Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Part 4

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Part 4

Mixing the Thinkers And Players

So we discussed 2 types of thinkers and 2 types of Players. I have already stated that the first step is to Decide the goal. How do you decide the goal, well if you have a life goal still think about it, it’s a question of your life.. Choose wisely. In Fact there is a 3rd type of #player also, known as wanderers we talk about them later.

What is a life goal? A life goal is something that you love to do. Something you love to do in your free time. Even if it’s playing video games, find something that you truly love, and if you think you have found it, just do an experiment try doing it just for one week. Doing it 10hrs a day.

At the end of the week just think if you can do it for another week. Or if you can’t do that, then just observe your life. What is the one thing for you which you crave 5 minutes more. When the time is up, you want to do it for 5 more minutes, just a little more. We start the journey of this creation with Infinite #Game and then Indefinite Thinking, and we don’t really talk about how to find goal. But don’t worry, once you understand Indefinite Thinking and Infinite Playing, we shall discuss something called Zero Thinking which is meant to help you find your goal.

One important thing to realize is that out of 7 billion people on planet Earth, a major population has at least one good idea that can change the game. But really less people take #action . And I am worried about them. I pray God to give them the courage to take action.

If you have a little bit knowledge about friction, then you shall now that the force of friction is strongest when the object is at rest. The friction increases as the object tries to move, and friction reaches its maximum potential to oppose motion, but as soon as object breaks free from friction it starts to move. And as the object moves, the amount of friction offered is always less than its maximum capacity.

Life is same. When you don’t want to move life doesn’t apply any force on you. But as you try to move and progress, life starts to oppose you. And from life I mean the ecosystem in which we live. As you put your efforts and try very hard, life starts to oppose you at its maximum potential. And once you try hard and break through the force, life becomes easy, the opposition force of life reduces.

The start is the most crucial thing. If you are sitting and are not putting efforts to approach your dreams then you shall have no opposition. As you put efforts to achieve, you receive opposition. And it’s the hardest part, but as soon as you overcome the opposition, your life becomes comparatively easy. If you can have the courage to start, then you have everything that you need to reach the end. If you were able to get started this means you can run till the end. And if your goal is infinite, then you will run for Infinite time and keep approaching your goal, and getting closer and closer to it.

And after this, once you are ready to take action, essentially you shall be a thinker and you shall be a player too. So, the reason why people fail In there goals, is the fact that they play the wrong game. The Game Quadrilateral, explains it all. All the 4 types of players are great, but every goal is easier to achieve if you select the right type of game, and then play it with passion.

Remember that for any rocket the liftoff is the most crucial stage of the mission. In your journey to achieve your life goals, the start would again be the hardest part.

Game Quadrant

The Game Quadrant is nothing much complicated, it’s simply the magic that happens when any type of thinker combines with any other type of player. We should also remember that if you are part of any of the game, then you will intentionally or unintentionally be a part of the Game Quadrant.

The Game Quadrant cannot be defined for a person in absolute terms. For a particular person, his existence is relative to the game that the person is playing. This means that a person can be Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, when he tries to compete in the race of promotion in office, but he can be a Definite Thinker Finite Player when it comes to doing maybe painting.

Game exists when you have a competitor. And a competitor is a person with similar goals as compared to your goal. So this also means that when you shift yourself in Game Quadrant, not only do you change the way you play the game, but also, your competitors also change.

The Game Quadrant is for different combinations of Thinkers and Players. You need to be in the correct side of quadrilateral according to your goal. And as you change sides, you change the way you think, and you change the competitors too. This makes distinguishing threat much easier. You shall stay focused, and you will be able to remove distractions from your life. The Game you play will adjust things according to you.

So here is the Game Quadrant in the picture below, deep in meaning yet as simple as it should be.

Definite Thinker Finite Player

Indefinite Thinker Finite Player

Definite Thinker Infinite Player

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

So here we see that in the left side are the Definite Thinkers, and on the right are the Indefinite Thinkers. Similarly on the upper side are the Finite Players, whereas on the lower side are Infinite Players.

This is really simple, it is the base of the whole creation presented to you in just one graphic. Before you continue onto read, I want you guys to properly learn and remember the Game Quadrant, because the next few headings, we shall talk about this only. Create a clear picture in your mind like “on which side do the Finite Player exist’ and “on which side of the quadrant are the Indefinite Thinkers”

It’s obvious that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is really powerful, but it’s not that success comes to only them. It’s just that you can easily gain more success and go far it’s just better and more wise choice to be Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

Again the motive of this creation was to help you become a person capable of changing the world, become a person who makes a infact, someone who brings change in society, the people who move the human race forward.

