Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Part 5

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Part 5

The Zero Thinkers

Earlier we discussed that we need to find our Goal, after that:

  • You goals can be achieved by Finite And Infinite Goals
  • Your Finite and Infinite goals Can be achieved by Indefinite Thinking
  • Indefinite Thinking can be achieved by Changing perspective, connecting the dots, and Reality Distortion Field

But how do we find our goals, and more specifically Infinite goals? Also, what should we do, if we are failing to think Indefinitely

A child is never taught the physics behind how to stand and how not to fall. In the early days, he has a lot of tries and a lot of effort. He learns it on his own. He falls, he fails, he gets some wounds but ultimately he learns. He is a Zero Thinker.

Calling a child a Thinker is a little too abstract, but he is willing to do experiments. He has a self desire to achieve the ability to walk like his parents and other people whom he saw. He experiment, and tries everything he can to reach his goal.

Just By these experiments and in depth observations of the world, the kid develops his taste, his likes and dislikes.

This time period is the Zero thinking time period. The result of a Zero thought process is that as he would grow older and reach teen age, he will start to form opinions, he will start making his choices and as he starts making decisions.

A Zero Thinker is amazing. Many artists said that they “never let the child in them die”.

What’s it ? What’s so good about kids? The answer is that they are Zero thinkers. A Zero Thinker, as it suggests is a person who thinks less. As we grow older we are trained to be like everyone else, we are taught lots of rules, we are asked to follow the status quo.

We become Definite and Indefinite thinkers to achieve the goals. We use them as a method to overcome hurdles stay focused and achieve whatever we want. A thinker’s job is to find solutions, and get answers to questions.

Whereas Zero Thinking is about finding the question itself. It is about finding your goal and finding your passion, finding your desires. It’s a really #creative process, you need to explore the world to find what you love.

And from love I mean true love, a work that you can continue for many many years. I admit, and I totally agree that many a times the life comes up with many kinds of turmoil. But still you need to find a work that you not just love to do, but you also, have a goal.

All great moments, great companies, great people had one thing in common, that is passion to bring change in the world. It’s the passion that matters. We need to find a right goal and be passionate to achieve it.

A Zero Thinker is like a kid, he needs to explore the world and learn new things. Reason? No reason, just explore the world aimlessly. Like a love for some significant other, you can’t force yourself to be in love.

Love is natural, you never know where, when, and how you find the journey you love. When you find some work you love, you keep doing it for the next few months, to be sure that you truly love your work.

Once you find your work, then you need a goal. Most of the revolutions that the society ever saw were started by people who had 2 things in common: first, they loved what they did, that is they loved the journey, and secondly they found something that our society as doing wrong, and they set a goal to fix it.

Martin Luther King loved social service and had a goal to get equal rights for the blacks. Everyone was doing wrong by having disparity between whites and blacks. Martin Luther King started a mass civil rights movement.

Steve Jobs saw the phones of 2003, and realized they were clunky, and they just have a definite number of buttons, the buttons wasted a lot of areas, and they still did not give full feature rich experience, every app needed a some interface elements that are unique to it.

Henry Ford is best recognized for his work in making cars reliable and affordable to the general public. He was one of the most successful businessmen of his time, and he brought a massive paradigm shift in the automotive industry.

I don’t have any knowledge about how he got the idea of correct recipe to make cars affordable, but I wish to narrate a story from his early life, where it can surely be seen, how much he could explore the things. He found opportunities to explore and experiment when no one else imagined.

At an early age, Henry’s girlfriend gave him a small pocket watch. Now, most of us would hug our girlfriend and be happy with the gift.

But Henry Ford was different. Rather than actually using the pocket watch to check the time, he found it much more interesting and fascinating, as a constant explorer he immediately took it apart and then put it back together. He did it all to understand the engineering wonders that went into it’s making and therefore explored and learn new things.

Back in the day, many people had a pocket watch and these pocket watches would often break. Henry was so fascinated by the way these pocket watches were made, he offered the people around him to fix their pocket watches. This allowed him to experiment with all the different types of watches. Now surely the income was never too much, and neither did he wish to open a repair shop, he just wanted to learn and gain experience.

By being able to check so many different pocket watches, he quickly learnt how the insides worked and what made all of these watches different. He was truly fascinated by the inner workings and was putting time into fixing other people’s pocket watches every single day.

This allowed him to improve every single day. He was able to learn new techniques by these watchmakers, allowing him to fix the most complicated watches. When later we head into Wanderers, we will see that how experience matters, and even if it is not necessary to be a Zero Thinker, but wandering involves portion of zero thinking too.

Eventually, this habit led to him being extremely familiar with mechanical parts – something that is also important when it comes to cars. He gained experience as a Zero Thinker, which was of immense value, and later when he becomes a player, and as any player wants to stay ahead in the game, his experience must have helped him a lot.

