules. We do them just because they are the status quo. We grow up when we start to be an Indefinite Thinker and think about how to leverage that undefined rules that we still follow.

By simply changing our choices we can gain an edge over the competition, and those right choices come from Indefinite Thinking. Our thought process governs our actions, and our actions govern our reality. We want our reality to be the infinite goal, and our actions are The result of Finite and Infinite Game we play.

The Thinking and the play go hand in hand. First we think what is our dream which becomes our infinite goal, then we play to move towards our dream to become a player, and in the way come many hurdles, these hurdles can be sorted out be Thinking Indefinitely. And then when we know the solution to the hurdle, we again have to work Indefinitely to leverage it to the fullest.

The Players and the Thinkers when perfectly mixed can do wonders. I did this by simply making smart choices in that speech I gave. My goal was to make an impact from my speech. I thought Indefinitely to find the recipe for achieving my goal, and then I played to full fill it.

There is a really interesting thing that many of you might have missed out in this portion. What type of game was I playing when I generated the goal to make an impact. Was it a finite goal or an Infinite goal?

If I tell honestly, the information provided was insufficient. I never told you guys what my goal actually was? My goal was to be a better and successful employee for my company. And being a better employee, can be considered as Infinite goal, because we can always keep improving our best.

My goal was to be a good employee, and delivering a powerful impactful speech was a milestone in that bigger journey of becoming a successful employee. But I never did my Indefinite Thinking towards becoming a better employee, my Indefinite Thinking was to help me achieve my milestone. The collective count of these milestones would take me towards my goal.

And milestones can be finite, and in this case indeed they were finite. What happened in the story was, that basically I had an Infinite of becoming successful employee. On the event I found a milestone for that Infinite Goal. The milestone was to bring maximum

Indefinite Thinking is Connecting the Dots

Everyone has played that connecting the dots sheet in childhood you connect the dots and it forms an actual meaningful drawing. Our world is the same, we connect the dots. If we connect the right set of dots, then slowly a larger picture starts forming. All we know is that the dots exist, and dots somehow shall connect together.

Life is the same, all the things that happen in our life are the result of the many dots that somehow connect. If we connect the right dote we get success.

In any work we connect the dots, just think how you used to prepare for exams in your school days, the dots that you connected that time were:

  1. Read the creation
  2. Read the notes
  3. Do problem solving
  4. Get reference creations and more practice
  5. Revise notes
  6. Take doubts

Most of the people did at least this, though there are a lot more things they can do, I am an Indefinite Thinker, I don’t have any respect for limits so I believe you can have far more points for preparation also. Now consider these 6 points as dots. The person who connects more dots and does it accurately will succeed. When the 6 dots will connect the picture will look good.

A picture can be called complete when these dots connect. These dots can be connected easily and quickly, because most of us are well aware of them. And we understand there meaning.

But what about confidence, do you need confidence and a high level of confidence? If you are not confident in yourself, why will someone give you marks for an answer that seemed unconfident or skeptical. If the teacher is not convinced with your answer you shall not get good marks. Therefore we need a high level of confidence so that they get convinced.

7. Be Confident

Confidence is the dot, most of us will follow the status quo and will be happy with the first 6 points, but an Indefinite Thinker will know that Confidence is like Gravity before Newton, it existed but no one knew how it works or how to use it. Same is Confidence, we all know this word “Confidence” but only an Indefinite Thinker will actually connect the dots. Confidence exists, and it’s an essential part of exams and yet it is not used by most of us.

As the Indefinite Thinker got one more dot in the form of Confidence connected, his picture would look better than anyone else. With 6 dots picture looked complete, but adding and properly connecting another dot, made the picture look even more beautiful. This extra dot added more details and clarity to the larger picture.

And confidence is just an example there are a lot many other dots. And the beautiful thing is that even though a definite player will never work to be Confident because it’s never part of his dpts, but still he has confidence, it may be that the confidence is less or it is sufficient. But he never thought of it, just like Gravity, he unknowingly had some level of confidence, but he is yet to develop and learn it in reality.

Indefinite Thinker’s Dots

A Definite Thinker will do everything that he is asked to do, asked in the form of rules, in the form of limitations, and in the form of procedures. An Indefinite Thinker will do everything that is necessary, but he will think different, and he will find other things that were required but no one talked about it. He will connect few extra dots, the dots that exist but they were never discovered.

This raises an interesting question, “How many dots are there?”

What is the total number of dots. Even if you understand that you need to connect more dots, but how many dots do you need to connect? 10, 15, 30 how many?

Well a Indefinite Thinker actually knows that total number of dots are unknown. The dots will never end, if you try to find, you will surely find more dots and more room to improve. The dots won’t end, but the picture would keep getting bigger and bigger. The goal of Indefinite Thinker is to become more and more creative, and find better solutions.

An Infinite Player loves the journey, and therefore he loves continuously improving the picture, the dots are infinite, so the more the dots he connects, the clearer would be the actual picture.

You just need to find dots that Don’t exist and are unknown (remember gravity). And then connect them. Like the thoughts of indefinite player, the dots that can be discovered are infinite. We never knew that there was a force pulling us towards earth until Newton proved it. And when he discovered it, Physics took a giant leap forward and opened the door for explaining many things.

Newton connected a dot in the form of gravity, which made the picture of science much more clearer. And it was a result of Indefinite Thinking as such thing as never known to us before. Indefinite Thinking and finding these dots can be risky.

What I feel is risk can be explained by the concept of dots easily. What happens when you discover a definite dot, (Definite Thinkers dots are necessary conditions for completing mission) and you know that it will be an important part of the mission, but due to conditions you are unable to fulfill. When you decide to complete the mission without that dot it’s a risk.A Definite Thinker will find troubles I’m achieving it.

But as I said earlier, passionate people are Indefinite And Infinite. Therefore they have many other undiscovered dots already connected. We must understand that the passion and the Infinite goalmare similar, yet different.

Keep Connecting The dots, Those dots won’t end but the circle Would keep Getting Bigger and Bigger

Now please think within yourself what would you call the process of connecting never ending dots? What would you call a person who connects a never ending no. of dots? Think a bit hard because we have discussed this in one of the earliest points.

It’s called infinite game and the person is called infinite player. A person who keeps connecting dots without stopping will be an infinite player. Remember how we defined as infinite player: a person with no rules, who has a goal which is not defined:

An Infinite goal is like ‘becoming fit’ or ‘becoming handsome’ there is no true definition of it, you can not do a perfect distinction of handsome, you can’t tell the exact day or exact time when you became fit

An Indefinite Thinker will find all the things that are already written and are necessary like a definite thinker. And then he will start finding out important undiscovered dots, this would be the stage when he becomes an Indefinite Thinker. And then he starts to work on it, he works day in and day out till he achieves his goal.

But remember that the first step is to decide goal. If the goal is infinite you will naturally do it. And there is a warning I will try to give you, probably no one has time to do this all for his every goal, no one can be an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, for each thing he does in his life. Being an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is selective, there are only a few areas where we can achieve this. Trust me finding a single missing dot can take weeks. Newton didn’t find the missing dot of gravity in a day it took him a lot of time and really deep thinking.

So it won’t be wise to try to build the thought process for each and every activity. Decide on an infinite goal, and something that you want to put your entire life for. Decide on one goal. You can be an infinite player, and you can connect the dots for any

Head back to almost start of creation, and reread the story about Apple, calculating squares was a necessity. They were bound by 1 rules, the rule that was the fact that there processor was not designed to calculate squares. A Definite Thinker will be bound by a rule of status quo, which is that the square of any no. is the number multiplied by itself. But being an Indefinite Thinker Apple brought out an amazing way to do it. There are 4 combinations in which the players and thinkers can be arranged and we will discuss when you need to be which one in Game Quadrant.

The thing we learn from the above quoted example of Apple is, that the limitation was the processor and there were no rules and no limits on the mathematics behind it. The brilliant engineer must have been An Indefinite Thinker (unknowingly) who thought of everything that was not limited or bound by the rules and he did a wonderful work.

Read the Story just in case you forgot the example. The story with which the Part 1 of this creation starts is one of the most subtle examples of Indefinite Thinking. A single solution that could be implemented without disturbing the rest of the arrangement, and at the same time was cost efficient, and good at performance. A single solution correctly placed all the dots.

When I spoke at the business meeting for my company (discussed in Definite and Indefinite Game), the rules asked me to speak in a neutral and ethical manner, and I had to finish the speech in given time, I always followed these rules and everyone else also did the same. All the other people lived in an illusion, that their job was to tell the facts and praise the company. Well I also did the same, but rules never governed my energy, my enthusiasm, my voice modulation etc. I did what everyone else did but I added the energy and enthusiasm to the mix and that turned out to be magical

Definite and Indefinite Thinkers

In start of this Part 3 of the creation, I narrated a story of how I played like an infinite player, and added confidence, energy and enthusiasm. My infinite playing helped me a lot. I made the decision while travelling in the train that I will show confidence and work as an infinite player. And as promised, I will explain the exact meaning of a Definite #Thinker and Indefinite Thinker here

In that #train I saw another wonderful thing. I saw a kid few seats away from me. He was less than 5. He was enjoying and having fun all around. I wondered was he in any type of #game.

Yes, he was in a game, he was playing to live, he was playing to have fun, But he never had an aim of life at that age. So what would you call a person who is a part of a game but he is having no goal, he has competitors even before his birth. He had to fight many germs, many infections, many injuries that he got at an early age.

He was in competition with other kids when he played football. But at that age, he could not have had an aim. He had no thought process. But it was necessary, in a zero thought process, he will observe and explore the world. He will bring up his thoughts, believes and he will develop habits.

Soon he will have a mindset, and a unique way of working. His mindset will make his a thinker. From this point onwards, in major part of his life, he will make decisions on his own. At this point he needs the skill for Indefinite Thinking.

Indefinite Thinking means a mindset and thought process to find solutions to problems that no one else ever thought.

A Definite Thinker

A definite game, is a type of thinker with which, there are a limited number of dots. The dots are finite. The goal is to connect the dots. The person plays by convention. And the result is that the person performs good, and he will be capable of achieving all his goals. But Indefinite Thinking is creative, innovative and helps with out of the box thinking, therefore I affirm that Indefinite Thinkers try to connect the maximum number of dots, and find long lasting solutions. It is surely possible that a Definite Thinker finds an undiscovered dot, but that happens due to accident, or when he is wandering, in its core a Definite Thinker, has no intent to find undiscovered dots.

A definite thinker, is bound by rules and restrictions, and he tries to play within them. Again, Steve Jobs and Apple Story, tells it all, in a situation, where the processor had limited their dreams, a Definite Thinker would not have failed. A conventional process never means that he would not be able to achieve his goal. It just means that it would take time.

A Definite Thinker would have thought by the rules, and worked with only the given dots. The problem was that the processor did not support calculating squares. So if a Definite Thinker was supposed to solve the problem, the most probable solution would be to get better processor, which shall be compatible with calculating squares. This would solve all of their problems.

Another probable solution would be to store the values of squares in memory, most probably they would need the squares of first hundred numbers, so they can store the values of them in there. This will have the processor fetch them from memory and as a result would be comparatively faster in terms of speed also.

Both of these seem to be decent solutions, and there is nothing wrong with that. But a definite thinker, is only bothered about his own definite number of dots. His thought process is not sustainable.

The machine was already in its later stages, changing a processor, would be meaning that there would be many things that would need to be remade and built from the ground up again. Also, adding a more expensive processor will add up to costs, and make things less affordable

The second solution, while require less work around, but the memory at that time was very expensive, and storing that much information, would mean that there would be added costs of more memory, and adding more storage would add up to the weight and the volume of computer also.

A definite thinker, has definite parameters and limits to meet and therefore he would not be bothered if his solution gave rise to another problem. A Definite Thinker mindset is not bad, and in no ways I wish to say bad about it, or criticize it, in fact in later portion of Game Quadrant, I explain how Definite Thinker is also Great.

The mindset of a Definite Thinker is never to go far, their goal is to go fast. The known parameters, will make you go fast, but when you need to find a solution to a problem that exists specifically to you, then you shall need to go slow, and carefully find solutions. That’s not what they do, they do everything to gain speed. They have the courage to sacrifice everything to move towards their goal at the fastest speed. Though they never travel as far as Indefinite Thinkers Infinite Player.

“A Solution that raises another Problem is Not a Solution”

The other and seemingly better solution was to store the values on the computer itself. Well if someone says it in 2019 then it’s fine, but that was 1984, in 1984, when a big cost for storage, and you spend a lot for just 128k memory. The decision would make computer a bit slow, and would increase the cost to a large extent, making it irrelevant solution.

A Definite Thinker will find the solution for his problem, and it’s just hard work and Definite Thinking, irrespective of Finite or Infinite Game, a Definite Thinker will find the solution. The only problem with Definite Thinker, is that the solution is not bound to connect the maximum number of dots. It is sure possibility that it can lead to birth of another problem.

While some people may argue that this solution was only valid for squares, and it cannot calculate cubes, and other powers of a number, while it is totally true, but remember we are not making a calculator, we are having the intent, to be able to get rounded edges, and draw geometric figures, for which in most cases the only thing we need is squares, and therefore this was a good solution.

It is not that Definite Thinking is wrong, it’s just that Definite Thinking will make you a decent solution, but not the best solution. An indefinite thinker, tries to find the solution, that is the best, a solution, that just “works”, is not what they work for, they want “the best” solution for their problem.

Being a Finite or Infinite player, or being definite or Indefinite Thinker is all a matter of choice. The only thing that matters is that you can’t work as a Finite Player and wish for rewards of Infinite Players.