Now if you read the above 4 carefully, you would have easily understand the fact that it’s not that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is the only option to be successful, it all depends on your goal, and what you want to do in life.

But I can tell you that Infinite Player Indefinite Thinker is the most powerful group amongst these 4. They have the capability to move the world forward, and therefore they are very powerful. The thing that makes them the most powerful can be understood from the table below.

Hard Work and Perseverance

Beautiful thing is that the concept of Indefinite Game Infinite Player perfectly relates with Creativity/Smart Work and Perseverance/Hard Work. When we use the smart be subconsciously relate with education, but here smart work means just the ability to reach the solution

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

Creative and Perseverant

Indefinite Thinker Finite Player

Creative but not Perseverant

Definite Thinker Infinite Player

Perseverant but not creative

Definite Thinker Finite Player

Not Creative and Not Perseverant

The Concept of Indefinite Thinking Infinite Playing talks about making plans and execution, and not about finding the goal. Though I have still included something called Zero Thinking, which comes in Part 5, and helps you find your mission

In order to set the original mission, which is the cause, the purpose or goal of your mission, you need to be Zero Thinker. Zero Thinking is something you can leave if you are sure you have your cause and mission in your life, but a large majority in this world doesn’t know what their mission actually is. We shall discuss that in part 5 of this creation.

Another important thing is that, Definite Thinker and Finite Player is the most common amongst people. And even though Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, is highly powerful, it takes a lot of energy, presence of mind, and hard work. Our life is too short to think Indefinitely in each of your small missions.

Focus is about saying “NO” . Saying “No” to a 100 great ideas and focusing on one big goal. Giving your full bandwidth, to multiple goals, means you will be diluting your efforts. It’s better to be great at one thing, than be moderate at 10 things.

We can have only one or two missions for which we can work Indefinitely. And majority of other missions require you to be Definite Thinker Finite Player. This is in order to save time for your main mission and life goal.

Definite Thinkers Finite Players, can be found really easily. A major population has set their life goal and yet they play as if they are playing any other game. As a result they are never able to make an impact.

Definite Thinking Finite Playing is important, in fact really important even if you want to be Infinite and Indefinite. This is because playing all the unnecessary games as Definite Thinkers and Finite Player, ensures that you can focus on your main mission, and you can also preserve your energy for that one big thing.

For example, if you want to be a chef, then your life goal is being a chef and there you need to be Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. And for a chef, being a good car driver shall be an sidelined goal. Knowing how to drive is important, but there is no need to think Indefinitely In it. Similarly if your Life goal is to be Race car driver, then knowing how to drive fast, reduce time and yet remain is important, and therefore you need to Think Indefinitely and Play Infinitely in it. But for a Race Car Driver, knowing how to cook is just fine, he can play Finite and Think Definite In that case

Please note that even if I say we need to sideline all unnecessary games, and play them as Definite Thinker Finite Player, I still believe that you need to be a Wanderer in all such unnecessary games. What is a Wanderer? Well don’t worry we will discuss the meaning of Wanderer and Zero Thinker in Part 5 of this creation. You need to just realize the fact that based on your own dream/ambition/Infinite Goal you need to put your full find and energy into that goal, and then don’t be bothered much about other goals.

These 2 are the bunch of people that are capable, yet not successful. And from successful they mean that they have stagnated at a level, and are not able to grow further. Well turns out that is because they are unintentionally using half baked theory.

The real game changers are Indefinite Thinkers as well as Infinite Players, lack of either of the 2 characteristics totally changes the way you work, and/or changes the level of goals you achieve.

This does not mean that being A Definite Thinker Infinite Player or Being an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is bad. There are many areas where the need for Indefinite Thinker is far more necessary than the need for being an Infinite Player and vice versa. There are many areas where they are Totally capable of achieving success.