It’s a great lesson to all of us: by making it a habit to experiment every single day. He loved technology and loved the journey of technology and had a goal to bring a paradigm shift in smartphones. This creation throughout talked about players and thinkers, and while it may seem from here that Zero Thinking is more important than any of the 2, that’s not the case.

The utility and the necessity to use zero thinking only arises when you don’t know what you live. When you are yet to find the journey or the road that you love then you need to become a Zero Thinker. Many fortunate ones, including me, found the thing they loved by accident or by sheer coincidence, if such people are sure that they really love what they do, then it’s better to take action and start moving towards #goal by being a part of Game Quadrant.

If you are still to find what you live then you need to become a Zero Thinker. As a Zero Thinker you need to think aimlessly, observe everything that happens, try every work, every activity that you find, try doing writing, try public speaking, try programming, try drawing, try painting.

As a human you must have some own choices and set of things that you love and hate, if you already have some things in mind, then start with them. Let’s take for example, that a friend comes home for dinner, they discuss a topic, make some points and speak for 5 minutes. Irrespective of winning or losing just observe that you enjoyed or not. If you didn’t enjoy try something else. But if you enjoyed start narrowing down, and start experimenting with these, get more selective and narrow, public speaking further has dozens of things like debates, motivational speaking, speeches, long form speeches, podcasts like speaking etc.

Similarly if you enjoyed writing a small software program, then slowly explore different languages find the programming language you love, and then start exploring it in depth.

And everything is easy in the beginning, things get harder as we move up. Therefore find what you would like to do also. First step is to become a Zero Thinker, and find the things that you love.

Once you start to narrow down the list of what you live then you find a goal in that field. Remember that your goal decides what you do, so you need to have a clear goal. We do Zero Thinking to find what we love, and then the goal in that field. Once you have a goal you need to work hard to achieve it. I admit that it is surely possible to select a goal without loving the journey, but the only problem in that case would be that you would never be an Infinite Player, because you need to truly love what you do if you want to continue with a thing for an entire life.

Explore the world, if the thing at which you land at the end is not the one that you truly love you are gonna waste a lot of time repenting and feeling bad.

Ever seen the people after break up or after losing their job or after being cheated financially saying “I don’t know what happened with my life”, these people are directionless. These people don’t have something they love and they don’t even have the life goal. Or if they ever had a life goal and a journey they loved they have now lost it.

My grandfather was in the army, he loved serving his nation, and it was his goal to work with full dedication and reach high in the army. For many years it went fine, but then he got old and he had to take retirement. It was inevitable change and after services multiple decades in the army, he had lost his loved journey and loved goal.

The initial excitement of being free, and using the money he saved entire life for travelling and enjoying was soon met with emptiness. Having to roam aimlessly and have nothing to do, soon became frustrating for him. The old age people get sad and get depressed because they have nothing to do, and have no aim once they are out of job.

Some of them either learn to live like that in emptiness, and others find activities to do. They either find activities like community events, others find interest in probably politics. In modern day word we have the blessing of internet and that helps them become spectator. Remember in start of this we said that a portion of this world is spectator, a person who just watches other people playing the game

These people also become aimless, at one point and as a result they again need to do zero thinking in their own interests and find something they can still do and they still love. Some go to their kids, some find people of there age and spend full day together, and others find many different activities.

The only motive of zero Thinker is to think and find a goal that truly excites him, that truly makes him work for it.

How do you become a Zero Thinker and when is it necessary to be a Zero Thinker. Try watching cartoons someday, enjoyment and fulfillment doesn’t come from money you just need to find some fun things. Do exploration, discover the world, discover yourself.

A Zero Thinker, is not usually a part of a game, a Zero thinker’s job is just to think and explore the world, he is not a part of the game with respect to The Zero thought process. He can be in many other games, but he a Zero thinker does not play any game.

A Zero Thinker is a constant explorer, they never hunt for solutions. They just find new things. Their goal is never to achieve more, they enjoy the journey.

If you wonder why I didn’t include the Zero Thinker, when earlier we discussed about the Definite and The Indefinite Thinker. Your doubt is legit, but there exists a simple reason for it. That is because Zero Thinking is never compulsory if someone already has a goal then by no means he needs to be a Zero Thinker, the step of Zero Thinking skips if you already know what your goal is and what you live to do.

Whereas in the case of Definite and Indefinite Thinker AND Finite and Infinite Player, you start doing them once you have set the goal, you are a part of any one of the 4 sides of Game Quadrant, because that’s how our world works.

KFC the famous food chain, started by Colonel Sanders at a really late age. He was a zero thinker, he at the age of 62 years found a wonderful recipe for fried chicken. For many people age 62, is so called old age and people retire. But this person found an amazing recipe he loved and therefore he set up the goal to popularise his recipe and share it with the world.