Indefinite Thinking

Indefinite Thinking is when you think without any limits without any rules, you let your mind flow into world of imagination, you are a free Creative Bird.

The goal of an Indefinite Thinker is to obviously, think indefinitely. And an Indefinite Thinker means that they should not talk about the rules. They find out every unthought possibility of improving and being better in the mission or reaching closer to their goal.

Well how do you think indefinitely? It’s indefinite and therefore there is no definite way of doing it. There is just one rule, think about everything that is limitless.

If you have to improve your product if your product is food, you can add competitive price, better taste, etc. everyone does it, doing this will get you customers but this is just definite thinking, indefinite thinking will find something else. They will get, a new thing, for eg. A new wonderful dish. They will improve their existing dishes and price them competitively but they will get things that no one else does.

The beauty is that if your new product is good, and constantly keep getting good products, others will see you and say “oh what a good idea, we didn’t think of it” and the result it that they copy you, they do your new product just because it was successful.

Over the period of time, they start to play catchup, and you slowly become leader. Just challenge the status quo, just think of things that no one else does.

Indefinite Thinking Makes Us Leader

There is a tremendous majority of the world that plays our well known finite game. And many of such players are really happy. They are really successful yet they are finite players.

So you can surely be a finite player, moreover finite game is easy. And being a Definite Thinker makes everything butter. Everything is very well defined and safe when you are a Finite Player and a Definite Thinker.

Also there is absolutely nothing wrong in it. Being a Finite Player is totally acceptable, as long as your goals are finite, and once achieved you shall not hop onto the next goal. The finite game is super common, super popular, and people intentionally are part of it. In Fact a majority works that we do in our day to day lives are the result of finite game and Definite Thinking

In a finite game, the game is over as soon as the goal is achieved. Therefore if your goal is to get one promotion, then your game will be over as soon as you achieve it.

Problem comes when a Finite Player dreams like an Infinite Player. After one promotion in office, a Finite Player become greedy and sets goal for next promotion. The constantly changing goals of a player are the reason why the Finite Game works. Everything works, and everyone is happy if a Finite Player sets Finite Goals, and leaves the race as soon as he achieves his goal.

Similarly a Definite Thinker is good, until you want to do what has already been achieved. You try to learn from others and use their experience and techniques to reach there level. And again I shall say, it is totally perfect and it’s 0erfectly fine if this is why you want to work.

Problem comes, in fact problem is born when you want to get ahead of them. When you follow someone, and try to follow their footsteps, then irrespective of what type of goal you have, you will be like them. But you shall never overtake them, or surpass them.

This is because to be ahead of someone, you need to be better than them. And in order to be better than them, you need to solve problems/improve your self, to a level better than them.

In order to solve problems, you need to be an Indefinite Thinker. Only an Indefinite Thinker has the capability to solve problems, and find worthy yet undiscovered opportunities.

The reason this creation exists is to help you realize what game you have played till now, and then make you realize why we can be successful by Finite Game but if we want to change the world, if we need to be remembered by posterity, and if we need to move the human race forward then we need to Be an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

Indefinite Thinking Explains Reality Distortion Field

Indefinite Thinking is wonderfully amazing thing. But just theory doesn’t work, we need some practical examples, and some stories to show how it actually works. The existence of this concept goes way back to start of existence of human. This wonderful idea, had been buried deep under our mind, before this creation.

But then, we need examples of Indefinite Thinking. Indefinite Thinking is not very common, yet we all experience it many a times. One of the people who have mastered the art of Indefinite Thinking, was Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs has an amazing art of convincing people towards something. In front of him, the reality was malleable. His this art got coined with the term “Reality Distortion Field” . This term was coined back in the 1980s which about 30 years before this creation came out. Reality Distortion Field, is not a concept, it’s just some stories where people experienced impossible made possible. It doesn’t explain how to make Reality Distortion Field for ourselves.

Reality Distortion Field is basically the Indefinite Thinking used by Steve Jobs. I found it apt to mention his own stories so that we can understand Indefinite Thinking with these examples.

He could find amazing possibilities to bring a turnaround in unfavorable situations. The art of Reality Distortion Field can be very well explained by Indefinite Thinking

There are many examples that prove that Steve Jobs had a talent of convincing and persuading people for a task. The term Reality Distortion Field was coined by Bud Tribble. The term was taken from a Star Trek episode, where Aliens use it to create their own world.

Steve Jobs was not at all awful, on paper he may seem to be awful, but it was the way of speaking that could make him feel awesome in fact inspiring here is a Reality Distortion Field example to prove it. I will tell you the classic office condition where your employee refuses to be able to a task and you have to get it done. How would Steve Jobs get it done?

Many times people call Steve Jobs awful, but this is his secret to success, in simple words, he was an Indefinite Thinker. Imagine a situation, where you are the project manager. You have one engineer working on boot time (time taken for machine switching on). The engineer claims that he cannot shave off a single millisecond from the load time. According to him, he has put all his efforts, and it’s the best time possible. How would an Indefinite Thinker find the solution for same


But Steve Jobs asking to shave the time at any cost may make him feel like he is awful, in this beautiful example Reality Distortion Field, it didn’t really make him feel awful, rather it was inspiring and motivational.

Steve Jobs in 1984 was working on Macintosh computers. Engineers working on Macintosh were asked to reduce 10 seconds from boot time. Disagreeing with it, engineers refused to be able to reduce even a millisecond from it. Steve Jobs, using Reality Distortion Field addressed engineers to say, ‘would you reduce it’s time if someone’s life depended on it.’

Indefinite Thinking was coming into play. Steve Jobs was presenting a really different perspective of the world. Steve Jobs gave the logic too. He stated that the Macintosh Computers would be bought by millions of people. Every person would turn on their PC once a day, and in each of these process every person wastes 10 seconds extra, then the total time wasted would amount to the lives of many people.

His point was thousands of people would daily waste 10 seconds more booting the Computer. The sum time amounting to many lives. A few weeks later the same team, came up with rewritten code and reduce the time by 28 seconds. Now That’s Amazing

The Term Reality Distortion Field is often used to talk about Steve Jobs’ presentation skills. Most people describe it as a fancy name for Pretending or lying, while I call it a real gold. Indefinite Thinking explains Reality Distortion Field really explains it well.

The above story shows that simple play of words at the right time can be really powerful. It’s an example of Indefinite Thinking because rather than conventional bossy scolding and threatening of offices, the case here had a customer perspective shift and it indeed read very motivating.

In Indefinite Thinking, we find the missing piece of the puzzle. We change the perspective, we find the undiscovered possibilities and utilize them.

It doesn’t really mean pretending it can be a better-called mind game. When you without saying something make people fell in a particular way it is called Reality Distortion Field. The most common story about Reality Distortion Field include the following:


When Steve jobs was working at NextStep. He had a meet Jonathan Rosenberg, who was at Google and many others come up to see his newly designed software.

Jonathan in the creation How Google Works gives this Reality Distortion Field example, where during the presentation they knew many things were wrong but couldn’t express how they were wrong. After meeting confused as they went back to car parking they realized Steve waiting for them, to express more thoughts. Finally, they had to agree with him, even though no one approved it. That was the beauty of Reality Distortion Field.

This was a simplified version of the story narrated in the creation, “How Google Works”, by Jonnathan Rosenberg, it’s a must read creation, and it talks about great work life of employees at Google.

Another miss conception about this whole idea of Reality Distortion Field is that it can be used anywhere without the other person getting to know that he is in the field. This only happens when Reality Distortion Field is applied completely. We have already said that it is not manipulation. When you lie or tell wrong facts then you shall remember that person standing next to you is not a fool. Sometimes you have to be brutally honest to earn respect.

Indefinite Thinking has also taught us that more often than not, the solution does not need to be a really complicated one. Even simple solutions can do the trick. Life of Steve Jobs has taught me this very well. Sometimes a bruta level of honesty and straight forward talk can improve the things and make life easy.

After he returned to Apple in 1997, Jobs summoned Apple’s top employees to the auditorium, and, wearing shorts and sneakers, got up on stage and asked everyone to tell him “what’s wrong with this place.” At that time, Apple was directionless, it was in a cash crunch, and they didn’t have an idea what to do. The motive of talking to employees was to set the vision clear.

In the auditorium, After some murmurings and bland responses, Steve Jobs realizes that the place has got a bit nervous, and he broke the silence, and spoke with honesty, “It’s the products! So what’s wrong with the products?” There was no response, “The products suck! There’s no sex in them anymore!” That’s how you make people understand loopholes. By lying you shall not only lose respect, but also that makes the road more clearly.

He made it crystal clear that Apple did not have good products, and Apple needs them for succeeding.

iPod: Thinking Differently

The thing is he didn’t say a word about the importance of the work, he always presented it as a cause. When he launched the iPod he didn’t say 1GB storage, he said 1000 songs in your pocket. Now that feels good.

Standing in front of his employees, Jobs told them, “we want developers to write small, efficient code, not Microsoft code.” His logic was that would optimize all over the place. The limit would become Apple’s advantage by forcing developers to do more with less headroom.

The staff seemed to like the logic — Jobs’ reality distortion field at work — but Shelton wasn’t convinced. “I was the only person who wasn’t accepting it because I knew how operating systems grow, how software grows.” Jobs thought developers would make their apps smaller, “but it wasn’t going to go that way,” Shelton says. Software code only ever balloons in size.

Distort Memory

With Reality Distortion Field you can even change memories of people when we say who developed the GUI? You would say Apple or you may say, Steve Jobs. But that is not true. I will explain it in a minute. First let’s understand the idea, Steve Jobs basically when heard a new idea from someone which seemed to be good. He would put all his heart and soul to develop it and the result would be that he would talk and interact with so many people in developing it that naturally, people would think it was his idea. If you are confused, then no problem now read that story about GUI and then read this again.

Story is that Actually Steve Jobs, had allowed Xerox had allowed buying some shares of Apple at $10 per share, in return to which Steve Jobs got access  to Xerox Palo Alto Research Center wherein 1980’s they developed up revolutionary idea of GUI, Internet, and Mouse, Steve got enlightened and got to develop it.

Xerox had got a lot of scientists dedicated to developing new technology. Their development took place at a place far of which was known as Palo Alto Research Center or PARC in short. They developed a communication system similar to the internet, they developed a navigation system similar to a mouse, and the third idea blinded Steve Jobs. This third idea was the idea of Graphic User Interface. They have developed it to a great extent. But Xerox wanted to remain in making photocopy machines and as a result, they didn’t get much support. Steve Jobs put his heart and soul in development.

He put around a year to work it up so that the graphic user interface could ship with the very first Macintosh in 1984.

Make Decisions

Whenever required make an instinctive decision, Steve was very good at it. Whenever possible try to find out what is right and do it, but if everything seems right then do as Steve Jobs said, “Follow Your Heart And intuition because they somehow know exactly what you want to be.” Most of the times it gets things right and in case it goes wrong most of the time you would be able to go back to it.

Be Yardstick of perfection demand perfection even if it is not required. A great carpenter would not put a bad piece of log in a cabinet’s back even if it is going to face the wall. Steve Jobs was the same, he made a last moment circuit redesign to just adjust a small wire. Engineers suggested to let it be as it is, but it was Steve Jobs perfection that he wanted to feel sure that even though it would never be seen by customers still he would be sure that when that night he goes to his bed, he knows that he made the thing as great as possible.

Here’s The Thing

Here’s the Thing. You have to put things in perspective. You have to give people a cause or a motive for which they work. And that’s it that perspective will change the whole thing.

The point is all examples of Reality Distortion Field are just a change of perspective. Unlike manipulation where you present something wrong, or technically you lie, but in reality distortion field is when you present a point that is not lying, but that is not really true also.

Take my favorite example, when Microsoft launched there Zune PDA, they marketed some ‘X’ GB storage. When Apple had launched there iPod they said 1000 songs in your pocket. The point is that it may or may not hold a thousand songs. But the perspective that they presented allowed them to sell like hot pancakes. They just put the things into different perspective.

This is the beauty of Reality Distortion Field, in manipulation, you lie in order to gain an edge over others. In Reality Distortion Field, you get an even greater edge, and you don’t lie, and this can be seen in all its examples. You just present a different perspective. A perspective that makes other people feel good.

Andy Cunningham

Another Great example of Reality Distortion Field follows Andy Cunningham, a marketing expert was working with a photo shoot of Steve Jobs. In a hotel in New York, he arranged tables and chairs for Steve’s Photoshoot.

It was a Fortune magazine shoot, Steve Jobs wanted Michael Jackson being played in the background so that he could feel good and get energized for the shoot.

So to make Steve behave they had to play “Billie Jean” soon Steve would start to behave. As soon as the song would get over, he would start to lose control over himself and Andy had to rewind the 1980’s cassette and play it again for Steve Jobs to start working normally

The thing is that it does ensure that another person doesn’t get to know about it. In manipulation, if a person has moderate knowledge also, you can also be could in the act. But in the case of Reality Distortion Field that is not the case.

Reality Distortion Field played a really important role in the life of Steve Jobs, and it doesn’t seem that this talent is difficult to imply. All incidences were of day to day life, rather than being some real-world war or serious level of incidences. He is none of the above case used it does demoralize anybody. Rather he got unwilling things done from Others or in the case of a photo shoot with himself also. We should do the same with ourselves.

This portion very well talked about Reality Distortion Field, which is basically Applied Indefinite Thinking. I have greatly studied life of Steve Jobs and he was an amazing Indefinite Thinker. Here we had many examples of how he applied it in his life.These examples must have helped you understand it better, and you could relate many situations with your own life too.