Everyone Can be Successful

It’s just that they are unaware of it. Everyone in the Game Quadrant can achieve success. It’s just that the definition of success and the way we achieve success is totally different from one another. People with big goals and big dreams fail because they are in the wrong part of the Game Quadrant. Simply shifting quadrants, would change the working style and would help you achieve your goal. The type of goal you want to achieve decides what quadrant do you belong to. And being in the wrong quadrant has been a mistake of a vast range of today’s population. For eg. It would be difficult for you to achieve your goals if you are a painter and still you think Definite. (A painter needs imagination and creativity which come from Indefinite Thinking)

We need to be well aware and understand in depth how each of the quadrant works. The creation was titled “Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player” but it doesn’t mean that you need to be an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, all of the 4 are equal, all you need to remember is that choosing the right quadrant is like choosing the right life partner, be crystal clear about your goal, and then decide what level of success you want. Once you do that, your intuition will itself give you the answer to what quadrant you belong.

As a side note, I chose the name for this creation as “Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player” because first of all Indefinite Thinkers And Infinite Players are really hard to find, and I needed a name for this concept of mine, so I chose it. Moreover it sounds interesting in my opinion.

The Left Side of Game Quadrant

This is the first one in the Game Quadrant, before starting I hope you remember the Game quadrant as a whole. The left side of the game Quadrant has the Definite Thinkers. Herer we will discuss the 2 combinations that the Definite Thinkers make with the players.

We will discuss the Definite Thinker Finite Player, then we will move onto Definite Thinkers Infinite Players. So let’s get started

Definite Thinker Finite Player

This is a place in which the majority of our population lives. There exists a great majority of the population that do not have any goal, and as a result end up being a Definite Thinker Finite Player.

There is nothing wrong in being a Definite Thinker, and there is nothing wrong if you don’t have any goal of yours, what matters is that you need to keep trying. Definite Thinker Finite Player, is really important, all of us have been a Definite Thinker and Finite Player at some point in life. And Definite Thinking can get a lot of work done. These are the go fast people.

These people want to do everything very fast. If you are a Definite Thinker and Finite Player, your goals is not to be the best, or be the greatest. Your goal is to be the fastest. You build upon the experience of someone else.

If you need to write a letter, your goal will not be to use best vocabulary your goal would be to write in the shortest possible way. The Definite Thinkers Finite Players are racers, they want to go in the fastest possible way.

They never try to cover the longest possible distance. They try to cover a given distance in the shortest possible way. And how do they run the fastest?

In order to be the fastest you need to build on others, we need to build on the ideas and research of others. A majority of problems that we need to solve to be the fastest, can be solved by probably Google searches, or some creations.

We need to go fast. We are not trying to run a marathon, we are trying a 100 meter. It doesn’t matter if we run out of resources, all that matters is that they need to be fast

The get rich quick guides that we see, are not meant to make you Jeff Bezos, they are made to reach you at most a few million dollars. The goal of Get Rich quick guides is to make you reach a good number at the fastest possible way. You go fast really fast.

And the speed at which this portion progresses is faster than the speed at which any other quadrant can progress. And it’s a beautiful thing.These are the people who are bound by the high walls of status quo, they do not want any change they don’t think differently

Definite Thinkers in them, is common amongst a majority of people. For example, many people have the goal “being rich”. For the same they select the game Definite Thinker Finite Player, because they want to get a particular Amount of money, probably a hundred thousand dollar, and they want it quick.

But if we tweak the goal to “earn a lot of money” the goal becomes a part of Definite Thinker Infinite Player. We need to be crystal care with what our goal is. A sight change in goal could change the Quadrant in which you belong.

These people are safe players and they don’t bet big in fact they would remain satisfied with whatever they want. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you are Definite Thinker Finite Player if your goal is to remain average and be mediocre throughout your life.

If you want to live a normal peaceful life then it is for you, but being a Definite Thinker Finite player, you are bound to be doing the work that millions of other people also do.

We as a Definite Thinker Finite Player, we can take it as the effort/performance ratio. The minor efforts can bring a major change in your progress in goal, when you are at the initial stages. But as you grow, a major effort brings really minor step forward. The initial stages is where Definite Thinkers Finite Players belong.

They take out, maximum output from least possible efforts. They don’t work for perfection, they work for maximum output from minimum input, it is a quite eminent industrial attitude, where they want machines in industry to produce maximum goods in minimum time.

I talked earlier Definite Thinker Finite Players are important, for all other Game Quadrants too, this is because they are fast. Other Quadrants are slow. So when people from other 3 quadrants get unnecessary things to do, they try to do it with the same speed, they do it with much more perfection, but it takes away a lot of time, bandwidth, and energy from you.