He found his love at a really late age. He found a way to fry chicken using less oil, in America, due to oil crisis, oil became expensive, his approach became easy way to efficiently cook tasty and cost efficient chicken.

The love for his work and the goal to accomplish both arrived to him at a really late age, and when they arrived he gave the world the second most popular fast-food chain, KFC after McDonalds, and his success is the only result of a conscious or subconscious Zero thinking, that the wonderful recipe he discovered that too at a very right time when the oil became expensive, leading to competitors increasing rates and customers searching for alternatives.

It’s one of the greatest things, humanity has seen it many times, zero Thinking is a simple and necessary thing yet it is undesirable by many, and Zero Thinking is inevitable when you need to bring change in society and move the human race forward.

People with the strong desire and undying spirit towards a goal, are really powerful and they bring a lot of success and fame in the world.

The Wanderer

Wanderer is a person who has a goal but is unable to reach the goal. These people are unable to think Indefinitely and as a result they need to change their tactics. Like Zero Thinkers, the Wandering is also simple concept, anyone can do it, yet it needs a whole lot of courage and power to be a Wanderer, but Wandering is the sure shot solution to use when nothing works in life, because sooner or later wandering gives you the right solution.

A kid, does lots of exploration, no one teaches that he should trust his parents. It’s just that over time he sees the same people helping him, and therefore he builds trust. Similarly a kid wants to do a lot of exploration, his exploration paves the way for him discovering new things. He is very much inquisitive. And he is always wandering, and discovering the things he doesn’t know.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Wandering and zero thinking are alike but not the same. Wandering happens to reach your goal, while Zero Thinking helps you find the goal. Zero Thinking helps you find the journey that you would love, while Wandering helps you reach that journey

Like kids great artists and poets and great writers wander. They wander in thought process, they wander in nature they wander in parallel space. They have their goal to have artistic works and beautiful poems/writings etc. In order to get the right line to write or give shape to the right story, they need ideas, and whenever they  had trouble they needed to be wandering.

While I was writing this creation, whenever I found it difficult to make a sentence for perfect explanation, I would just go to another room, or I would take a break, go for a walk or probably just distract myself. And after some time, I would have gotten a Eureka Moment, and would get whatever I want. Our subconscious mind has solutions to half of our problems in my opinion, but we can never get the juice out of our subconscious mind directly, we need to be wandering in our thoughts.

When you head towards your goal, and specifically head towards your infinite goal, you will be hit by many obstacles and many problems that were never seen before by anyone else. In case such situation comes you need to have the Indefinite Thinker’s attitude. An attitude where you find the opportunities which no one ever found. But when you fail to find solution as an indefinite thinker, you need to become a wanderer so that you can find the missing opportunity and then proceed towards your infinite goal.

Shower thoughts are the same, you are having shower and you get in a relaxed state where you don’t think.

And the best way to that is be a Zero Thinker. We discussed Zero thinker, explore the world, do new things do experiment, and explore the world doesn’t mean go for hunting in jungles, it’s just keep trying some new things, try cooking someday, try going office from different route, try learning a new language.

The reason why Definite and Indefinite Thinking exists is to help find solutions. Definite Thinking helps you achieve your goals by doing whatever is already told and documented. Whereas Indefinite Thinking talks about the creative process of solving the problem by finding undiscovered solutions and possibilities.

Our intention when we talk about Definite and Indefinite Thinking is always to find the solution to the problem. Where as a Zero Thinker, has a Zero goal.

A Zero Thinker never tries to find the goal or the solution to the problem, his goal is to just explore the problem.

We should remember that every milestone, that we want to achieve in our journey of Infinite Goal, can be achieved. Someone somewhere in this big world, knows the solution to your problem, a Zero Thinker will simply keep exploring. He explores not with the intent to find the solution, he explores just because he has the desire to explore.

And in the process of constant exploration, he finds someone already has the trick to do it.  Every milestone can be accomplished, because milestones are finite goals. What makes a goal infinite, is the fact that the number of milestones are infinite.

Someone knows how to achieve that one milestone, that you are yet to achieve, a Zero thinker, with his attitude will find it by coincidence or accident.

A Zero Thinker puts Zero effort to find the solution to the problem. He just explores the problem. A kid just explores the capability of his legs and starts to explore.

Artists and researches very well kept the kid in them alive, more often than not, kids are zero thinkers, they never truly have a goal, at a young age, they don’t even know what the problem actually is? They simply explore the world, and discover new things, make any realizations and interpretations.

When a painter makes a painting, no one tells him, the recipe for the most beautiful piece of art, not there exists any guide to help you

In this whole creation, we have read the fact that one of the most important things is finding a passion, and then setting up an infinite goal. And then finally working like an Infinite Player to reach amazing heights. In this process we use Indefinite Thinking to solve problems.