Some other examples including a few of my own life, the above examples must have made you feel what Indefinite Thinking actually is? But because it was explained with the perspective of reality Distortion Field, I considered it appropriate to include some of !y pwm hand picked example.

So, about a monthafter starting to write this creation, I and my friend had to make some videos about some topic. Mostly some motivational videos they were, and we were not good on shooting videos too. Nevertheless I took put some time from my creation, so that we can do the recordings. I felt that taking a break from creation will refresh me for writing the remaining portion of the creation.

For which we decided let’s meet somewhere. I was supposed to be in front of the camera, and therefore I prepared my speech and wrote it in detail, they were 3-4 one minute long videos, and I assumed 3 hours would be sufficient.

So when I reached his home, he and I took a taxi to a City park, because we decided it would be good to shoot with trees in the background. When we reached there, we found a good location too… We already had wasted 25mins reaching there, and so I Wanted to start shooting as early as possible.

But then due to some community event there was a lot of noise, and it seemed impossible to record audio. We needed to go somewhere else, but the money we had left with was just sufficient to go back home. We began walking and wandering around to see if we can find a good location. We found some restaurants nearby, and few were of decently good ambience.

I tried to apply whatever I had preached you, so I decided to play as an indefinite thinker. I cleared my sweat, and with hugh confidence went into one of the hotel. I had my friend come behind me with a camera and a tripod. I had a selfie stick in my hand.

I entered the hotel and called for the manager. My friend is a vlogger, so he showed his YouTube account to him. He was impressed and had no doubt about us. My friend presented us as if we were vlogging and wanted to review the restaurant.

The manager thought that if we talked good about his restaurant, his sales would increase. As a result he let us sit in the hotel and make videos. In fact he served us burgers just because he wanted better reviews. We for some time shot the review of restaurant just to please him, and the rest of the time we shot our own videos.

In our situation the limitations were time and money. We had 3 hrs and we had money. A Definite Thinker would have probably either walked to some suitable location wasting time, or he would have changed his budget. In both cases he was at a loss.

Whereas we as Indefinite Thinkers did the magic, we used the things that were in ample, having a shot video praising a restaurant never mattered to us. And as a result, we used the things that were in ample. We connected the maximum dots, and comfortably achieved our motive.

In office, there are constant dramas of office politics. My friend used to commute to the office with the office bus. The office was quite far, and he didn’t have any vehicle of his own.

As is the nature of every boss, they love to trouble the employees. My friend faced the same. My friend was troubled by boss, in the ways you can expect. He used to call him to office just a few minutes before the Office bus left, and kept talking for long periods.

This caused him to miss his bus quite often. Not only did he reach home late but also, he had to do a taxi meaning more expenses. Messing with the boss was not a good idea, and no one dare say to his boss that he is getting late for his work (hint: it’s a criminal offense in the eyes of any boss)

He got an indefinite thought to solve the problem. The office had a 6-seater van. So he used his friends and the power of masses. Any time either he or any of his 2 friends were busy with the boss they would do this simple trick.

Boss would ask Friend 1, “please meet me in my office,” his other 2 friends see him going in. Other 2 friends, do everything as usual, just a few moments before, the bus left, they would call boss and say, “Sir, is friend 1 with you, his bus is about to leave”

Boss would reply, “Yes, some work is left so he shall come later”, the friends would reply, “so sir if too much work is there can we also work another hour?” No boss will ever refuse if there employees wants to work extra hours.

The boss, with a pleased heart says, “Yes, Of course”. The friends would reply, “So sir can we also go with him when the office van goes to drop him”, the boss absent mindedly replied, “Ya

What this meant was that they would have to work an extra hour in office and van would drop them home. But wait, the interesting part is still left. The boss used to do this meeting at time of bus for almost every employee. Everyone was informed that boss arranged a van for the people who worked late.

As a result the next time he would try to keep any employee pate, they would demand van. He can not say “No” because if he did it for one employee them every employee deserves it. While van should not be a big issue, the van adds to cost of company, the company questioned the boss for the extra fuel wasted.

As a result he couldn’t allow further vans. And as employees demanded vans, and his seniors won’t allow him to use van, it meant that he had to ensure that either the employees go on their own, or they go by the bus on time.

As people refused to go on there own because if one of them got van then everyone wanted vans, so boss had to ensure that people leave office on time. As a result, everyone’s money was saved and they all went home on time.

Again as an Indefinite Thinker, they connected the maximum number of dots, they didn’t fight with the boss, they saved money, they reached home on time, all they did was just cleverly invest one day of 3 people, and that was sufficient enough to achieve whatever they wanted.

Our minds don’t work this way. It’s very hard for a rational person to be able to think like that. Our mind loves to see observations. It doesn’t want to think and find out the facts and causes of observations. It just wants the observations. As a result when we observe the problem, we never find the solution.

We don’t have to find the solution. We have to find the reasons due to which problem exists, and then decide what all things do we have to figure out what are the limitations/constraints which need to be fulfilled, then we decide what things do we have in ample, and when we identify, the ample things, our next motive is to find what all can be invest to achieve our goals.

Like I talked about when I had to go for shooting, our limitations were time and money. And things we had in ample were, cameras, storage capacity, convincing power, and confidence.

We used the things we had in ample, and found the solution that connected a large number of dots.

Improving Decision Making: Game Theory

Life comes with many situations where you see many options and have to decide. Situations where the decision can change your life in an irreversible manner.

Over the period of time, I have realized that in Indefinite Thinking, you need to have creative selection too. Many a times when you hunt the missing dot to make the picture look better, you will land up in traps too.

In the journey to make the picture better and better, you shall see how sometimes when you try to find the scope for improving, you will make mistakes, you will make changes that have a negative impact rather than a positive impact. Be courageous, and face them all.

Right Choices

This portion will give you tips for better decision making but never worry, and never be afraid to make wrong decisions. These wrong decisions will make you gain a lot of experience in your life.

Indefinite Thinking, needs you to select the right dots, connecting wrong dots worsens the picture. No doubt, experimenting is necessary. Experimentation and iteration will ultimately land you to the right recipe, but there is a good theory called Game Theory that very well helps you make the right decisions.

Some decisions when each option seems to be equally good and it is literally impossible to decide what is right. Here comes the role of Game Theory. Game Theory Helps you decide how to choose between the 2 options. It’s difficult to imagine which option will work well and fit into the mix, and which option will ruin it all.

In the game, you need to stay ahead of your competitors, taking wrong decisions, can waste a lot of time, and if wise decisions be taken, then we shall save a lot of time, and stay ahead in the race. For taking wise decision, we need to be smart for it. Game Theory tells you about a simple mindset that you need while making decisions.

In situations where you are not sure what the result of any of your actions will be, you must use Game Theory.

Therefore almost all decisions are a part of a game. For example, in a war, the decision to be offensive or defensive, is part of the game of war where the enemy country is your competitor.

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference

-Robert Frost

Nash Equilibrium

Now let’s come to the point of how to take the decision. Payout is another important term to know in game theory, which is equal to the outcome of the decision any player takes in a game.

Now the thing that matters the most is Nash Equilibrium. Nash Equilibrium is a scenario where as a result of your decision, no one can increase there payout by taking unilateral decisions. In such a scenario, all players have their payouts dependent over your decision.

What it basically means that you put yourself in a favorable position such that your position is really powerful, the decisions of others cannot negatively impact you.

This usually occurs in games with more complex elements than two choices by two players. In simultaneous games that are repeated over time, one of these multiple equilibria is reached after some trial and error.

One of the major examples of such a situation where the maximum payoff is limited by your decision is a situation which is coined with name Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Imagine a situation where 2 suspects are jailed. In order to investigate, Police puts up 4 conditions

  1. If both confess, they will each receive a five-year prison sentence.
  2. If Prisoner 1 confesses, but Prisoner 2 does not, Prisoner 1 will get 5 years and Prisoner 2 will get 10 years.
  3. If Prisoner 2 confesses, but Prisoner 1 does not, Prisoner 1 will get 10 years, and Prisoner 2 will get two years.
  4. If neither confesses, each will serve two years in prison.

Now the Nash Equilibrium for Prisoner 1 would be the scenario where he receives the least punishment. He has the option to either confess or stay silent. The decision of 2nd Prisoner is not known to him.

The most favorable strategy is to not confess. However, neither is aware of the other’s strategy and without certainty that one will not confess, both will likely confess and receive a five-year prison sentence. The Nash equilibrium suggests that in a prisoner’s dilemma, both players will make the move that is best for them individually but worse for them collectively.

May be the luck may favor you to be fully free. But it is highly dependent on the decision of another person. If we achieve Nash Equilibrium, we will always have more layoffs than our competitors.

It is something like Russia and America controversy, where both are simply continuing the game. Here the way to succeed is by not taking a different decision, here you have to change the game, you have to bend the rules in a way that only you leverage the game.

There is another type of game also. It is called infinite game, a game with indefinite players, indefinite rules and the only objective is to continue the game forward, on and on and on…

It is something like Russia and America controversy, where both are simply continuing the game. Here the way to succeed is by not taking a different decision, here you have to change the game, you have to bend the rules in a way that only you leverage the game.

It Will be explained in the following example.”Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes that changes everything, not just the product bht the entire industry. We have been fortunate to be part of a few of them. When we launched iPod, it did not change the way we listen to music it changed the whole industry” -Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs said these words at the launch event of the iPhone. iPhone was the next big thing that changed the industry.

With the iPhone they didn’t improve the industry they changed the way we thought about phones, and changed the whole industry.

Here It was an indefinite game, the rules were not there, and the objective was just to continue game, the goal was to gain maximum market share, Apple was a new player in the game. Here Apple didn’t took a decision like infinite game where a decision gives you leverage. They didn’t take decision to add more battery, or more vibrant display, they changed the game.

They Changed the way we used them, rather than buttons there was touch screen. It was something no one thought, and it was something that changed the game, it opened a hell lot of new possibilities and new apps and web design took birth, that made Apple what it was. It is a different thing that Apple, under Tim Cook is a whole lot different.

Part 4

Think and Play

Mixing the Thinkers And Players

So we discussed 2 types of thinkers and 2 types of Players. I have already stated that the first step is to Decide the goal. How do you decide the goal, well if you have a life goal still think about it, it’s a question of your life.. Choose wisely. In Fact there is a 3rd type of player also, known as wanderers we talk about them later.

What is a life goal? A life goal is something that you love to do. Something you love to do in your free time. Even if it’s playing video games, find something that you truly love, and if you think you have found it, just do an experiment try doing it just for one week. Doing it 10hrs a day.

At the end of the week just think if you can do it for another week. Or if you can’t do that, then just observe your life. What is the one thing for you which you crave 5 minutes more. When the time is up, you want to do it for 5 more minutes, just a little more. We start the journey of this creation with Infinite Game and then Indefinite Thinking, and we don’t really talk about how to find goal. But don’t worry, once you understand Indefinite Thinking and Infinite Playing, we shall discuss something called Zero Thinking which is meant to help you find your goal.

One important thing to realize is that out of 7 billion people on planet Earth, a major population has at least one good idea that can change the game. But really less people take action. And I am worried about them. I pray God to give them the courage to take action.

If you have a little bit knowledge about friction, then you shall now that the force of friction is strongest when the object is at rest. The friction increases as the object tries to move, and friction reaches its maximum potential to oppose motion, but as soon as object breaks free from friction it starts to move. And as the object moves, the amount of friction offered is always less than its maximum capacity.

Life is same. When you don’t want to move life doesn’t apply any force on you. But as you try to move and progress, life starts to oppose you. And from life I mean the ecosystem in which we live. As you put your efforts and try very hard, life starts to oppose you at its maximum potential. And once you try hard and break through the force, life becomes easy, the opposition force of life reduces.

The start is the most crucial thing. If you are sitting and are not putting efforts to approach your dreams then you shall have no opposition. As you put efforts to achieve, you receive opposition. And it’s the hardest part, but as soon as you overcome the opposition, your life becomes comparatively easy. If you can have the courage to start, then you have everything that you need to reach the end. If you were able to get started this means you can run till the end. And if your goal is infinite, then you will run for Infinite time and keep approaching your goal, and getting closer and closer to it.

And after this, once you are ready to take action, essentially you shall be a thinker and you shall be a player too. So, the reason why people fail In there goals, is the fact that they play the wrong game. The Game Quadrilateral, explains it all. All the 4 types of players are great, but every goal is easier to achieve if you select the right type of game, and then play it with passion.

Remember that for any rocket the liftoff is the most crucial stage of the mission. In your journey to achieve your life goals, the start would again be the hardest part.

Game Quadrant

The Game Quadrant is nothing much complicated, it’s simply the magic that happens when any type of thinker combines with any other type of player. We should also remember that if you are part of any of the game, then you will intentionally or unintentionally be a part of the Game Quadrant.

The Game Quadrant cannot be defined for a person in absolute terms. For a particular person, his existence is relative to the game that the person is playing. This means that a person can be Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, when he tries to compete in the race of promotion in office, but he can be a Definite Thinker Finite Player when it comes to doing maybe painting.

Game exists when you have a competitor. And a competitor is a person with similar goals as compared to your goal. So this also means that when you shift yourself in Game Quadrant, not only do you change the way you play the game, but also, your competitors also change.

The Game Quadrant is for different combinations of Thinkers and Players. You need to be in the correct side of quadrilateral according to your goal. And as you change sides, you change the way you think, and you change the competitors too. This makes distinguishing threat much easier. You shall stay focused, and you will be able to remove distractions from your life. The Game you play will adjust things according to you.

So here is the Game Quadrant in the picture below, deep in meaning yet as simple as it should be.