Life is too short to do everything perfectly, you can be just average with everything and be great at one thing. For which the most important tool is Definite Thinker Finite Player, because they are fast. And that’s the reason why we discuss it at first. Because it is the most important thing. All people with primary goal lying in any of the 4 Game Quadrants, need to have a little bit of Definite Thinking Finite Playing, in order to compensate for comparatively lower speed in primary goal.

Definite Thinker Infinite Player

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player, is someone who does the same thing over and over again. He is considered to be mister consistent. In office you find such guys who work all day Long. You must have seen some sincere hardworking guys who are at the same job profile for many years.

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player, never gets bored. They find there goal and they do it till Infinite time. These are the people like monks. Monks have the goal to attain peace and live in the present. They do it for Infinite Time. These people put their entire life meditating and remaining in peace.

They are Infinite Players, and surely they are because once people turn monks, or pandits, they try to spend their entire life doing the works of monk.

They are Definite Thinkers. They do what is written in the creations, or is in the rules. Breaking the rules or bending them in their favor is not their goal.

And the Definite Thinkers Infinite Players, are really trustworthy. These people are really consistent, the fact that they are Definite Thinker means that they do not experiment and Don’t take risks, and surely follow the rules.

Infinite Players, try to run the race for longer period of times. And for it they wisely manage their resources. The managed resources are used efficiently, therefore they have a high success rate, and they try to run for the furthest distance.

And what they say is that god will give reward them at that time. They are infinite players, and they will do hard work till infinity, but they are doing the same thing over and over again. You can’t get different results from doing the same thing over and over again. They very well know it.

These people are not creative, but they are very hard working. This is mainly because they have infinitely big goal and they don’t want to waste time. They work really fast too.

There definite thinking is in there mindset. They want to change the world, these are the people who hear an idea, and then follow it by heart. I don’t have a reason, but I have found these type of people to be really sincere and punctual, in my opinion they are really good listener also, because they never try to be creative and they just go buy the lines.

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player, is really consistent, you can trust him on his work, he is hardworking and sincere. Such people are really trustworthy, and in office, the boss gives the most important work to this guy..

A Definite Thinker, always plays by the rules, and will never try to go off track, and therefore he plays it really safe, if a genuinely Infinite Player, who will work hard till infinite time, then this person in sure to get a good track record and high success rate.

A Definite Thinker Infinite Player is really stable in my opinion they keep a lot of simplicity. Their goal is to achieve maximum output and put maximum efforts in the bounds of safe rules, and secure procedures.

Till here we discussed the left side of game quadrant. Any person with a desire to achieve his or her goal is really hardworking, and a Definite Thinker who is Finite Player targets speed. He wants to reach the furthest distance that can be traveled by the least amount of time.

A Definite Thinker who is an Infinite Player, targets to cover the largest distance that can be traveled safely or in the bounds of rules. The problem is that they play it too safe. And without taking risks you can’t change the world.

Even the most successful people on the left didn’t bring a radical shift in the world. The goal of the left side is to be surrounded with high walls of security, and then try to achieve their goals. A Finite Player tries to go fast, and Infinite Player in the Left side of the golden quadrant tries to go the furthest distance without taking much risks

They wish to achieve maximum by using the rules, and the procedures that have been documented and existing procedures and techniques. The left side of the game quadrant has a high success rate, and they have a safe life.

Each and every goal has some or the other level of risk, but when I say that the left side of the Game quadrant is safe, the safe is in comparison to the life of a player on the right side of the Game Quadrant.

Right Side Of the Game Quadrant

So here we come to the right side of the Game Quadrant. The right quadrant is much more interesting and much more fun. A majority of the population belongs to the left side of the Game Quadrant and the uniqueness of the Right Side of the game quadrant, and that makes it much more challenging and interesting.

The right side as obvious has Indefinite Thinkers within them. The Indefinite Thinkers are the creative souls. And they are unique within themselves

The Indefinite Thinker and Finite Player

Indefinite Thinker and Finite Players. Personally I feel that they are the unluckiest of the bunch. They have the talent, the creativity, the hard work and smart work. But the only thing is that they have not selected the right type of goal. They just with slight adjustment can do wonders.

The Indefinite Thinkers have the creative part of their brain really dominant. An Indefinite Thinker will have the goal to be creative, these people are usually artists.

This is a group of people who have great thoughts, but the lack of willingness to convert them into something relevant. Before I discovered the concept of Indefinite Thinking, I had an unanswered question in my mind, “Why do one-hit-wonders happen?”