But there is another world that exists, the world of wandering souls. And no, wandering souls doesn’t mean that we are talking about ghosts. Wandering souls are people who are mature Zero Thinkers. Remember we talked about Zero Thinkers, these are the people who do experiments and run new errands.

Wandering tells us that when you are unable to find a solution for any problem, the solution either comes from past experience or it comes from experimenting.

When Henry Ford started to do repairs of watches, he gained experience of working of machinery, he started to understand why some machines broke while others lived longer. His experience of tools must have come handy to him in future during his struggle to make cars more reliable. In the process of figuring out the right setup of machine, when he would have been stuck at any problem, his past experience probably would have kicked in, and made him think in the right direction.

With this example I Learned another wonderfully amazing thing. Even though Zero Thinking is unnecessary to reach the goal, but it’s surely helpful in times. Henry Ford was doing Zero Thinking and exploring to learn new things at the time of pocket watches. We learn that Zero Thinking massively adds up to our experience. And Zero Thinking helps us improve, learn from past mistakes, and get the experience that will help you be a wanderer in time of need, and will give you intuition to select the right option based on earlier experience.

Zero Thinking, makes you learn how to face failures. When you try new things surely failures come your way. When you do Zero Thinking your body learns to face harsh times, and later at a time, when he wanted to be a Wanderer to solve a great problem, the Zero Thinking gave him the courage to take risks as a wanderer. You do Zero Thinking when you have nothing to lose, and as a result you can easily gain a whole lot of courage.

When experience starts to fail, experimenting is the last resort. When Steve Jobs was working at Apple, he set up a goal to make phones better, and make them work in the way so that each app can have his own interface and everything was easy to use and more accessible.

As no one had done it before, they had to find many ground breaking solutions and workarounds for many problems. One of the core problems was how would people navigate and move through the options/ settings, and various other interfaces.

Previous phones had up/down/left/right buttons to do that, and it took a lot of time to reach down if you are scrolling through long lists. . As they were clueless, they decided to do experimenting. So as I interpreted it, they started to wander. There were some people who presented the idea of an iPod like circular scroll wheel at lower half that could be rotated to move down. This idea had a rupe technology and they had already done it in iPod so it seemed a viable solution

Other group proposed the idea of having a laptop like touch screen display. It would work like a laptop’s trackpad, but on a screen. A multi touch display. The problem was that software at that time was such that it needed accuracy upto the level of tip of arrow, and as a result our fingers with wider areas didn’t seem right solution.

There were experiments considered and prototype models were made for the iPhone. Upon testing it was proven that a multi touch display was a far better idea. They took clues from past product and did experiments to find unexpected solutions to the problems. And such solutions made them progress towards their Infinite Goal.

In Zero Thinking the basic goal was to discover new things, but a Wanderer is different. A wander works in a particular field. A wanderer takes risks, and does new experiments and activities in a particular field.

We have great examples for it, with Christopher Columbus went in search of India and discovered America. Had the goal been to discover India, then Christopher Columbus was a failure, he couldn’t do that.

But centuries later we remember him, because he wandered through the world. He was a wanderer, he kept experimenting, he kept trying to discover different places, and somehow ended up in America. They keep doing experiments, and they just wait for one experiment to become successful.

It’s a creative process, they don’t set a particular goal, India was just a milestone, they keep experimenting, and hope for anyone to be successful.

How was the electron discovered, it was again a creative process by some scientists.  William Crooks, The President of The Royal Society, trying to perform an experiment in a discharge tube. His inquisitive mind was really powerful, he like almost all influencers and researchers, and experiments could wander in his thoughts

Back then atom was considered the smallest and fundamental particle. And atom was indivisible, meaning it didn’t have any sub parts.

He like a Zero Thinker, very well used to keep exploring the world. At one point he conducted an experiment, where he took a glass tube with low pressure, and allowed current to flow to 2 metals kept on opposite end. He was caught by surprise to find fluorescence.

He observed fluorescence, and as a result he tried to initially prove that it was a 4th state of matter, fluorescence. Now he needed to prove the things, so he like a wanderer, started doing hit and tries to explain the fluorescence. Zero thinking gave him the goal to find the explanation of the fluorescence produced in the experiment. Fluorescence should indicate existence of charge, but he knew everything in the atom was electrically neutral. He failed to explain them, and as a result he had to start wandering.

After many failed attempts to prove it, when he started wandering, he decided that because he didn’t have any idea, as a result he took support of J.J. Thompson, they experimented and realized that they had discovered a subatomic particle called electron, which had an electric charge.

Amazing discoveries that happen by accident are the cause of a wanderer’s experiments. There are many examples of really successful people, who were performing really bad in their previous jobs.