Definite Thinker Finite Player

Indefinite Thinker Finite Player

Definite Thinker Infinite Player

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

So here we see that in the left side are the Definite Thinkers, and on the right are the Indefinite Thinkers. Similarly on the upper side are the Finite Players, whereas on the lower side are Infinite Players.

This is really simple, it is the base of the whole creation presented to you in just one graphic. Before you continue onto read, I want you guys to properly learn and remember the Game Quadrant, because the next few headings, we shall talk about this only. Create a clear picture in your mind like “on which side do the Finite Player exist’ and “on which side of the quadrant are the Indefinite Thinkers”

It’s obvious that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is really powerful, but it’s not that success comes to only them. It’s just that you can easily gain more success and go far it’s just better and more wise choice to be Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

Again the motive of this creation was to help you become a person capable of changing the world, become a person who makes a infact, someone who brings change in society, the people who move the human race forward.

Now if you read the above 4 carefully, you would have easily understand the fact that it’s not that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is the only option to be successful, it all depends on your goal, and what you want to do in life.

But I can tell you that Infinite Player Indefinite Thinker is the most powerful group amongst these 4. They have the capability to move the world forward, and therefore they are very powerful. The thing that makes them the most powerful can be understood from the table below.

Hard Work and Perseverance

Beautiful thing is that the concept of Indefinite Game Infinite Player perfectly relates with Creativity/Smart Work and Perseverance/Hard Work. When we use the smart be subconsciously relate with education, but here smart work means just the ability to reach the solution

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

Creative and Perseverant

Indefinite Thinker Finite Player

Creative but not Perseverant

Definite Thinker Infinite Player

Perseverant but not creative

Definite Thinker Finite Player

Not Creative and Not Perseverant

The Concept of Indefinite Thinking Infinite Playing talks about making plans and execution, and not about finding the goal. Though I have still included something called Zero Thinking, which comes in Part 5, and helps you find your mission

In order to set the original mission, which is the cause, the purpose or goal of your mission, you need to be Zero Thinker. Zero Thinking is something you can leave if you are sure you have your cause and mission in your life, but a large majority in this world doesn’t know what their mission actually is. We shall discuss that in part 5 of this creation.

Another important thing is that, Definite Thinker and Finite Player is the most common amongst people. And even though Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, is highly powerful, it takes a lot of energy, presence of mind, and hard work. Our life is too short to think Indefinitely in each of your small missions.

Focus is about saying “NO” . Saying “No” to a 100 great ideas and focusing on one big goal. Giving your full bandwidth, to multiple goals, means you will be diluting your efforts. It’s better to be great at one thing, than be moderate at 10 things.

We can have only one or two missions for which we can work Indefinitely. And majority of other missions require you to be Definite Thinker Finite Player. This is in order to save time for your main mission and life goal.

Definite Thinkers Finite Players, can be found really easily. A major population has set their life goal and yet they play as if they are playing any other game. As a result they are never able to make an impact.

Definite Thinking Finite Playing is important, in fact really important even if you want to be Infinite and Indefinite. This is because playing all the unnecessary games as Definite Thinkers and Finite Player, ensures that you can focus on your main mission, and you can also preserve your energy for that one big thing.

For example, if you want to be a chef, then your life goal is being a chef and there you need to be Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. And for a chef, being a good car driver shall be an sidelined goal. Knowing how to drive is important, but there is no need to think Indefinitely In it. Similarly if your Life goal is to be Race car driver, then knowing how to drive fast, reduce time and yet remain is important, and therefore you need to Think Indefinitely and Play Infinitely in it. But for a Race Car Driver, knowing how to cook is just fine, he can play Finite and Think Definite In that case

Please note that even if I say we need to sideline all unnecessary games, and play them as Definite Thinker Finite Player, I still believe that you need to be a Wanderer in all such unnecessary games. What is a Wanderer? Well don’t worry we will discuss the meaning of Wanderer and Zero Thinker in Part 5 of this creation. You need to just realize the fact that based on your own dream/ambition/Infinite Goal you need to put your full find and energy into that goal, and then don’t be bothered much about other goals.

These 2 are the bunch of people that are capable, yet not successful. And from successful they mean that they have stagnated at a level, and are not able to grow further. Well turns out that is because they are unintentionally using half baked theory.

The real game changers are Indefinite Thinkers as well as Infinite Players, lack of either of the 2 characteristics totally changes the way you work, and/or changes the level of goals you achieve.

This does not mean that being A Definite Thinker Infinite Player or Being an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is bad. There are many areas where the need for Indefinite Thinker is far more necessary than the need for being an Infinite Player and vice versa. There are many areas where they are Totally capable of achieving success.

Everyone Can be Successful

It’s just that they are unaware of it. Everyone in the Game Quadrant can achieve success. It’s just that the definition of success and the way we achieve success is totally different from one another. People with big goals and big dreams fail because they are in the wrong part of the Game Quadrant. Simply shifting quadrants, would change the working style and would help you achieve your goal. The type of goal you want to achieve decides what quadrant do you belong to. And being in the wrong quadrant has been a mistake of a vast range of today’s population. For eg. It would be difficult for you to achieve your goals if you are a painter and still you think Definite. (A painter needs imagination and creativity which come from Indefinite Thinking)

We need to be well aware and understand in depth how each of the quadrant works. The creation was titled “Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player” but it doesn’t mean that you need to be an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, all of the 4 are equal, all you need to remember is that choosing the right quadrant is like choosing the right life partner, be crystal clear about your goal, and then decide what level of success you want. Once you do that, your intuition will itself give you the answer to what quadrant you belong.

As a side note, I chose the name for this creation as “Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player” because first of all Indefinite Thinkers And Infinite Players are really hard to find, and I needed a name for this concept of mine, so I chose it. Moreover it sounds interesting in my opinion.

The Left Side of Game Quadrant

This is the first one in the Game Quadrant, before starting I hope you remember the Game quadrant as a whole. The left side of the game Quadrant has the Definite Thinkers. Herer we will discuss the 2 combinations that the Definite Thinkers make with the players.

We will discuss the Definite Thinker Finite Player, then we will move onto Definite Thinkers Infinite Players. So let’s get started

Definite Thinker Finite Player

This is a place in which the majority of our population lives. There exists a great majority of the population that do not have any goal, and as a result end up being a Definite Thinker Finite Player.

There is nothing wrong in being a Definite Thinker, and there is nothing wrong if you don’t have any goal of yours, what matters is that you need to keep trying. Definite Thinker Finite Player, is really important, all of us have been a Definite Thinker and Finite Player at some point in life. And Definite Thinking can get a lot of work done. These are the go fast people.

These people want to do everything very fast. If you are a Definite Thinker and Finite Player, your goals is not to be the best, or be the greatest. Your goal is to be the fastest. You build upon the experience of someone else.

If you need to write a letter, your goal will not be to use best vocabulary your goal would be to write in the shortest possible way. The Definite Thinkers Finite Players are racers, they want to go in the fastest possible way.

They never try to cover the longest possible distance. They try to cover a given distance in the shortest possible way. And how do they run the fastest?

In order to be the fastest you need to build on others, we need to build on the ideas and research of others. A majority of problems that we need to solve to be the fastest, can be solved by probably Google searches, or some creations.

We need to go fast. We are not trying to run a marathon, we are trying a 100 meter. It doesn’t matter if we run out of resources, all that matters is that they need to be fast

The get rich quick guides that we see, are not meant to make you Jeff Bezos, they are made to reach you at most a few million dollars. The goal of Get Rich quick guides is to make you reach a good number at the fastest possible way. You go fast really fast.

And the speed at which this portion progresses is faster than the speed at which any other quadrant can progress. And it’s a beautiful thing.These are the people who are bound by the high walls of status quo, they do not want any change they don’t think differently

Definite Thinkers in them, is common amongst a majority of people. For example, many people have the goal “being rich”. For the same they select the game Definite Thinker Finite Player, because they want to get a particular Amount of money, probably a hundred thousand dollar, and they want it quick.

But if we tweak the goal to “earn a lot of money” the goal becomes a part of Definite Thinker Infinite Player. We need to be crystal care with what our goal is. A sight change in goal could change the Quadrant in which you belong.

These people are safe players and they don’t bet big in fact they would remain satisfied with whatever they want. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you are Definite Thinker Finite Player if your goal is to remain average and be mediocre throughout your life.

If you want to live a normal peaceful life then it is for you, but being a Definite Thinker Finite player, you are bound to be doing the work that millions of other people also do.

We as a Definite Thinker Finite Player, we can take it as the effort/performance ratio. The minor efforts can bring a major change in your progress in goal, when you are at the initial stages. But as you grow, a major effort brings really minor step forward. The initial stages is where Definite Thinkers Finite Players belong.

They take out, maximum output from least possible efforts. They don’t work for perfection, they work for maximum output from minimum input, it is a quite eminent industrial attitude, where they want machines in industry to produce maximum goods in minimum time.

I talked earlier Definite Thinker Finite Players are important, for all other Game Quadrants too, this is because they are fast. Other Quadrants are slow. So when people from other 3 quadrants get unnecessary things to do, they try to do it with the same speed, they do it with much more perfection, but it takes away a lot of time, bandwidth, and energy from you.

Life is too short to do everything perfectly, you can be just average with everything and be great at one thing. For which the most important tool is Definite Thinker Finite Player, because they are fast. And that’s the reason why we discuss it at first. Because it is the most important thing. All people with primary goal lying in any of the 4 Game Quadrants, need to have a little bit of Definite Thinking Finite Playing, in order to compensate for comparatively lower speed in primary goal.

Definite Thinker Infinite Player

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player, is someone who does the same thing over and over again. He is considered to be mister consistent. In office you find such guys who work all day Long. You must have seen some sincere hardworking guys who are at the same job profile for many years.

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player, never gets bored. They find there goal and they do it till Infinite time. These are the people like monks. Monks have the goal to attain peace and live in the present. They do it for Infinite Time. These people put their entire life meditating and remaining in peace.

They are Infinite Players, and surely they are because once people turn monks, or pandits, they try to spend their entire life doing the works of monk.

They are Definite Thinkers. They do what is written in the creations, or is in the rules. Breaking the rules or bending them in their favor is not their goal.

And the Definite Thinkers Infinite Players, are really trustworthy. These people are really consistent, the fact that they are Definite Thinker means that they do not experiment and Don’t take risks, and surely follow the rules.

Infinite Players, try to run the race for longer period of times. And for it they wisely manage their resources. The managed resources are used efficiently, therefore they have a high success rate, and they try to run for the furthest distance.

And what they say is that god will give reward them at that time. They are infinite players, and they will do hard work till infinity, but they are doing the same thing over and over again. You can’t get different results from doing the same thing over and over again. They very well know it.

These people are not creative, but they are very hard working. This is mainly because they have infinitely big goal and they don’t want to waste time. They work really fast too.

There definite thinking is in there mindset. They want to change the world, these are the people who hear an idea, and then follow it by heart. I don’t have a reason, but I have found these type of people to be really sincere and punctual, in my opinion they are really good listener also, because they never try to be creative and they just go buy the lines.

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player, is really consistent, you can trust him on his work, he is hardworking and sincere. Such people are really trustworthy, and in office, the boss gives the most important work to this guy..

A Definite Thinker, always plays by the rules, and will never try to go off track, and therefore he plays it really safe, if a genuinely Infinite Player, who will work hard till infinite time, then this person in sure to get a good track record and high success rate.

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player is really stable in my opinion they keep a lot of simplicity. Their goal is to achieve maximum output and put maximum efforts in the bounds of safe rules, and secure procedures.

Till here we discussed the left side of game quadrant. Any person with a desire to achieve his or her goal is really hardworking, and a Definite Thinker who is Finite Player targets speed. He wants to reach the furthest distance that can be traveled by the least amount of time.

A Definite Thinker who is an Infinite Player, targets to cover the largest distance that can be traveled safely or in the bounds of rules. The problem is that they play it too safe. And without taking risks you can’t change the world.

Even the most successful people on the left didn’t bring a radical shift in the world. The goal of the left side is to be surrounded with high walls of security, and then try to achieve their goals. A Finite Player tries to go fast, and Infinite Player in the Left side of the golden quadrant tries to go the furthest distance without taking much risks

They wish to achieve maximum by using the rules, and the procedures that have been documented and existing procedures and techniques. The left side of the game quadrant has a high success rate, and they have a safe life.

Each and every goal has some or the other level of risk, but when I say that the left side of the Game quadrant is safe, the safe is in comparison to the life of a player on the right side of the Game Quadrant.

Right Side Of the Game Quadrant

So here we come to the right side of the Game Quadrant. The right quadrant is much more interesting and much more fun. A majority of the population belongs to the left side of the Game Quadrant and the uniqueness of the Right Side of the game quadrant, and that makes it much more challenging and interesting.

The right side as obvious has Indefinite Thinkers within them. The Indefinite Thinkers are the creative souls. And they are unique within themselves

The Indefinite Thinker and Finite Player

Indefinite Thinker and Finite Players. Personally I feel that they are the unluckiest of the bunch. They have the talent, the creativity, the hard work and smart work. But the only thing is that they have not selected the right type of goal. They just with slight adjustment can do wonders.

The Indefinite Thinkers have the creative part of their brain really dominant. An Indefinite Thinker will have the goal to be creative, these people are usually artists.

This is a group of people who have great thoughts, but the lack of willingness to convert them into something relevant. Before I discovered the concept of Indefinite Thinking, I had an unanswered question in my mind, “Why do one-hit-wonders happen?”

These are some film stars, singers, musicians and sportsmen, who get success very quickly and then they fade out even quickly. I used to wonder why does this happen. Do they lack talent ? Is there anything wrong with them? Is it a conspiracy?