These are some film stars, singers, musicians and sportsmen, who get success very quickly and then they fade out even quickly. I used to wonder why does this happen. Do they lack talent ? Is there anything wrong with them? Is it a conspiracy?

Later I researched, discovered, and conceptualized Indefinite Thinking, in most of the cases the answer I found apt was that they are really talented people. But it’s like giving a sword to a kid, it’s improbable that he will be able to use and utilize it in an effective manner. And we rather fear that the child may harm itself with the sword.

Same is the case with those one hit wonders they would be immensely talented and that’s why they grew high, but then they are not very good players, in the computer and the game, they lacked the capability to survive.

An Indefinite Thinker is a person who thinks out of the box and is creative, artists are really creative. They can make anything from a sunset scene to a simple mountain, literally anything, it’s just there thought process, was far more amazing.

Every other painter must have drawn a sunset scene but the drawing of each artist differs from another artist. Artists do already existing things but each artist did it in different ways.

They mostly are finite players. Once a poet writes the creation, he never writes a Version 2.0 of the poem. He can write till infinity but he more often than not will not work on the same thing till Infinity.

They make creative work, and they are usually finite players. An Infinite goal can be to make great paintings throughout your life. But a finite goal can be to make one good painting. An Indefinite Thinker Finite Player makes really amazing pieces of arts. The things they create can be astonishingly amazing.

The work that they create is trendsetter, and the world admires their artwork. They make one big hit, and they put their full heart and soul. And they get good responses from the public.

But their success is short lived, they are never remembered for making the most number of wonderful paintings. They just make one or two paintings. Because they only want short lived success, and that may seem weird to you, but it’s true. There exist people who follow this approach.

In fact we discussed one such story in this creation itself. Remember in Part 2 of this creation, I narrated the story about how I was supposed to speak at an event and praise about my company. There I had told you that the speech I gave to company was something finite. My infinite goal was to be a successful employee, but my finite goal which I termed as a “milestone” was a finite goal.

It required lots of creativity and Indefinite Thinking. A Finite Goal (getting the contract) was achieved by Indefinite Thinking. I left an impression in my speech. And I achieved my goal very well. Never did I again have the opportunity to speak again at such an event. And never was I remembered as a wonderful orator, but my goal was surely achieved.

When you try to accomplish something which is just for a one time gain, you play an Indefinite Thinker Finite Player. My goal was never to be good at speech. All that mattered to me was that I needed one good speech. Just one good speech that can make a significant impact for my whole company. And once I did it, I never wanted more.

Here is a side note, remember, I said that the reason why Infinite Player is more powerful than Finite Player is greed. When Finite Player achieves something he is happy for a year, and then again gets greedy and wants more. An Infinite Player wants infinite, and he keeps working for infinite time. The constantly slowing down of a Finite Player when he seems to be approaching his goal makes him lag in the actual race. If a Finite Player can work without greed, then finite goal is again very amazing.

When I gave that speech, I wanted to make an impact for just one time, and I never got greedy once I achieved my success. As a result I was very Successful in my mission, and the achievement of this Finite Goal fueled my Infinite Goal of Being a better employee. And because my greed to achieve became non existent when once I had achieved my finite goal.

And the greed is the reason why I sympathise with Indefinite Thinker Finite Player is because they have everything to be an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. But they are not aware of this concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player and as a result they chose a bit wrongly organized goals. They have everything to reach a higher orbit, and a higher level of success, it’s just that they need to change perspective and become an Infinite Player.

No doubt an Indefinite Thinker Finite Player is good, and in the right situations it can be awesome, people who want to leave the game once they achieve the goal can truly play it. But if you have big ambitions, then it’s not wise to be an Indefinite Thinker Finite Player in absolute terms, you need to be an Infinite Player of any one form in complement to it.

A Definite Thinker Finite Player too can be harmed from greed. But remember a Definite Thinker Finite Player never tries to make one of the greatest things ever. They put all their resources, and they don’t have the desire to go forward. And they have to start again if they have more to accomplish, but for an Indefinite Thinker Finite Player, they have the resources, they still have the technique the ideas and the experience which is invaluable. They have the capability to go forward yet they won’t go forward until they take support of any type of Infinite Player. And being an Infinite Player obviously gives you more power and success.

Ok, I agree that it’s not a compulsion for an artist to be an Indefinite Thinker and Infinite Player, I personally consider myself Indefinite Thinker, and as an Indefinite Thinker I know it’s surely possible, for an artist to be infinite player. Anything is possible, but lately I have found artists and writers and people with similar work to be Indefinite Thinker and finite player.