It’s not they were insincere or incapable. Knowingly or unknowingly they were experimenting, and discovering many things. And soon they found a work such that they realized “oh, wow, I love this work.” And they start doing it.

Wandering never ever meant that you need to be, just stay lying in the bed, and the opportunity will automatically knock on your door. The wandering and Zero Thinking go hand in hand.

You first start start thinking Zero, and begin to do new experiments and a lot of new things. Slowly your mind starts to gain experience, and you get to understand yourself better.

Eventually your mind will start to filter out the things that were good and the things that were not good for you. If as a Zero thinker you enjoyed cooking but hated playing football, then your mind will remember it. Slowly you will again start to do the things that you enjoyed earlier.

I discussed the concept of wanderer and zero Thinker. And it may now start to seem that the whole of what we read till now has gone wrong. Well that’s wrong, Zero Thinker and Wanderer, are 2 different things.

Definite and Indefinite Thinking are subsets of thought process of problem solving, and therefore are related to each other in a really good manner, similarly Finite and Infinite Game, are also related to one another.

But Zero Thinker and Wanderer are 2 different things. Only similarity between them is that they come into play only when required. You become a Zero Thinker and/or a Wanderer only when it is required.

Zero Thinking is sheer exploring the problem, which means that it comes even before you set your infinite goal. And Wanderer is a time period when you have set your infinite goal and you are working towards it, but then become directionless. At a time period when you don’t know what’s the next milestone, or how to go forward.

When you love a activity, and return to do it again and again, you head towards becoming a wanderer. And as you become a wanderer, you start to do what you love. Slowly you discover the pros and cons of your work. Basically you take the feel of work and then you pursue to become a wanderer.

A wanderer is really powerful, it is a slow process. It may happen that for years you have just minor improvements, but as a wanderer you keep doing experiments and keep doing research. And one day you get your break. It’s the same break that happened with Christopher Columbus, and same with Discovery of Electron.

Zero Thinking comes even before goal. In Fact it’s the first step of this whole creation. We discuss it here. We started with the end in mind, and therefore we first discussed finite and infinite game, which was the ultimate motive of this creation. The end result of this creation should be to help you become an infinite player.

Then we talked about Definite and Indefinite Thinking which is the thought process that you need for becoming an infinite player. After that, we discuss Zero Thinking.

Zero Thinking is not meant to help you become an infinite player, neither does it intent to help you become an Indefinite Thinker. It is a time period when you just get to know the world, discover new things. Just try everything you can, every possibility, so that you can find your true passion.

That was the step 1, in your life journey. This Zero thinking gives you the ultimate goal, your goal. And the goal that you find as a result of Zero Thinking is more often than not an infinite goal. An infinite goal, is simply a goal that  

After that, you start moving towards your infinite goal. You develop hard work and Perseverance, and work a lot. It’s a gradual process, and you will begin an infinite player. The simple presence of efforts made to reach your infinite goal makes you infinite player.

On the journey to becoming an infinite player, you will be greeted by many hurdles and many problems that no one shall have known. As a result, you would need to find innovative and creative solutions. These innovative and creative solutions shall be provided by, Indefinite Thinking.

Indefinite Thinking, shall provide you with the solutions, for problems, that were considered impossible. Now it is worth noting that people can find goals for finite goals also. And irrespective of the type of goal that they find, Indefinite Thinking helps in finding solutions to hurdles.

So :

  • Zero thinking helps you find your goals
  • You goals can be achieved by Finite And Infinite Goals
  • Your Finite and Infinite goals Can be achieved by Indefinite Thinking
  • Indefinite Thinking can be achieved by Changing perspective, connecting the dots, and Reality Distortion Field
  • Indefinite Thinking if in trouble can be achieved by Wandering

Have a little more focus at the last point, if you are not able to become an indefinite thinker, then there are many ways to become one, but the, Wandering is the key pin.

When you can’t think of a right solution, you need to be wanderer, you need to experiment and test each and every possible solution. Some people call it the “Method Of Elimination”.

We eliminate the wrong options and at the end we get the right solutions. This happens in situations when you are in deep quagmire, and you don’t know which option is correct, as a result you hit and try.

But then, it shall be remembered, that we need to continuously keep trying Indefinite Thinking. More often than not, as soon as you start to wander, you shall probably start getting a clearer picture of the situation.

You will often find the solution, midway through the wrong option. A hit and try method. Life doesn’t give a second chance. But if you are careful, attentive, and eager to achieve your goal, then life would give you enough time. Only thing is you need to correct yourself as soon as you realize a mistake.

In wandering you make mistakes, and you learn from mistakes. We all make mistakes, in fact if you are trying to be an Indefinite Thinker then you shall surely, make mistakes. There would be instances where you connect the wrong dots together. At times you shall, the wrong dots, or may you connect in wrong manner.