Later I researched, discovered, and conceptualized Indefinite Thinking, in most of the cases the answer I found apt was that they are really talented people. But it’s like giving a sword to a kid, it’s improbable that he will be able to use and utilize it in an effective manner. And we rather fear that the child may harm itself with the sword.

Same is the case with those one hit wonders they would be immensely talented and that’s why they grew high, but then they are not very good players, in the computer and the game, they lacked the capability to survive.

An Indefinite Thinker is a person who thinks out of the box and is creative, artists are really creative. They can make anything from a sunset scene to a simple mountain, literally anything, it’s just there thought process, was far more amazing.

Every other painter must have drawn a sunset scene but the drawing of each artist differs from another artist. Artists do already existing things but each artist did it in different ways.

They mostly are finite players. Once a poet writes the creation, he never writes a Version 2.0 of the poem. He can write till infinity but he more often than not will not work on the same thing till Infinity.

They make creative work, and they are usually finite players. An Infinite goal can be to make great paintings throughout your life. But a finite goal can be to make one good painting. An Indefinite Thinker Finite Player makes really amazing pieces of arts. The things they create can be astonishingly amazing.

The work that they create is trendsetter, and the world admires their artwork. They make one big hit, and they put their full heart and soul. And they get good responses from the public.

But their success is short lived, they are never remembered for making the most number of wonderful paintings. They just make one or two paintings. Because they only want short lived success, and that may seem weird to you, but it’s true. There exist people who follow this approach.

In fact we discussed one such story in this creation itself. Remember in Part 2 of this creation, I narrated the story about how I was supposed to speak at an event and praise about my company. There I had told you that the speech I gave to company was something finite. My infinite goal was to be a successful employee, but my finite goal which I termed as a “milestone” was a finite goal.

It required lots of creativity and Indefinite Thinking. A Finite Goal (getting the contract) was achieved by Indefinite Thinking. I left an impression in my speech. And I achieved my goal very well. Never did I again have the opportunity to speak again at such an event. And never was I remembered as a wonderful orator, but my goal was surely achieved.

When you try to accomplish something which is just for a one time gain, you play an Indefinite Thinker Finite Player. My goal was never to be good at speech. All that mattered to me was that I needed one good speech. Just one good speech that can make a significant impact for my whole company. And once I did it, I never wanted more.

Here is a side note, remember, I said that the reason why Infinite Player is more powerful than Finite Player is greed. When Finite Player achieves something he is happy for a year, and then again gets greedy and wants more. An Infinite Player wants infinite, and he keeps working for infinite time. The constantly slowing down of a Finite Player when he seems to be approaching his goal makes him lag in the actual race. If a Finite Player can work without greed, then finite goal is again very amazing.

When I gave that speech, I wanted to make an impact for just one time, and I never got greedy once I achieved my success. As a result I was very Successful in my mission, and the achievement of this Finite Goal fueled my Infinite Goal of Being a better employee. And because my greed to achieve became non existent when once I had achieved my finite goal.

And the greed is the reason why I sympathise with Indefinite Thinker Finite Player is because they have everything to be an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. But they are not aware of this concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player and as a result they chose a bit wrongly organized goals. They have everything to reach a higher orbit, and a higher level of success, it’s just that they need to change perspective and become an Infinite Player.

No doubt an Indefinite Thinker Finite Player is good, and in the right situations it can be awesome, people who want to leave the game once they achieve the goal can truly play it. But if you have big ambitions, then it’s not wise to be an Indefinite Thinker Finite Player in absolute terms, you need to be an Infinite Player of any one form in complement to it.

A Definite Thinker Finite Player too can be harmed from greed. But remember a Definite Thinker Finite Player never tries to make one of the greatest things ever. They put all their resources, and they don’t have the desire to go forward. And they have to start again if they have more to accomplish, but for an Indefinite Thinker Finite Player, they have the resources, they still have the technique the ideas and the experience which is invaluable. They have the capability to go forward yet they won’t go forward until they take support of any type of Infinite Player. And being an Infinite Player obviously gives you more power and success.

Ok, I agree that it’s not a compulsion for an artist to be an Indefinite Thinker and Infinite Player, I personally consider myself Indefinite Thinker, and as an Indefinite Thinker I know it’s surely possible, for an artist to be infinite player. Anything is possible, but lately I have found artists and writers and people with similar work to be Indefinite Thinker and finite player.

Take this creation for example. I already to write the creation as perfectly as possible. And it’s improbable that there would be any major changes, there would be revised editions, may be we change the cover of creation etc. but by the time you are reading this, it has become finite, and now we are probably working on something else, and this creation will keep completing it’s motive of motivating people, becoming an eye opener for the general public and then, helping everyone becoming Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

So let’s get onto the last one of the Game Quadrant, you can. Guess it, it’s at the bottom right of the Game Quadrant, it’s the Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. The Indefinite Thinker, is really powerful, these are the high risk high reward people. They are really creative they do a lot of experimenting, and most importantly they move the human race forward.

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is the slowest amongst all. But the success and the fame that it achieves is beyond the reach of any of the other 3 Quadrants. It needs strong determination, hard work, and the necessary mindset.

An Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, has the goal to cover maximum distance in fact infinite distance. The initial portion is usually easy, but as you progress into the journey of infinite distance, you shall be greeted by many hiccups and hurdles, which only an Indefinite Thinker cans solve.

The Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player requires lots of courage to play, it has lots of errors, and lots of failures. But at the end it’s the Indefinite Thinkers who have their works echo in the ears of people years after they go.

The never settling attitude of Indefinite Thinker makes all the difference. The never settle. I talked about how I gave a speech at an event to represent my company. Other people were Definite Thinker Definite Players, and they did what they could have done at the fastest pace, whereas

Just go back a few pages and read the story of monk. In the Definite Thinker Infinite Player we had discussed it. We may have wondered that there exist some spiritual people/monks/religious people, who even changed our society. So what are they, they are Indefinite Thinkers And Infinite Players. The people who thought creative and challenged the status quo.

Always remember that the Game Quadrant to which a person belongs can never be defined in absolute terms. The existence any quadrant of a person can be defined with respect to the nature of the goal and with problem solving attitude that the person possess towards the goal.

A Spiritual person with the help of existence of willingness to change customs and traditions, becomes an Indefinite Thinker, but without it the person remains definite thinker.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference

  • Excerpt from poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Game Quadrant and Work

The Game Quadrant is the soul of the concept Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. And as far as I am concerned, I believe it to be a fundamental principle of humanity. It has explained human behavior, it explains setting up of different goals, it represents the mindset of person, and it talks about why some people always lag and others always lead in the game. It is extremely powerful.

The Game Quadrant explains what’s wrong with our society and education system also. I shall explain that now

Our Society

We discussed a Definite Thinker Finite Player, and we discussed Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. Our schools want us to get good grades in all the subjects and essentially be a all-rounder. But then our parents dream us to be the greatest scientist. In fact we dream of Einstein and Newton.

These great scientists were Indefinite Thinkers and Infinite Players. And the level of success that an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player achieves is far bigger than the success received by member of any of the other 3 quadrants.

In school we never go to the so called “level” of those scientists, because we try to be Definite Thinker Finite Player. And as a Definite Thinker Finite Player our goal is to go fast not far. We study, science discoveries and inventions which can be done at high speed.

If you want to achieve enormous success, then It’s okay, in fact it’s perfectly fine to be mediocre or average performer in a million things, but all that matters is that you need to be amazingly great in one thing, you need to travel the Infinite distance for just one thing.

Again remember that if your goal is to just go fast and you are not attracted by the success of those scientists then the current education system is fine, but if we want to change the world and achieve massive success then we definitely need to focus on one big thing. A major population of the world, dreams the success of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, and still plays on the lines of Definite Thinker Finite Player, which is not possible.

Our education system was probably made by some Definite Thinkers and as a result they present the game of education and knowledge also, with the perspective of Definite Thinker and Finite Player.

The Game Quadrant is representative of the manner in which someone proceeds towards its goal and it’s independent of what the goal actually is.

Take this for example, I told that a Definite Thinker Finite Player is the fastest. This means he wants to achieve his goal really fast, being fast is not his goal, in fact it’s the way he approaches the goal. And in contrast an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player can be called slow, but slow is the way they approach their goal, not the actual goal.

Amazon is a global e-commerce business. And the fact that when they started their idea was called stupid and they wanted to run this brand till infinite means that they are Indefinite Thinkers Infinite Players. As is there quadrant they will approach their goal slowly. But what is their goal? More specifically what is their infinite goal.

Their infinite goal is to provide the widest range of options to customers, and to have fast delivery. There infinite goal has the speed factor in it. There infinite goal can be to have the fastest deliveries.

 But the way they approach their goal of “fastest deliveries” is by slowly improving their systems, infrastructure and logistics to perfection. The process of achieving their infinite goal of fast deliveries is a really slow process, and as we move towards an infinite goal things obviously slow down.

To be amazingly fast can be an Infinite goal, but the journey to reach the infinite goal is very slow, with gradual improvements, and slow progress as we approach the goal. This example explains that the Game Quadrant only explains the way the person approaches the goal.

Smart and Hard Work is something that you hear from every other person. They say don’t work hard work smart. Well I totally agree. Even a donkey works hard, but a Donkey can’t be a CEO of a company.

But it was not until I started writing this creation, that I realized that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, also includes Hard Work and Smart Work. An Indefinite Thinker is a Smart Worker, and An Infinite Player is a Hard Worker.

When people say you need to do smart work, what they mean is that they want you to use mind perfectly, so that they can find the solution to any problem. Or you can become more productive, and become efficient.

Right, so that’s what the Indefinite Thinker is, he thinks Indefinite and finds the solution to a problem, that connects the maximum number of dots possible. The idea of Smart Work, tells us what to do, they tell us to think of good and innovative solutions to problems, but it doesn’t tell you how to do smart work. It gives you the goal but it doesn’t give you the trick.

But the Indefinite Thinking gives you the trick. Indefinite Thinking asks you to find everything that is unlimited, that is not governed by rules and then work to leverage it in the best possible way. Indefinite Thinking wants you to find the solution that connects the maximum number of dots and therefore is the best solution.

Similarly people ask their employees their kids and every other non performing player to do the hard work. Hard Work is an infinite game, hard work, means doing all efforts to achieve your goal. People assume that there was a lack of hard work that kept one short of achieving his goal.

Now think what is infinite player, Infinite Player does all efforts to achieve his goal. He tries to achieve his infinite goal, by making all possible efforts. An Infinite player, is by nature inquisitive, and he is desperate to cover new milestones.

I admit that the idea of smart work and hard work is a really wonderful idea. But during my job, when my bosses asked me to do hard work and smart work, I used to agree with their words, but I was always clueless about how to apply it. It was a good idea with no direct description of how to implement it.

In a neutral way I shall say and propagate the fact that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, explains a lot more, and it if thought carefully very well explains the ‘How’ to do Smart Work and Hard Work.

My opinion is that may be the phase “Hard Work” is self explanatory but, the phrase “Smart Work” is not self explanatory, the characteristic of Smart Work is not common in the world, and “Hard Work” is relatively more commonly used word and therefore we understand it. Therefore I Feel that the Smart Work, term should be very well associated with Indefinite Thinker, so that people can better understand it, and implement it easily.

A Smart Working person, is street smart. And he finds unconventional solutions to problems. And how do these people think so differently and so out of the box. The answer is experience. If you are having trouble managing your money, just make someone who is good at managing money your good friend.

A smart working person has got a lot of experience and therefore many a times, he knows how to solve a problem just by the experience of others. They find a guy who as already solved a similar problem and then follow his work.

When I say this, I must tell that if your goal is infinite, which it should definitely be, then obviously it’s impossible to find a person who has achieved the infinite goal. In that case you will try to find a person who has achieved a portion of your goal. For example, if your business is about selling creations, and you face trouble, because many people cancel orders due to slow delivery.

I don’t care what your infinite goal actually is. But in this case, I am bothered about a problem or a milestone. Then you should find a guy who has done the same thing. For example, an UberEats, delivery person, will tell you about the infrastructure they developed so that the delivery guy quickly can deliver it. And if you sell products far off, then an Amazon Delivery Warehouse guy, can give you a lot of advice.

The point is, that the fast delivery is just one aspect of your large mission, and infinite goal. But for an Amazon guy, fast delivery and easy accessibility of products to consumers is their main goal. Therefore they will have ridiculously more experience.

If you find another person in the exact same business and same goal (basically a competitor) ahead of you then, it’s a threat, it means your goal was not big enough. You need to think about your goal. And if you start to take advice from them, you will become there followers and they will simply continue to be the leader of the game.

Beware, that you should always monitor your competitor, but never settle to follow their business tactics, strategies and techniques. The goal is to be better than your competitor not just similar or equal to your competitor. By following your competitors tactics you will be just equal to them and not better than them. If you take inspiration from industry that is has the solution to your problem as their main infinite goal (fast delivery in this case), then take inspiration from them. (Don’t exactly copy). This is how you do Smart Work and how An Indefinite Thinker is a Smart Worker.

Hard Work is the other aspect of this creation. Hard Work is basically putting your heart and soul, to face the problem and then find the solution.

Hard Work, is when every ounce of your body says you to take rest, but you keep working. Not because your boss will kick you out, but because you are too inclined towards your goal.

A Hard Working person is passionate, he devotes himself to goal. In hard times, he will put all efforts, to move to his goal. He will be on a hunt for all times.

The Indefinite Game gives You Perspective

Indefinite Game is all about getting the right perspective. A problem that seems difficult and too complicated from one perspective, can seem really simple from another perspective.