Take this creation for example. I already to write the creation as perfectly as possible. And it’s improbable that there would be any major changes, there would be revised editions, may be we change the cover of creation etc. but by the time you are reading this, it has become finite, and now we are probably working on something else, and this creation will keep completing it’s motive of motivating people, becoming an eye opener for the general public and then, helping everyone becoming Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player

So let’s get onto the last one of the Game Quadrant, you can. Guess it, it’s at the bottom right of the Game Quadrant, it’s the Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. The Indefinite Thinker, is really powerful, these are the high risk high reward people. They are really creative they do a lot of experimenting, and most importantly they move the human race forward.

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player is the slowest amongst all. But the success and the fame that it achieves is beyond the reach of any of the other 3 Quadrants. It needs strong determination, hard work, and the necessary mindset.

An Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, has the goal to cover maximum distance in fact infinite distance. The initial portion is usually easy, but as you progress into the journey of infinite distance, you shall be greeted by many hiccups and hurdles, which only an Indefinite Thinker cans solve.

The Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player requires lots of courage to play, it has lots of errors, and lots of failures. But at the end it’s the Indefinite Thinkers who have their works echo in the ears of people years after they go.

The never settling attitude of Indefinite Thinker makes all the difference. The never settle. I talked about how I gave a speech at an event to represent my company. Other people were Definite Thinker Definite Players, and they did what they could have done at the fastest pace, whereas

Just go back a few pages and read the story of monk. In the Definite Thinker Infinite Player we had discussed it. We may have wondered that there exist some spiritual people/monks/religious people, who even changed our society. So what are they, they are Indefinite Thinkers And Infinite Players. The people who thought creative and challenged the status quo.

Always remember that the Game Quadrant to which a person belongs can never be defined in absolute terms. The existence any quadrant of a person can be defined with respect to the nature of the goal and with problem solving attitude that the person possess towards the goal.

A Spiritual person with the help of existence of willingness to change customs and traditions, becomes an Indefinite Thinker, but without it the person remains definite thinker.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference

  • Excerpt from poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Game Quadrant and Work

The Game Quadrant is the soul of the concept Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. And as far as I am concerned, I believe it to be a fundamental principle of humanity. It has explained human behavior, it explains setting up of different goals, it represents the mindset of person, and it talks about why some people always lag and others always lead in the game. It is extremely powerful.

The Game Quadrant explains what’s wrong with our society and education system also. I shall explain that now

Our Society

We discussed a Definite Thinker Finite Player, and we discussed Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. Our schools want us to get good grades in all the subjects and essentially be a all-rounder. But then our parents dream us to be the greatest scientist. In fact we dream of Einstein and Newton.

These great scientists were Indefinite Thinkers and Infinite Players. And the level of success that an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player achieves is far bigger than the success received by member of any of the other 3 quadrants.

In school we never go to the so called “level” of those scientists, because we try to be Definite Thinker Finite Player. And as a Definite Thinker Finite Player our goal is to go fast not far. We study, science discoveries and inventions which can be done at high speed.

If you want to achieve enormous success, then It’s okay, in fact it’s perfectly fine to be mediocre or average performer in a million things, but all that matters is that you need to be amazingly great in one thing, you need to travel the Infinite distance for just one thing.

Again remember that if your goal is to just go fast and you are not attracted by the success of those scientists then the current education system is fine, but if we want to change the world and achieve massive success then we definitely need to focus on one big thing. A major population of the world, dreams the success of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, and still plays on the lines of Definite Thinker Finite Player, which is not possible.

Our education system was probably made by some Definite Thinkers and as a result they present the game of education and knowledge also, with the perspective of Definite Thinker and Finite Player.

The Game Quadrant is representative of the manner in which someone proceeds towards its goal and it’s independent of what the goal actually is.

Take this for example, I told that a Definite Thinker Finite Player is the fastest. This means he wants to achieve his goal really fast, being fast is not his goal, in fact it’s the way he approaches the goal. And in contrast an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player can be called slow, but slow is the way they approach their goal, not the actual goal.

Amazon is a global e-commerce business. And the fact that when they started their idea was called stupid and they wanted to run this brand till infinite means that they are Indefinite Thinkers Infinite Players. As is there quadrant they will approach their goal slowly. But what is their goal? More specifically what is their infinite goal.