But you must continuously iterate and improve. Wandering is basically finding the solution, by experiments rather than thinking. It’s what Christopher Columbus did, he experimented. By the simple rational thoughts he could have done it, he wandered, I made mistakes and in the end discovered India.

We never discussed Zero Thinking and Wandering in the initial parts of the creation. The reason behind, is simple. In any game, you can be either a Finite Player or an infinite player. And it is necessary for you to be either one of these. Similarly, when we have to find a solution we are either a Definite Thinker or an Indefinite Thinker.

You need to be a player and a thinker in order to become successful or achieve your goals. In Fact being Definite/Indefinite Thinker and being Finite/Infinite Player are necessary conditions for it.

Whereas, it is not necessary to be Zero thinker or a wanderer. Being a Zero Thinker and/or a wanderer are not necessary. Zero Thinking helps you find your goal, but if you already have a goal in mind then please move on, Zero Thinking is unnecessary if you think you already have goal.

Similarly if you are able to think Indefinitely and you have the ability to find opportunities to move closer to your infinite goal, then surely you should be able to skip wandering.

Wandering is good, but it helps situations where you are unable to think indefinitely, you can call wandering as a Plan B, just in case the Plan A of Indefinite Thinking fails.

This heading was titled “Should You Be a Wanderer”, for this very reason. Being a wanderer is a matter of choice. Any person intentionally or unintentionally is either a Definite Thinker or Indefinite Thinker. But being a Zero Thinker or Being a wanderer ia matter of choice.

I told you what a Zero Thinker actually is, and it told you what a wander is. But being a Zero Thinker and Wanderer are decided based on your own intuition.

The Recipe

I have seen people love whatever we talk about this Concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. These notes are to explain whatever happened in creation till here. Many times when people get demotivated, they don’t feel like rewatching my full lectures, or reading this creation and they just want some quick advice.

Infact to be honest we discussed a lot of things like: Finite and Infinite Game, Indefinite and Definite Thinker, infinite Goal, Passion, Loving The Journey, Zero Thinkers, Wanderers, Game Quadrant and many more things. Our busy lives don’t give us enough time to go through this all, as a result this portion summarizes whatever we have learnt yet, so that whenever you feel low, or you feel clueless you can approach here.

I never thought that I would need this portion in my creation, but because of the fact that we began the creation discussing the game rather than goal or passion, I did it because we began with the end in mind, we wanted to make you feel how life would be when you are in an infinite player.

So let’s Start:

Step 1

We have spectators and we have players, spectators sees other people and player wins himself. Life is about dreaming big, finding a goal and putting your heart and soul in achieving it. Life is about moving the human race forward and bringing a change in our society.

Find Yourself a goal and a work you love. You need to find a path or a road that you live, because The People Who Love Journey are the Ones Who Reach the Most Beautiful Destinations. Loving a work is important, in offices we work for money, and we hate it when we have to work an extra hour.

A person who loves his work, will put his heart and soul and work really hard. When you dream to change the world, you will face some cross winds where you will be in immense crisis, where quitting would seem the easier option. A person who loves the journey will fight in these situations and shall refuse to quit, because the desire to continue in the journey would be stronger than the temptation to quit.

How do you find something you love? We’ll find that work that you love doing, the work that you want to keep doing even when the time’s up, playing baseball, for example can be amongst one such thing that you love. Make a list of what all you live doing. It can be anything from most stupid things you can find and some great things.

Once you make list start doing all those activities more often and challenge yourself in each of these activities. You will slowly figure out those 2-3 works which are amongst the journey you love.

When you know what you love you need to find a goal. A goal that you are willing to truly achieve. Life would be too boring if you keep playing baseball with your friends for all your life. You need some goal, some challenge and a mission to achieve.

Find one thing that can make the game better, find one thing that the game misses, find some goal it can be anything, all you need is a goal in that loved work. You need a journey that you love and a destination that you truly want to achieve.

This destination can be becoming a great sports person, bringing up a new product, to solve the problems that the existing products can’t handle, or a social reform to bring a paradigm shift in the society.

Step 2

Step 2, explains how to find your passion or how to find the journey you love, it’s all about Zero Thinker. A Zero Thinker is an aimless person who explores and learns new things.

When logic and careful thinking doesn’t tell you what your passion is? Or what is the journey that you love, then you will find it by sheer coincidence. How will that coincidence happen? By constant exploration.

Try new activities, and find everything that makes you fulfilled, try going to the office from a new route, try watching cartoons, learn a new language, probably play a new sport, cook a dish, probably even try writing a creation, you will slowly start getting ideas. And these ideas will land you to your Passion and your journey.

If Newton can change the world of physics by looking at an apple falling from a tree, or if Archimedes can have the Eureka Moment, by simply being in his bathtub, then even you can.