The Indefinite Game, has always been about finding perspective, and how do you find the perspective, is by simply finding loopholes that you can leverage into your favor.

Indefinite Game gives you perspective, it helps you think in different ways, and varied contrasting opinions. Many a times the problems just feel big, because we assumed that the problem actually exists.

Whenever I land up in a situation requiring me to find a good solution, I start with simply facts. I broil down the full situation, to some basic facts that are always true, and are improbable to change over time.

The perspective, can be thought about from a simple example. Take a hypothetical situation, where I promise you to pay $1 Million, if you jump from an aeroplane without a parachute or any support. And you have to survive it.

You may plan to use some diving techniques etc. But as I said, the first step is to boil down the things to the core facts. The necessary factors are that we need to jump from an aeroplane, second is to survive the crash.

But is there any limit on speed of aeroplane. Don’t read further, maybe you can guess the answer. Like speed even the height of the plane is not set. What if the plane is on ground? I never said that the plane is flying.

You thought the plane is flying. And in fact this common riddle made you think the plane is flying. When the question stated that there was no parachute, and you had to survive it, it gave a feeling that the lane was flying. Whereas it was just a distraction.

Had I just said you had to jump from the plane, it might have taken your thoughts in that direction, but a parachute made you have a wrong Perspective.

Broil down the things to the very basic facts, and then see what is the thing that you can leverage. In this case it was height. A plane while grounded is probably as tall as a home. And you at most can get a minor injury in such cases.

It’s all in the mind. Things that seem difficult from one perspective are super easy from another perspective. Now take the below example. This you can apply in real life to save money.

This is a really common thing seen in Cinemas. They use it to take more money out of you.

 I will take a simple experiment. In a cinema there are 2 sizes of popcorn, large and small, large costs $4, small costs $1.5, what would you buy for yourself? Obviously you just need popcorn for taste, and you will be willing to save money therefore opt for a $1.5 popcorn. The small has 400 grams while large has 600 grams

Now in the experiment, they just did a small addition. They added another size of popcorn, this time a medium size. A medium size Popcorn will definitely give variety to consumers. And therefore it is a good thing.

But what they do is change perspective. They change perspective, they now sell the large for $4.20, medium for $3.5 and small for $1.50. And please note, that the actual size and quantity of popcorn is same in small and large popcorn.

The small here has 400 gram, medium 500 gram and large has 600 gram. But they overprice the medium one.

If on the counter you see this, it is obvious to you, that the quantity difference between small and medium popcorn is same as quantity difference between medium and large popcorn. Doing simple maths. You see that the extra you get in medium size costs you extra $2.0, but getting more extra for large costs just extra $0.7.

If you buy medium you get an extra 100 gram for $2.0, but you can get 200 gram extra compared to small by paying $2.7

Therefore it seems a wise decision, to buy a large popcorn, paying a little extra over the medium popcorn gives you a lot more quantity. Therefore the cost to performance ratio says that it is wise yo buy large popcorn.

What you should see is that the large popcorn in both the case is the exact same, but simply changing the perspective, by adding a medium popcorn makes you feel that you can get a lot more with just $0.7, whereas in the first case to get extra you needed extra $2.5, the quantity of extra varies. But paying $0.7 for extra seems a wise decision but $2.5 doesn’t seem wise.

That’s the beauty of change of perspective. By simply overpricing the medium popcorn, they make you feel that the large popcorn is a better deal. The beauty of Indefinite Thinking, can get you to have more sales easily.

The perspective seems to be really powerful. People who see the world from different perspectives have the power to change the world.

Part 5

The Zero Thinkers And Wanderers

The Zero Thinkers

Earlier we discussed that we need to find our Goal, after that:

  • You goals can be achieved by Finite And Infinite Goals
  • Your Finite and Infinite goals Can be achieved by Indefinite Thinking
  • Indefinite Thinking can be achieved by Changing perspective, connecting the dots, and Reality Distortion Field

But how do we find our goals, and more specifically Infinite goals? Also, what should we do, if we are failing to think Indefinitely

A child is never taught the physics behind how to stand and how not to fall. In the early days, he has a lot of tries and a lot of effort. He learns it on his own. He falls, he fails, he gets some wounds but ultimately he learns. He is a Zero Thinker.

Calling a child a Thinker is a little too abstract, but he is willing to do experiments. He has a self desire to achieve the ability to walk like his parents and other people whom he saw. He experiment, and tries everything he can to reach his goal.

Just By these experiments and in depth observations of the world, the kid develops his taste, his likes and dislikes.

This time period is the Zero thinking time period. The result of a Zero thought process is that as he would grow older and reach teen age, he will start to form opinions, he will start making his choices and as he starts making decisions.

A Zero Thinker is amazing. Many artists said that they “never let the child in them die”.

What’s it ? What’s so good about kids? The answer is that they are Zero thinkers. A Zero Thinker, as it suggests is a person who thinks less. As we grow older we are trained to be like everyone else, we are taught lots of rules, we are asked to follow the status quo.

We become Definite and Indefinite thinkers to achieve the goals. We use them as a method to overcome hurdles stay focused and achieve whatever we want. A thinker’s job is to find solutions, and get answers to questions.

Whereas Zero Thinking is about finding the question itself. It is about finding your goal and finding your passion, finding your desires. It’s a really creative process, you need to explore the world to find what you love.

And from love I mean true love, a work that you can continue for many many years. I admit, and I totally agree that many a times the life comes up with many kinds of turmoil. But still you need to find a work that you not just love to do, but you also, have a goal.

All great moments, great companies, great people had one thing in common, that is passion to bring change in the world. It’s the passion that matters. We need to find a right goal and be passionate to achieve it.

A Zero Thinker is like a kid, he needs to explore the world and learn new things. Reason? No reason, just explore the world aimlessly. Like a love for some significant other, you can’t force yourself to be in love.

Love is natural, you never know where, when, and how you find the journey you love. When you find some work you love, you keep doing it for the next few months, to be sure that you truly love your work.

Once you find your work, then you need a goal. Most of the revolutions that the society ever saw were started by people who had 2 things in common: first, they loved what they did, that is they loved the journey, and secondly they found something that our society as doing wrong, and they set a goal to fix it.

Martin Luther King loved social service and had a goal to get equal rights for the blacks. Everyone was doing wrong by having disparity between whites and blacks. Martin Luther King started a mass civil rights movement.

Steve Jobs saw the phones of 2003, and realized they were clunky, and they just have a definite number of buttons, the buttons wasted a lot of areas, and they still did not give full feature rich experience, every app needed a some interface elements that are unique to it.

Henry Ford is best recognized for his work in making cars reliable and affordable to the general public. He was one of the most successful businessmen of his time, and he brought a massive paradigm shift in the automotive industry.

I don’t have any knowledge about how he got the idea of correct recipe to make cars affordable, but I wish to narrate a story from his early life, where it can surely be seen, how much he could explore the things. He found opportunities to explore and experiment when no one else imagined.

At an early age, Henry’s girlfriend gave him a small pocket watch. Now, most of us would hug our girlfriend and be happy with the gift.

But Henry Ford was different. Rather than actually using the pocket watch to check the time, he found it much more interesting and fascinating, as a constant explorer he immediately took it apart and then put it back together. He did it all to understand the engineering wonders that went into it’s making and therefore explored and learn new things.

Back in the day, many people had a pocket watch and these pocket watches would often break. Henry was so fascinated by the way these pocket watches were made, he offered the people around him to fix their pocket watches. This allowed him to experiment with all the different types of watches. Now surely the income was never too much, and neither did he wish to open a repair shop, he just wanted to learn and gain experience.

By being able to check so many different pocket watches, he quickly learnt how the insides worked and what made all of these watches different. He was truly fascinated by the inner workings and was putting time into fixing other people’s pocket watches every single day.

This allowed him to improve every single day. He was able to learn new techniques by these watchmakers, allowing him to fix the most complicated watches. When later we head into Wanderers, we will see that how experience matters, and even if it is not necessary to be a Zero Thinker, but wandering involves portion of zero thinking too.

Eventually, this habit led to him being extremely familiar with mechanical parts – something that is also important when it comes to cars. He gained experience as a Zero Thinker, which was of immense value, and later when he becomes a player, and as any player wants to stay ahead in the game, his experience must have helped him a lot.

It’s a great lesson to all of us: by making it a habit to experiment every single day. He loved technology and loved the journey of technology and had a goal to bring a paradigm shift in smartphones. This creation throughout talked about players and thinkers, and while it may seem from here that Zero Thinking is more important than any of the 2, that’s not the case.

The utility and the necessity to use zero thinking only arises when you don’t know what you live. When you are yet to find the journey or the road that you love then you need to become a Zero Thinker. Many fortunate ones, including me, found the thing they loved by accident or by sheer coincidence, if such people are sure that they really love what they do, then it’s better to take action and start moving towards goal by being a part of Game Quadrant.

If you are still to find what you live then you need to become a Zero Thinker. As a Zero Thinker you need to think aimlessly, observe everything that happens, try every work, every activity that you find, try doing writing, try public speaking, try programming, try drawing, try painting.

As a human you must have some own choices and set of things that you love and hate, if you already have some things in mind, then start with them. Let’s take for example, that a friend comes home for dinner, they discuss a topic, make some points and speak for 5 minutes. Irrespective of winning or losing just observe that you enjoyed or not. If you didn’t enjoy try something else. But if you enjoyed start narrowing down, and start experimenting with these, get more selective and narrow, public speaking further has dozens of things like debates, motivational speaking, speeches, long form speeches, podcasts like speaking etc.

Similarly if you enjoyed writing a small software program, then slowly explore different languages find the programming language you love, and then start exploring it in depth.

And everything is easy in the beginning, things get harder as we move up. Therefore find what you would like to do also. First step is to become a Zero Thinker, and find the things that you love.

Once you start to narrow down the list of what you live then you find a goal in that field. Remember that your goal decides what you do, so you need to have a clear goal. We do Zero Thinking to find what we love, and then the goal in that field. Once you have a goal you need to work hard to achieve it. I admit that it is surely possible to select a goal without loving the journey, but the only problem in that case would be that you would never be an Infinite Player, because you need to truly love what you do if you want to continue with a thing for an entire life.

Explore the world, if the thing at which you land at the end is not the one that you truly love you are gonna waste a lot of time repenting and feeling bad.

Ever seen the people after break up or after losing their job or after being cheated financially saying “I don’t know what happened with my life”, these people are directionless. These people don’t have something they love and they don’t even have the life goal. Or if they ever had a life goal and a journey they loved they have now lost it.

My grandfather was in the army, he loved serving his nation, and it was his goal to work with full dedication and reach high in the army. For many years it went fine, but then he got old and he had to take retirement. It was inevitable change and after services multiple decades in the army, he had lost his loved journey and loved goal.

The initial excitement of being free, and using the money he saved entire life for travelling and enjoying was soon met with emptiness. Having to roam aimlessly and have nothing to do, soon became frustrating for him. The old age people get sad and get depressed because they have nothing to do, and have no aim once they are out of job.

Some of them either learn to live like that in emptiness, and others find activities to do. They either find activities like community events, others find interest in probably politics. In modern day word we have the blessing of internet and that helps them become spectator. Remember in start of this we said that a portion of this world is spectator, a person who just watches other people playing the game

These people also become aimless, at one point and as a result they again need to do zero thinking in their own interests and find something they can still do and they still love. Some go to their kids, some find people of there age and spend full day together, and others find many different activities.

The only motive of zero Thinker is to think and find a goal that truly excites him, that truly makes him work for it.

How do you become a Zero Thinker and when is it necessary to be a Zero Thinker. Try watching cartoons someday, enjoyment and fulfillment doesn’t come from money you just need to find some fun things. Do exploration, discover the world, discover yourself.

A Zero Thinker, is not usually a part of a game, a Zero thinker’s job is just to think and explore the world, he is not a part of the game with respect to The Zero thought process. He can be in many other games, but he a Zero thinker does not play any game.

A Zero Thinker is a constant explorer, they never hunt for solutions. They just find new things. Their goal is never to achieve more, they enjoy the journey.

If you wonder why I didn’t include the Zero Thinker, when earlier we discussed about the Definite and The Indefinite Thinker. Your doubt is legit, but there exists a simple reason for it. That is because Zero Thinking is never compulsory if someone already has a goal then by no means he needs to be a Zero Thinker, the step of Zero Thinking skips if you already know what your goal is and what you live to do.

Whereas in the case of Definite and Indefinite Thinker AND Finite and Infinite Player, you start doing them once you have set the goal, you are a part of any one of the 4 sides of Game Quadrant, because that’s how our world works.

KFC the famous food chain, started by Colonel Sanders at a really late age. He was a zero thinker, he at the age of 62 years found a wonderful recipe for fried chicken. For many people age 62, is so called old age and people retire. But this person found an amazing recipe he loved and therefore he set up the goal to popularise his recipe and share it with the world.

He found his love at a really late age. He found a way to fry chicken using less oil, in America, due to oil crisis, oil became expensive, his approach became easy way to efficiently cook tasty and cost efficient chicken.

The love for his work and the goal to accomplish both arrived to him at a really late age, and when they arrived he gave the world the second most popular fast-food chain, KFC after McDonalds, and his success is the only result of a conscious or subconscious Zero thinking, that the wonderful recipe he discovered that too at a very right time when the oil became expensive, leading to competitors increasing rates and customers searching for alternatives.

It’s one of the greatest things, humanity has seen it many times, zero Thinking is a simple and necessary thing yet it is undesirable by many, and Zero Thinking is inevitable when you need to bring change in society and move the human race forward.