Their infinite goal is to provide the widest range of options to customers, and to have fast delivery. There infinite goal has the speed factor in it. There infinite goal can be to have the fastest deliveries.

 But the way they approach their goal of “fastest deliveries” is by slowly improving their systems, infrastructure and logistics to perfection. The process of achieving their infinite goal of fast deliveries is a really slow process, and as we move towards an infinite goal things obviously slow down.

To be amazingly fast can be an Infinite goal, but the journey to reach the infinite goal is very slow, with gradual improvements, and slow progress as we approach the goal. This example explains that the Game Quadrant only explains the way the person approaches the goal.

Smart and Hard Work is something that you hear from every other person. They say don’t work hard work smart. Well I totally agree. Even a donkey works hard, but a Donkey can’t be a CEO of a company.

But it was not until I started writing this creation, that I realized that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, also includes Hard Work and Smart Work. An Indefinite Thinker is a Smart Worker, and An Infinite Player is a Hard Worker.

When people say you need to do smart work, what they mean is that they want you to use mind perfectly, so that they can find the solution to any problem. Or you can become more productive, and become efficient.

Right, so that’s what the Indefinite Thinker is, he thinks Indefinite and finds the solution to a problem, that connects the maximum number of dots possible. The idea of Smart Work, tells us what to do, they tell us to think of good and innovative solutions to problems, but it doesn’t tell you how to do smart work. It gives you the goal but it doesn’t give you the trick.

But the Indefinite Thinking gives you the trick. Indefinite Thinking asks you to find everything that is unlimited, that is not governed by rules and then work to leverage it in the best possible way. Indefinite Thinking wants you to find the solution that connects the maximum number of dots and therefore is the best solution.

Similarly people ask their employees their kids and every other non performing player to do the hard work. Hard Work is an infinite game, hard work, means doing all efforts to achieve your goal. People assume that there was a lack of hard work that kept one short of achieving his goal.

Now think what is infinite player, Infinite Player does all efforts to achieve his goal. He tries to achieve his infinite goal, by making all possible efforts. An Infinite player, is by nature inquisitive, and he is desperate to cover new milestones.

I admit that the idea of smart work and hard work is a really wonderful idea. But during my job, when my bosses asked me to do hard work and smart work, I used to agree with their words, but I was always clueless about how to apply it. It was a good idea with no direct description of how to implement it.

In a neutral way I shall say and propagate the fact that Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, explains a lot more, and it if thought carefully very well explains the ‘How’ to do Smart Work and Hard Work.

My opinion is that may be the phase “Hard Work” is self explanatory but, the phrase “Smart Work” is not self explanatory, the characteristic of Smart Work is not common in the world, and “Hard Work” is relatively more commonly used word and therefore we understand it. Therefore I Feel that the Smart Work, term should be very well associated with Indefinite Thinker, so that people can better understand it, and implement it easily.

A Smart Working person, is street smart. And he finds unconventional solutions to problems. And how do these people think so differently and so out of the box. The answer is experience. If you are having trouble managing your money, just make someone who is good at managing money your good friend.

A smart working person has got a lot of experience and therefore many a times, he knows how to solve a problem just by the experience of others. They find a guy who as already solved a similar problem and then follow his work.

When I say this, I must tell that if your goal is infinite, which it should definitely be, then obviously it’s impossible to find a person who has achieved the infinite goal. In that case you will try to find a person who has achieved a portion of your goal. For example, if your business is about selling creations, and you face trouble, because many people cancel orders due to slow delivery.

I don’t care what your infinite goal actually is. But in this case, I am bothered about a problem or a milestone. Then you should find a guy who has done the same thing. For example, an UberEats, delivery person, will tell you about the infrastructure they developed so that the delivery guy quickly can deliver it. And if you sell products far off, then an Amazon Delivery Warehouse guy, can give you a lot of advice.

The point is, that the fast delivery is just one aspect of your large mission, and infinite goal. But for an Amazon guy, fast delivery and easy accessibility of products to consumers is their main goal. Therefore they will have ridiculously more experience.

If you find another person in the exact same business and same goal (basically a competitor) ahead of you then, it’s a threat, it means your goal was not big enough. You need to think about your goal. And if you start to take advice from them, you will become there followers and they will simply continue to be the leader of the game.