These things don’t require ample time or money, we need to find them, anything that you are not sure of doing, just do it. Just see which things felt good from heart. Irrespective of winning or losing, profit or loss, find the things that your heart enjoyed.

Our heart is a spoilt kid, in times of trouble, we need our hearts to be strongly asking us to continue making an effort. If we don’t feel like putting effort, then neither will we able to make an effort and we will not be able to motivate others also.

A work that you love, and also a goal that you live shall take you through these hard times. We decided things we like from our mind, for example, we buy the phone we like, we see brand, screen, battery, camera etc.

But when we go to buy a pet, we never check his weight, or height. Our heart forces is to buy the one it “loves” and we accept him with it’s good and bad points.

A Journey that you love and a goal you want to achieve, is all about the things that you love. You know bad times would come, troubles would come in the journey, but you are in so deep love with your goal that you won’t quit.

Step 3

Step 3 is all about selecting the right type of goal. The goals are of 2 types: Finite and Infinite Goals. A Finite Goal is a goal with clear distinction, and with effort and given conditions, it is possible to achieve it. A person working for Finite Goal is called a Finite Player.

An Infinite Goal is a goal which is too big to be ever achieved. In an Infinite Game the goal is to reach as close to that infinite goal as possible. There is never a clear distinction about when you have reached closer to your goal. For example becoming handsome can be an infinite goal, you never know the right time when you were started to be called “Handsome”

An Infinite Player has the goal to run the maximum distance possible. Whereas a Finite Player wants to reach a goal in the fastest time, even if it means sacrificing all resources.

The quagmire of Finite Game, is that when you get one thing you want more. Once you set a goal for a car, and when you achieve it, you want bigger car, and then even more bigger car. Every Time they exhaust all their resources to get the car. They save money and buy the car as early as possible.

It is really tough to restart every time when you change the goals. Whereas in Infinite Game, the goal is to be decently fast, and travel maximum distance. And Infinite Player would dream infinity, his goal would be to buy great cars throughout his life. Rather than dreaming for one car, he would dream Infinite number of cars making him an infinite player.

And as he wants Infinite car, and he wants to travel far, we would save money and invest it in passive/portfolio income, his first car would come years after the first car of a finite player, but when his portfolio income would start to give him high returns, and as a result, he would easily be able to buy cars after every small time, because his returns would keep getting collected.

A Finite Player would get his first car years before an infinite player, but an Infinite Player, due to return on investment, would start to buy cars at a faster rate as compared to finite player.

A car is just a small example, it explains that when a Finite Player achieves one goal, he wants more. He uses everything to achieve that one goal, and when he achieves his goal, he realizes he wants more, but he has no more resources left, and has to start from scratch.

In contrast, an infinite player, will manage resources wisely, he wants to go a long distance, and for which he needs to exponentially grow his resources. An Infinite Player, by nature is extremely hardworking.

Infinite Game is all about leading or trailing, in an infinite game, there is no definition of “winner” or “loser”. Any game can be played as finite or infinite game, by simply changing the goals in the right manner, we can change the game we are in. And by changing the game, be drastically change the choices we make, which further help us be amongst the leaders in the game.

The Steve Jobs story of how they calculated squares of numbers even when the machine was incapable of doing it, shows us that they were building a company and a culture with intent to last an infinite time. They got rounded edges when no one else did, they brought amazing improvements to products by simply thinking Indefinitely. They were playing an Infinite Game with Infinite Goal being “to make great consumer products”

Step 4

As an Infinite Player your goal is to cover the maximum distance possible. Which means you wish to cover and achieve the milestones that no one else had ever accomplished, and as a result you will also be greeted by hurdles that no one else ever solved.

We need to find solutions to these hurdles to progress forward. With each such hurdle that we solve we move closer to the infinite goal, the progress makes us have a big lead over our competitors, thus making us a leader in an Infinite Game.

But how do we solve these problems, the answer in Indefinite Thinking. Indefinite Thinking means finding the missing opportunity or the missing piece of the puzzle that makes it more complete.

These thoughts and ideas are not born out of anywhere, every idea and every solution to the hurdle exists, it’s just that we have not found it yet. Gravity existed even before Newton told us that earth is pulling us towards itself. Everyone must have experienced gravity all through their lives, but only Newton could actually discover it.

Definite Thinking means, taking the dots, that you are well aware of, and connecting them to complete the picture. Whereas an Indefinite Thinker knows that their are an Infinite number of dots, and the more hidden dots you discover, the better the picture becomes. Here the “Dots” are a metaphor for each milestone that we achieve by overcoming any hurdle, and “Picture becoming big” represents we reaching step closer to our infinite goal.

Definite thinker has high accuracy, and is really consistent, he if works properly then rarely fails. You can trust a Definite Thinker for being consistent, because he will always go by the guidelines. He ensures that he makes a correct drawing, even if it means that he doesn’t even try to take the risk to make the best drawing.