People with the strong desire and undying spirit towards a goal, are really powerful and they bring a lot of success and fame in the world.

The Wanderer

Wanderer is a person who has a goal but is unable to reach the goal. These people are unable to think Indefinitely and as a result they need to change their tactics. Like Zero Thinkers, the Wandering is also simple concept, anyone can do it, yet it needs a whole lot of courage and power to be a Wanderer, but Wandering is the sure shot solution to use when nothing works in life, because sooner or later wandering gives you the right solution.

A kid, does lots of exploration, no one teaches that he should trust his parents. It’s just that over time he sees the same people helping him, and therefore he builds trust. Similarly a kid wants to do a lot of exploration, his exploration paves the way for him discovering new things. He is very much inquisitive. And he is always wandering, and discovering the things he doesn’t know.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Wandering and zero thinking are alike but not the same. Wandering happens to reach your goal, while Zero Thinking helps you find the goal. Zero Thinking helps you find the journey that you would love, while Wandering helps you reach that journey

Like kids great artists and poets and great writers wander. They wander in thought process, they wander in nature they wander in parallel space. They have their goal to have artistic works and beautiful poems/writings etc. In order to get the right line to write or give shape to the right story, they need ideas, and whenever they  had trouble they needed to be wandering.

While I was writing this creation, whenever I found it difficult to make a sentence for perfect explanation, I would just go to another room, or I would take a break, go for a walk or probably just distract myself. And after some time, I would have gotten a Eureka Moment, and would get whatever I want. Our subconscious mind has solutions to half of our problems in my opinion, but we can never get the juice out of our subconscious mind directly, we need to be wandering in our thoughts.

When you head towards your goal, and specifically head towards your infinite goal, you will be hit by many obstacles and many problems that were never seen before by anyone else. In case such situation comes you need to have the Indefinite Thinker’s attitude. An attitude where you find the opportunities which no one ever found. But when you fail to find solution as an indefinite thinker, you need to become a wanderer so that you can find the missing opportunity and then proceed towards your infinite goal.

Shower thoughts are the same, you are having shower and you get in a relaxed state where you don’t think.

And the best way to that is be a Zero Thinker. We discussed Zero thinker, explore the world, do new things do experiment, and explore the world doesn’t mean go for hunting in jungles, it’s just keep trying some new things, try cooking someday, try going office from different route, try learning a new language.

The reason why Definite and Indefinite Thinking exists is to help find solutions. Definite Thinking helps you achieve your goals by doing whatever is already told and documented. Whereas Indefinite Thinking talks about the creative process of solving the problem by finding undiscovered solutions and possibilities.

Our intention when we talk about Definite and Indefinite Thinking is always to find the solution to the problem. Where as a Zero Thinker, has a Zero goal.

A Zero Thinker never tries to find the goal or the solution to the problem, his goal is to just explore the problem.

We should remember that every milestone, that we want to achieve in our journey of Infinite Goal, can be achieved. Someone somewhere in this big world, knows the solution to your problem, a Zero Thinker will simply keep exploring. He explores not with the intent to find the solution, he explores just because he has the desire to explore.

And in the process of constant exploration, he finds someone already has the trick to do it.  Every milestone can be accomplished, because milestones are finite goals. What makes a goal infinite, is the fact that the number of milestones are infinite.

Someone knows how to achieve that one milestone, that you are yet to achieve, a Zero thinker, with his attitude will find it by coincidence or accident.

A Zero Thinker puts Zero effort to find the solution to the problem. He just explores the problem. A kid just explores the capability of his legs and starts to explore.

Artists and researches very well kept the kid in them alive, more often than not, kids are zero thinkers, they never truly have a goal, at a young age, they don’t even know what the problem actually is? They simply explore the world, and discover new things, make any realizations and interpretations.

When a painter makes a painting, no one tells him, the recipe for the most beautiful piece of art, not there exists any guide to help you

In this whole creation, we have read the fact that one of the most important things is finding a passion, and then setting up an infinite goal. And then finally working like an Infinite Player to reach amazing heights. In this process we use Indefinite Thinking to solve problems.

But there is another world that exists, the world of wandering souls. And no, wandering souls doesn’t mean that we are talking about ghosts. Wandering souls are people who are mature Zero Thinkers. Remember we talked about Zero Thinkers, these are the people who do experiments and run new errands.

Wandering tells us that when you are unable to find a solution for any problem, the solution either comes from past experience or it comes from experimenting.

When Henry Ford started to do repairs of watches, he gained experience of working of machinery, he started to understand why some machines broke while others lived longer. His experience of tools must have come handy to him in future during his struggle to make cars more reliable. In the process of figuring out the right setup of machine, when he would have been stuck at any problem, his past experience probably would have kicked in, and made him think in the right direction.

With this example I Learned another wonderfully amazing thing. Even though Zero Thinking is unnecessary to reach the goal, but it’s surely helpful in times. Henry Ford was doing Zero Thinking and exploring to learn new things at the time of pocket watches. We learn that Zero Thinking massively adds up to our experience. And Zero Thinking helps us improve, learn from past mistakes, and get the experience that will help you be a wanderer in time of need, and will give you intuition to select the right option based on earlier experience.

Zero Thinking, makes you learn how to face failures. When you try new things surely failures come your way. When you do Zero Thinking your body learns to face harsh times, and later at a time, when he wanted to be a Wanderer to solve a great problem, the Zero Thinking gave him the courage to take risks as a wanderer. You do Zero Thinking when you have nothing to lose, and as a result you can easily gain a whole lot of courage.

When experience starts to fail, experimenting is the last resort. When Steve Jobs was working at Apple, he set up a goal to make phones better, and make them work in the way so that each app can have his own interface and everything was easy to use and more accessible.

As no one had done it before, they had to find many ground breaking solutions and workarounds for many problems. One of the core problems was how would people navigate and move through the options/ settings, and various other interfaces.

Previous phones had up/down/left/right buttons to do that, and it took a lot of time to reach down if you are scrolling through long lists. . As they were clueless, they decided to do experimenting. So as I interpreted it, they started to wander. There were some people who presented the idea of an iPod like circular scroll wheel at lower half that could be rotated to move down. This idea had a rupe technology and they had already done it in iPod so it seemed a viable solution

Other group proposed the idea of having a laptop like touch screen display. It would work like a laptop’s trackpad, but on a screen. A multi touch display. The problem was that software at that time was such that it needed accuracy upto the level of tip of arrow, and as a result our fingers with wider areas didn’t seem right solution.

There were experiments considered and prototype models were made for the iPhone. Upon testing it was proven that a multi touch display was a far better idea. They took clues from past product and did experiments to find unexpected solutions to the problems. And such solutions made them progress towards their Infinite Goal.

In Zero Thinking the basic goal was to discover new things, but a Wanderer is different. A wander works in a particular field. A wanderer takes risks, and does new experiments and activities in a particular field.

We have great examples for it, with Christopher Columbus went in search of India and discovered America. Had the goal been to discover India, then Christopher Columbus was a failure, he couldn’t do that.

But centuries later we remember him, because he wandered through the world. He was a wanderer, he kept experimenting, he kept trying to discover different places, and somehow ended up in America. They keep doing experiments, and they just wait for one experiment to become successful.

It’s a creative process, they don’t set a particular goal, India was just a milestone, they keep experimenting, and hope for anyone to be successful.

How was the electron discovered, it was again a creative process by some scientists.  William Crooks, The President of The Royal Society, trying to perform an experiment in a discharge tube. His inquisitive mind was really powerful, he like almost all influencers and researchers, and experiments could wander in his thoughts

Back then atom was considered the smallest and fundamental particle. And atom was indivisible, meaning it didn’t have any sub parts.

He like a Zero Thinker, very well used to keep exploring the world. At one point he conducted an experiment, where he took a glass tube with low pressure, and allowed current to flow to 2 metals kept on opposite end. He was caught by surprise to find fluorescence.

He observed fluorescence, and as a result he tried to initially prove that it was a 4th state of matter, fluorescence. Now he needed to prove the things, so he like a wanderer, started doing hit and tries to explain the fluorescence. Zero thinking gave him the goal to find the explanation of the fluorescence produced in the experiment. Fluorescence should indicate existence of charge, but he knew everything in the atom was electrically neutral. He failed to explain them, and as a result he had to start wandering.

After many failed attempts to prove it, when he started wandering, he decided that because he didn’t have any idea, as a result he took support of J.J. Thompson, they experimented and realized that they had discovered a subatomic particle called electron, which had an electric charge.

Amazing discoveries that happen by accident are the cause of a wanderer’s experiments. There are many examples of really successful people, who were performing really bad in their previous jobs.

It’s not they were insincere or incapable. Knowingly or unknowingly they were experimenting, and discovering many things. And soon they found a work such that they realized “oh, wow, I love this work.” And they start doing it.

Wandering never ever meant that you need to be, just stay lying in the bed, and the opportunity will automatically knock on your door. The wandering and Zero Thinking go hand in hand.

You first start start thinking Zero, and begin to do new experiments and a lot of new things. Slowly your mind starts to gain experience, and you get to understand yourself better.

Eventually your mind will start to filter out the things that were good and the things that were not good for you. If as a Zero thinker you enjoyed cooking but hated playing football, then your mind will remember it. Slowly you will again start to do the things that you enjoyed earlier.

I discussed the concept of wanderer and zero Thinker. And it may now start to seem that the whole of what we read till now has gone wrong. Well that’s wrong, Zero Thinker and Wanderer, are 2 different things.

Definite and Indefinite Thinking are subsets of thought process of problem solving, and therefore are related to each other in a really good manner, similarly Finite and Infinite Game, are also related to one another.

But Zero Thinker and Wanderer are 2 different things. Only similarity between them is that they come into play only when required. You become a Zero Thinker and/or a Wanderer only when it is required.

Zero Thinking is sheer exploring the problem, which means that it comes even before you set your infinite goal. And Wanderer is a time period when you have set your infinite goal and you are working towards it, but then become directionless. At a time period when you don’t know what’s the next milestone, or how to go forward.

When you love a activity, and return to do it again and again, you head towards becoming a wanderer. And as you become a wanderer, you start to do what you love. Slowly you discover the pros and cons of your work. Basically you take the feel of work and then you pursue to become a wanderer.

A wanderer is really powerful, it is a slow process. It may happen that for years you have just minor improvements, but as a wanderer you keep doing experiments and keep doing research. And one day you get your break. It’s the same break that happened with Christopher Columbus, and same with Discovery of Electron.

Zero Thinking comes even before goal. In Fact it’s the first step of this whole creation. We discuss it here. We started with the end in mind, and therefore we first discussed finite and infinite game, which was the ultimate motive of this creation. The end result of this creation should be to help you become an infinite player.

Then we talked about Definite and Indefinite Thinking which is the thought process that you need for becoming an infinite player. After that, we discuss Zero Thinking.

Zero Thinking is not meant to help you become an infinite player, neither does it intent to help you become an Indefinite Thinker. It is a time period when you just get to know the world, discover new things. Just try everything you can, every possibility, so that you can find your true passion.

That was the step 1, in your life journey. This Zero thinking gives you the ultimate goal, your goal. And the goal that you find as a result of Zero Thinking is more often than not an infinite goal. An infinite goal, is simply a goal that  

After that, you start moving towards your infinite goal. You develop hard work and Perseverance, and work a lot. It’s a gradual process, and you will begin an infinite player. The simple presence of efforts made to reach your infinite goal makes you infinite player.

On the journey to becoming an infinite player, you will be greeted by many hurdles and many problems that no one shall have known. As a result, you would need to find innovative and creative solutions. These innovative and creative solutions shall be provided by, Indefinite Thinking.

Indefinite Thinking, shall provide you with the solutions, for problems, that were considered impossible. Now it is worth noting that people can find goals for finite goals also. And irrespective of the type of goal that they find, Indefinite Thinking helps in finding solutions to hurdles.

So :

  • Zero thinking helps you find your goals
  • You goals can be achieved by Finite And Infinite Goals
  • Your Finite and Infinite goals Can be achieved by Indefinite Thinking
  • Indefinite Thinking can be achieved by Changing perspective, connecting the dots, and Reality Distortion Field
  • Indefinite Thinking if in trouble can be achieved by Wandering

Have a little more focus at the last point, if you are not able to become an indefinite thinker, then there are many ways to become one, but the, Wandering is the key pin.

When you can’t think of a right solution, you need to be wanderer, you need to experiment and test each and every possible solution. Some people call it the “Method Of Elimination”.

We eliminate the wrong options and at the end we get the right solutions. This happens in situations when you are in deep quagmire, and you don’t know which option is correct, as a result you hit and try.

But then, it shall be remembered, that we need to continuously keep trying Indefinite Thinking. More often than not, as soon as you start to wander, you shall probably start getting a clearer picture of the situation.

You will often find the solution, midway through the wrong option. A hit and try method. Life doesn’t give a second chance. But if you are careful, attentive, and eager to achieve your goal, then life would give you enough time. Only thing is you need to correct yourself as soon as you realize a mistake.

In wandering you make mistakes, and you learn from mistakes. We all make mistakes, in fact if you are trying to be an Indefinite Thinker then you shall surely, make mistakes. There would be instances where you connect the wrong dots together. At times you shall, the wrong dots, or may you connect in wrong manner.

But you must continuously iterate and improve. Wandering is basically finding the solution, by experiments rather than thinking. It’s what Christopher Columbus did, he experimented. By the simple rational thoughts he could have done it, he wandered, I made mistakes and in the end discovered India.