Beware, that you should always monitor your competitor, but never settle to follow their business tactics, strategies and techniques. The goal is to be better than your competitor not just similar or equal to your competitor. By following your competitors tactics you will be just equal to them and not better than them. If you take inspiration from industry that is has the solution to your problem as their main infinite goal (fast delivery in this case), then take inspiration from them. (Don’t exactly copy). This is how you do Smart Work and how An Indefinite Thinker is a Smart Worker.

Hard Work is the other aspect of this creation. Hard Work is basically putting your heart and soul, to face the problem and then find the solution.

Hard Work, is when every ounce of your body says you to take rest, but you keep working. Not because your boss will kick you out, but because you are too inclined towards your goal.

A Hard Working person is passionate, he devotes himself to goal. In hard times, he will put all efforts, to move to his goal. He will be on a hunt for all times.

The Indefinite Game gives You Perspective

Indefinite Game is all about getting the right perspective. A problem that seems difficult and too complicated from one perspective, can seem really simple from another perspective.

The Indefinite Game, has always been about finding perspective, and how do you find the perspective, is by simply finding loopholes that you can leverage into your favor.

Indefinite Game gives you perspective, it helps you think in different ways, and varied contrasting opinions. Many a times the problems just feel big, because we assumed that the problem actually exists.

Whenever I land up in a situation requiring me to find a good solution, I start with simply facts. I broil down the full situation, to some basic facts that are always true, and are improbable to change over time.

The perspective, can be thought about from a simple example. Take a hypothetical situation, where I promise you to pay $1 Million, if you jump from an aeroplane without a parachute or any support. And you have to survive it.

You may plan to use some diving techniques etc. But as I said, the first step is to boil down the things to the core facts. The necessary factors are that we need to jump from an aeroplane, second is to survive the crash.

But is there any limit on speed of aeroplane. Don’t read further, maybe you can guess the answer. Like speed even the height of the plane is not set. What if the plane is on ground? I never said that the plane is flying.

You thought the plane is flying. And in fact this common riddle made you think the plane is flying. When the question stated that there was no parachute, and you had to survive it, it gave a feeling that the lane was flying. Whereas it was just a distraction.

Had I just said you had to jump from the plane, it might have taken your thoughts in that direction, but a parachute made you have a wrong Perspective.

Broil down the things to the very basic facts, and then see what is the thing that you can leverage. In this case it was height. A plane while grounded is probably as tall as a home. And you at most can get a minor injury in such cases.

It’s all in the mind. Things that seem difficult from one perspective are super easy from another perspective. Now take the below example. This you can apply in real life to save money.

This is a really common thing seen in Cinemas. They use it to take more money out of you.

 I will take a simple experiment. In a cinema there are 2 sizes of popcorn, large and small, large costs $4, small costs $1.5, what would you buy for yourself? Obviously you just need popcorn for taste, and you will be willing to save money therefore opt for a $1.5 popcorn. The small has 400 grams while large has 600 grams

Now in the experiment, they just did a small addition. They added another size of popcorn, this time a medium size. A medium size Popcorn will definitely give variety to consumers. And therefore it is a good thing.

But what they do is change perspective. They change perspective, they now sell the large for $4.20, medium for $3.5 and small for $1.50. And please note, that the actual size and quantity of popcorn is same in small and large popcorn.

The small here has 400 gram, medium 500 gram and large has 600 gram. But they overprice the medium one.

If on the counter you see this, it is obvious to you, that the quantity difference between small and medium popcorn is same as quantity difference between medium and large popcorn. Doing simple maths. You see that the extra you get in medium size costs you extra $2.0, but getting more extra for large costs just extra $0.7.

If you buy medium you get an extra 100 gram for $2.0, but you can get 200 gram extra compared to small by paying $2.7

Therefore it seems a wise decision, to buy a large popcorn, paying a little extra over the medium popcorn gives you a lot more quantity. Therefore the cost to performance ratio says that it is wise yo buy large popcorn.

What you should see is that the large popcorn in both the case is the exact same, but simply changing the perspective, by adding a medium popcorn makes you feel that you can get a lot more with just $0.7, whereas in the first case to get extra you needed extra $2.5, the quantity of extra varies. But paying $0.7 for extra seems a wise decision but $2.5 doesn’t seem wise.

That’s the beauty of change of perspective. By simply overpricing the medium popcorn, they make you feel that the large popcorn is a better deal. The beauty of Indefinite Thinking, can get you to have more sales easily.

The perspective seems to be really powerful. People who see the world from different perspectives have the power to change the world.

Part 5

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