When you have to do a work, that is properly documented and you want high accuracy, you should rely on such people.

The stories of Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field very well explain how Indefinite Thinking works. In Indefinite Thinking, melt things down to the core facts. Keep in mind the constraints like “deadline” or a “budget” and also Keep in mind the things that you have in excess for example, “manufacturing capacity” find a solution that leverages the excess to balance the deficient.

There is literally no way of actually explaining how to become an Indefinite Thinker, we learn it from mistakes, we learn it from experience and we learn it from perspective shifts. The things that look difficult from one perspective, may look easy from another perspective.

As Indefinite Thinking can never be explained directly, the easiest place where you can start using Indefinite Thinking is convincing other people, present different perspectives, and present the advantages that never came into the notice. As you let how to convince people, you will become better Indefinite Thinker.

Step 5

Game Quadrant explains the variations in the nature and the level of success that different people around us achieve. It is a simple combination of Definite and Indefinite Thinkers with Finite and Infinite Players.

Definite Thinker Finite Player: This person can do everything to get a really fast, he never tries to reach the maximum distance, his goal is to reach a shorter distance but at the fastest possible rate. Everyone amongst us has been a part of this someday or the other.

Definite Thinker Infinite Player: This group of people is the mister consistent, these are conservative players, who will do everything to stay in the game, even if it means they don’t win. In a war they will stay at side and would wait until everyone dies. These people are obsessed with good reputation, and they will play it safe.

Indefinite Thinker Finite Player: Indefinite Thinkers and Finite Player are one hit wonders, or great artists, that just make one good thing, they put every resource they have in order to make just one great thing, and they are never able willing for another great thing

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player: Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, is the title of the creation, and therefore the most powerful. They challenge the status quo, they move the human race forward, and they bring new creative ideas and great works to life. They have a high risk, they fail but they never quit.

Step 6

Wanderer is a final solution for finding solution in any problem. Unlike any other steps, it’s not very deep in meaning, it’s simple, yet undesirable, yet inevitable thing when it comes to finding a solution of a problem when Indefinite Thinking is not working for you.

Don’t get me wrong, Indefinite Thinking is a wonderful principle, but due to inexperience, or due to inability to think of solution, wandering works. Wandering is using 2 things, experience, and experimenting.

When you try finding a solution and fail to become an indefinite #thinker , you should think about your experience, the experience of repairing watches came handy, when engineering wonders were needed to improve and make cars reliable, the knowledge about mechanics came useful to him useful later.

When experience doesn’t work, experiment works, when 2 roads look equally good, then follow your heart, be prepared to go back, and have the courage to move. It’s better to take action, make mistakes and realise what’s correct, and therefore quickly change lanes, as soon as you realize which is right.

Many a times, your intuition would give you the right answer, but if not then be prepared to quickly switch over and correct your mistakes. This point is something that should be built in to every human. But unfortunately our world is not like that.

We never have the courage to make mistakes. It’s really difficult to work.

These were the short 6 steps to summarize what we learned in this entire creation. It’s amazingly great, if you can follow up till here. My ardent desire to start from the goal has always made me do these things.

Even when in this creation Finite and Infinite Game came first in this creation, but in the actual implementation, the Zero Thinking is most important. In the first Part I wanted to make you realize what Finite and Infinite Game is? This is because this creation’s goal was to make you work in the correct side of game quadrant, once you knew what you want, you could progress onto the next things for understanding how to become an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, Zero thinking always comes before the Finite and Infinite Game, but I believed, if you didn’t understand the need for Zero Thinking, then there was no benefit starting the creation from Zero Thinking. And the need for Zero Thinking is only understood by Finite and Infinite Goals. Similarly there was no benefit discussing wandering before we talk about Definite and Indefinite Thinker, because the concept of Indefinite Thinking helps you understand the need for Wandering.

What’s My Game

As you read about this creation, you must wonder, what is my game? So here it is. I am having an #Infinite #Goal , of helping people raise their voice, and help every creative person, to pursue his work.

My company, ‘Milyin’ Devotes to Make A World Having Huge Portion of People Who are Passionate About Their Creativity, and love spreading their own ideas, Who feel proud to have different Thoughts, Beliefs and Opinions. Milyin Supports all those who Improve Society and bring a change.

I pursue my goal, with the help of my company’s website Any person from world can join my company, and present their thoughts, opinions and believes, in the form of blog posts which we call “Creations”

People get paid based on there work, this ensures that people can follow their dreams without worrying about money. It is an Infinite Goal, because it is impossible to help each and every human to present their thoughts, but we will surely keep working for it.

Thanks for Reading, Warm Regards, Aditya My Latest Article 17 Secrets to Know: How I optimized My WordPress Site to Load in 927ms.
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