We never discussed Zero Thinking and Wandering in the initial parts of the creation. The reason behind, is simple. In any game, you can be either a Finite Player or an infinite player. And it is necessary for you to be either one of these. Similarly, when we have to find a solution we are either a Definite Thinker or an Indefinite Thinker.

You need to be a player and a thinker in order to become successful or achieve your goals. In Fact being Definite/Indefinite Thinker and being Finite/Infinite Player are necessary conditions for it.

Whereas, it is not necessary to be Zero thinker or a wanderer. Being a Zero Thinker and/or a wanderer are not necessary. Zero Thinking helps you find your goal, but if you already have a goal in mind then please move on, Zero Thinking is unnecessary if you think you already have goal.

Similarly if you are able to think Indefinitely and you have the ability to find opportunities to move closer to your infinite goal, then surely you should be able to skip wandering.

Wandering is good, but it helps situations where you are unable to think indefinitely, you can call wandering as a Plan B, just in case the Plan A of Indefinite Thinking fails.

This heading was titled “Should You Be a Wanderer”, for this very reason. Being a wanderer is a matter of choice. Any person intentionally or unintentionally is either a Definite Thinker or Indefinite Thinker. But being a Zero Thinker or Being a wanderer ia matter of choice.

I told you what a Zero Thinker actually is, and it told you what a wander is. But being a Zero Thinker and Wanderer are decided based on your own intuition.

The Recipe

I have seen people love whatever we talk about this Concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. These notes are to explain whatever happened in creation till here. Many times when people get demotivated, they don’t feel like rewatching my full lectures, or reading this creation and they just want some quick advice.

Infact to be honest we discussed a lot of things like: Finite and Infinite Game, Indefinite and Definite Thinker, infinite Goal, Passion, Loving The Journey, Zero Thinkers, Wanderers, Game Quadrant and many more things. Our busy lives don’t give us enough time to go through this all, as a result this portion summarizes whatever we have learnt yet, so that whenever you feel low, or you feel clueless you can approach here.

I never thought that I would need this portion in my creation, but because of the fact that we began the creation discussing the game rather than goal or passion, I did it because we began with the end in mind, we wanted to make you feel how life would be when you are in an infinite player.

So let’s Start:

Step 1

We have spectators and we have players, spectators sees other people and player wins himself. Life is about dreaming big, finding a goal and putting your heart and soul in achieving it. Life is about moving the human race forward and bringing a change in our society.

Find Yourself a goal and a work you love. You need to find a path or a road that you live, because The People Who Love Journey are the Ones Who Reach the Most Beautiful Destinations. Loving a work is important, in offices we work for money, and we hate it when we have to work an extra hour.

A person who loves his work, will put his heart and soul and work really hard. When you dream to change the world, you will face some cross winds where you will be in immense crisis, where quitting would seem the easier option. A person who loves the journey will fight in these situations and shall refuse to quit, because the desire to continue in the journey would be stronger than the temptation to quit.

How do you find something you love? We’ll find that work that you love doing, the work that you want to keep doing even when the time’s up, playing baseball, for example can be amongst one such thing that you love. Make a list of what all you live doing. It can be anything from most stupid things you can find and some great things.

Once you make list start doing all those activities more often and challenge yourself in each of these activities. You will slowly figure out those 2-3 works which are amongst the journey you love.

When you know what you love you need to find a goal. A goal that you are willing to truly achieve. Life would be too boring if you keep playing baseball with your friends for all your life. You need some goal, some challenge and a mission to achieve.

Find one thing that can make the game better, find one thing that the game misses, find some goal it can be anything, all you need is a goal in that loved work. You need a journey that you love and a destination that you truly want to achieve.

This destination can be becoming a great sports person, bringing up a new product, to solve the problems that the existing products can’t handle, or a social reform to bring a paradigm shift in the society.

Step 2

Step 2, explains how to find your passion or how to find the journey you love, it’s all about Zero Thinker. A Zero Thinker is an aimless person who explores and learns new things.

When logic and careful thinking doesn’t tell you what your passion is? Or what is the journey that you love, then you will find it by sheer coincidence. How will that coincidence happen? By constant exploration.

Try new activities, and find everything that makes you fulfilled, try going to the office from a new route, try watching cartoons, learn a new language, probably play a new sport, cook a dish, probably even try writing a creation, you will slowly start getting ideas. And these ideas will land you to your Passion and your journey.

If Newton can change the world of physics by looking at an apple falling from a tree, or if Archimedes can have the Eureka Moment, by simply being in his bathtub, then even you can.

These things don’t require ample time or money, we need to find them, anything that you are not sure of doing, just do it. Just see which things felt good from heart. Irrespective of winning or losing, profit or loss, find the things that your heart enjoyed.

Our heart is a spoilt kid, in times of trouble, we need our hearts to be strongly asking us to continue making an effort. If we don’t feel like putting effort, then neither will we able to make an effort and we will not be able to motivate others also.

A work that you love, and also a goal that you live shall take you through these hard times. We decided things we like from our mind, for example, we buy the phone we like, we see brand, screen, battery, camera etc.

But when we go to buy a pet, we never check his weight, or height. Our heart forces is to buy the one it “loves” and we accept him with it’s good and bad points.

A Journey that you love and a goal you want to achieve, is all about the things that you love. You know bad times would come, troubles would come in the journey, but you are in so deep love with your goal that you won’t quit.

Step 3

Step 3 is all about selecting the right type of goal. The goals are of 2 types: Finite and Infinite Goals. A Finite Goal is a goal with clear distinction, and with effort and given conditions, it is possible to achieve it. A person working for Finite Goal is called a Finite Player.

An Infinite Goal is a goal which is too big to be ever achieved. In an Infinite Game the goal is to reach as close to that infinite goal as possible. There is never a clear distinction about when you have reached closer to your goal. For example becoming handsome can be an infinite goal, you never know the right time when you were started to be called “Handsome”

An Infinite Player has the goal to run the maximum distance possible. Whereas a Finite Player wants to reach a goal in the fastest time, even if it means sacrificing all resources.

The quagmire of Finite Game, is that when you get one thing you want more. Once you set a goal for a car, and when you achieve it, you want bigger car, and then even more bigger car. Every Time they exhaust all their resources to get the car. They save money and buy the car as early as possible.

It is really tough to restart every time when you change the goals. Whereas in Infinite Game, the goal is to be decently fast, and travel maximum distance. And Infinite Player would dream infinity, his goal would be to buy great cars throughout his life. Rather than dreaming for one car, he would dream Infinite number of cars making him an infinite player.

And as he wants Infinite car, and he wants to travel far, we would save money and invest it in passive/portfolio income, his first car would come years after the first car of a finite player, but when his portfolio income would start to give him high returns, and as a result, he would easily be able to buy cars after every small time, because his returns would keep getting collected.

A Finite Player would get his first car years before an infinite player, but an Infinite Player, due to return on investment, would start to buy cars at a faster rate as compared to finite player.

A car is just a small example, it explains that when a Finite Player achieves one goal, he wants more. He uses everything to achieve that one goal, and when he achieves his goal, he realizes he wants more, but he has no more resources left, and has to start from scratch.

In contrast, an infinite player, will manage resources wisely, he wants to go a long distance, and for which he needs to exponentially grow his resources. An Infinite Player, by nature is extremely hardworking.

Infinite Game is all about leading or trailing, in an infinite game, there is no definition of “winner” or “loser”. Any game can be played as finite or infinite game, by simply changing the goals in the right manner, we can change the game we are in. And by changing the game, be drastically change the choices we make, which further help us be amongst the leaders in the game.

The Steve Jobs story of how they calculated squares of numbers even when the machine was incapable of doing it, shows us that they were building a company and a culture with intent to last an infinite time. They got rounded edges when no one else did, they brought amazing improvements to products by simply thinking Indefinitely. They were playing an Infinite Game with Infinite Goal being “to make great consumer products”

Step 4

As an Infinite Player your goal is to cover the maximum distance possible. Which means you wish to cover and achieve the milestones that no one else had ever accomplished, and as a result you will also be greeted by hurdles that no one else ever solved.

We need to find solutions to these hurdles to progress forward. With each such hurdle that we solve we move closer to the infinite goal, the progress makes us have a big lead over our competitors, thus making us a leader in an Infinite Game.

But how do we solve these problems, the answer in Indefinite Thinking. Indefinite Thinking means finding the missing opportunity or the missing piece of the puzzle that makes it more complete.

These thoughts and ideas are not born out of anywhere, every idea and every solution to the hurdle exists, it’s just that we have not found it yet. Gravity existed even before Newton told us that earth is pulling us towards itself. Everyone must have experienced gravity all through their lives, but only Newton could actually discover it.

Definite Thinking means, taking the dots, that you are well aware of, and connecting them to complete the picture. Whereas an Indefinite Thinker knows that their are an Infinite number of dots, and the more hidden dots you discover, the better the picture becomes. Here the “Dots” are a metaphor for each milestone that we achieve by overcoming any hurdle, and “Picture becoming big” represents we reaching step closer to our infinite goal.

Definite thinker has high accuracy, and is really consistent, he if works properly then rarely fails. You can trust a Definite Thinker for being consistent, because he will always go by the guidelines. He ensures that he makes a correct drawing, even if it means that he doesn’t even try to take the risk to make the best drawing.

When you have to do a work, that is properly documented and you want high accuracy, you should rely on such people.

The stories of Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field very well explain how Indefinite Thinking works. In Indefinite Thinking, melt things down to the core facts. Keep in mind the constraints like “deadline” or a “budget” and also Keep in mind the things that you have in excess for example, “manufacturing capacity” find a solution that leverages the excess to balance the deficient.

There is literally no way of actually explaining how to become an Indefinite Thinker, we learn it from mistakes, we learn it from experience and we learn it from perspective shifts. The things that look difficult from one perspective, may look easy from another perspective.

As Indefinite Thinking can never be explained directly, the easiest place where you can start using Indefinite Thinking is convincing other people, present different perspectives, and present the advantages that never came into the notice. As you let how to convince people, you will become better Indefinite Thinker.

Step 5

Game Quadrant explains the variations in the nature and the level of success that different people around us achieve. It is a simple combination of Definite and Indefinite Thinkers with Finite and Infinite Players.

Definite Thinker Finite Player: This person can do everything to get a really fast, he never tries to reach the maximum distance, his goal is to reach a shorter distance but at the fastest possible rate. Everyone amongst us has been a part of this someday or the other.

Definite Thinker Infinite Player: This group of people is the mister consistent, these are conservative players, who will do everything to stay in the game, even if it means they don’t win. In a war they will stay at side and would wait until everyone dies. These people are obsessed with good reputation, and they will play it safe.

Indefinite Thinker Finite Player: Indefinite Thinkers and Finite Player are one hit wonders, or great artists, that just make one good thing, they put every resource they have in order to make just one great thing, and they are never able willing for another great thing

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player: Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, is the title of the creation, and therefore the most powerful. They challenge the status quo, they move the human race forward, and they bring new creative ideas and great works to life. They have a high risk, they fail but they never quit.

Step 6

Wanderer is a final solution for finding solution in any problem. Unlike any other steps, it’s not very deep in meaning, it’s simple, yet undesirable, yet inevitable thing when it comes to finding a solution of a problem when Indefinite Thinking is not working for you.

Don’t get me wrong, Indefinite Thinking is a wonderful principle, but due to inexperience, or due to inability to think of solution, wandering works. Wandering is using 2 things, experience, and experimenting.

When you try finding a solution and fail to become an indefinite #thinker, you should think about your experience, the experience of repairing watches came handy, when engineering wonders were needed to improve and make cars reliable, the knowledge about mechanics came useful to him useful later.

When experience doesn’t work, experiment works, when 2 roads look equally good, then follow your heart, be prepared to go back, and have the courage to move. It’s better to take action, make mistakes and realise what’s correct, and therefore quickly change lanes, as soon as you realize which is right.

Many a times, your intuition would give you the right answer, but if not then be prepared to quickly switch over and correct your mistakes. This point is something that should be built in to every human. But unfortunately our world is not like that.

We never have the courage to make mistakes. It’s really difficult to work.

These were the short 6 steps to summarize what we learned in this entire creation. It’s amazingly great, if you can follow up till here. My ardent desire to start from the goal has always made me do these things.

Even when in this creation Finite and Infinite Game came first in this creation, but in the actual implementation, the Zero Thinking is most important. In the first Part I wanted to make you realize what Finite and Infinite Game is? This is because this creation’s goal was to make you work in the correct side of game quadrant, once you knew what you want, you could progress onto the next things for understanding how to become an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, Zero thinking always comes before the Finite and Infinite Game, but I believed, if you didn’t understand the need for Zero Thinking, then there was no benefit starting the creation from Zero Thinking. And the need for Zero Thinking is only understood by Finite and Infinite Goals. Similarly there was no benefit discussing wandering before we talk about Definite and Indefinite Thinker, because the concept of Indefinite Thinking helps you understand the need for Wandering.

What’s My Game

As you read about this creation, you must wonder, what is my game? So here it is. I am having an #Infinite #Goal, of helping people raise their voice, and help every creative person, to pursue his work.

My company, ‘Milyin’ Devotes to Make A World Having Huge Portion of People Who are Passionate About Their Creativity, and love spreading their own ideas, Who feel proud to have different Thoughts, Beliefs and Opinions. Milyin Supports all those who Improve Society and bring a change.

I pursue my goal, with the help of my company’s website Any person from world can join my company, and present their thoughts, opinions and believes, in the form of blog posts which we call “Creations”

People get paid based on there work, this ensures that people can follow their dreams without worrying about money. It is an Infinite Goal, because it is impossible to help each and every human to present their thoughts, but we will surely keep working for it.

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