Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Part 2

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Part 2

An Infinite Goal

Our goals, govern a lot of things we do, and if we choose our goals wisely and in the correct manner, our success and our fulfillment is pretty much sure. But how do we choose our goals.

15 years ago, as a kid, my parents asked me to get a particular number of marks and as a reward, I would get a toy of my choice. And almost always I would get the needed marks for my exams. I was really successful and I always believed my goals, and many would say it was a good parenting strategy.

But then on the result day, I would see some of my best friends who were equally capable as me, score more than me and others score less than me. And I would be jealous of the high scorers. Even after achieving the goal of having toy, I was never fulfilled.

I realized that just because I decided that I wanted a particular marks I got it. Even though I was capable of for more, I just decided to not try to achieve it. And later seeing someone else achieve more just because they decided to work for it, made me reform myself.

I realized that’s it’s totally wrong to set your goals in terms of numbers. A particular digit salary, or a particular weight, or a particular height should not be the goal.

When we discussed the story of buying a car in finite and infinite game, a Finite Player always remained in unhappy, because whenever he achieved a goal he became greedy and wanted more. I have seen people slow down when they know that they are about to reach their goal, whenever they realize the finish line is near, they slowdown with the illusion that it will be achieved soon.

And sometimes the opposite may also be equally likely, people after achieving a goal, prefer not to move forward, even when they have the capability. Just because they feel it unnecessary.

I found the Infinite Game to perfectly explain how to set the goal. The wonderful thing that we observe with infinite goal is that all great scientists, who did great work, but were failures in school also had this thing in them.

The Right Goal

The thing is called an infinite goal. And infinite goal is a goal which can never be achieved, the effort is to reach as close to that goal as possible. Their goal was never to get good grades, there motive was to get more education and get more knowledge.

Infinite goal means you will do everything that is possible to reach close to that goal. Great revolutionaries worked for it. Mahatma Gandhi, did that, they had an infinite goal of having non-violence, peace and yet attain freedom.

They never, reach close to their goal, and therefore they never slowdown. And the fact they never reach their goal they play till infinite time. And the fact that the goal was so far away, they were super desperate to achieve it, the vision and the dream pulled them forward to achieve it.

On a journey to reach the infinite goal, you will keep getting closer to your infinite goal but never reach it. And even when you reach the greatest level you would be ahead of all your competitors. Working for a goal is like driving on a foggy day.

You can never get to see the full road till the goal, you just see next few meters of distance, and as you keep covering the distance the next few hundred meters reveal in front of you. For a finite player, he shall park his car when he reaches his goal. But He doesn’t realize that even though he reached his goal, the road is still there, he can travel even more, it’s just that he doesn’t want to travel. For an Infinite Player the road is as big as Infinity and the goal is also as big as Infinity, therefore he continues to drive, until the maximum time he can.

But what if we reach a deadend, what if we find that irrespective of goal we have reached a point after which the road doesn’t exist. That’s where the importance of goal comes. If you have a crystal clear goal in your mind, then you will try to take the correct turns, and choose the right lanes towards your goal, and if you make a mistake you will be quick to realize and quick to correct it. Their is an immense importance of goal. Always choose your goal wisely.

In Infinite game you never reach your goal, because Infinity is always bigger than whatever we have. And we never achieve our goal, and the reward in an infinite game is a result of journey. An Infinite Game has an Infinite number of finite Milestones. An Infinite Player achieves more number of finite milestones than any of his competitors. As a result he receives more success and better rewards. The success and the rewards of Infinite Player are not the result of accomplishment of finite game, but in fact they are the result of the journey traveled to approach the infinite goal. The finite milestones reward you rather than the infinite goal itself.

The Reason Why We Fall

Great companies rise to the pinnacle of success and then have a downfall. They set big goals, they for example decide to make their products more affordable and cost effective, so that the general public can afford it.

As they move closer to their goal, they attract more people, people start to love their products, and soon they become and big and powerful company. Upon seeing their success many other small companies also start to implement same techniques, tricks and policy.

And as a result, the distinguishing factor between your company and other companies starts to dilute. The market share divides in other companies also, because now they also offer similar products. Over the years, there glory and success starts to fade off.

The problem is when you achieve the goal of making anything better than competition, it can bring you success. But then when competition copies it, you start to lag.

Rather if you have an infinite goal, it can be anything, just it should be well defined. A goal like “Becoming Great Person” is too abstract, and therefore a well defined infinite goal is a must.

The next part would help you, become an infinite player, play long, and for infinite time, work till infinity, we will discuss about the right thought process and mindset that you need in order to pursue your infinite goal, for a long period of time.

Being an Infinite Player does not mean that you must have a goal which has a seriously big number in it.

Imagine a business house, that built a great new product that would disrupt the industry. And before the launch, the sales team is given the goal of 100% market share for that product. Would you call it a finite goal or an infinite goal.

100 is a not very big number, and “Infinite percentage” market share is not defined. But still it shall be considered an infinite goal. Can 100% market share be achieved? No a perfect 100% would mean that absolutely 0 people use products of other companies. Which is highly improbable.

We said that an Infinite Goal is a goal that can never be achieved, we can just approach it. A 100% market share can never be achieved, we can try to get closer and closer to it.

A finite goal is a goal that can be achieved, and has a clear Distinction. We have a lot of finite goals in our life, and you yourself can imagine what a finite goal actually is?

In our lives, our goals are decided based on our dreams and ambitions. When we select our life goals, we expect ourselves to spend major portion of our lives working for that goal. In order to find it we need to find our true passion and love.

Once we find our true love, we need to decide what we want to do with it. In what ways do we want to set our goals and work so that we can put our entire lives in it.

It’s The Passion That Matters

Passion is a really powerful thing, finding your true goal, true mission finding what you truly love, finding your passion is a difficult task. People with Passion, are the ones who devote truly to a mission.

And what is a true passion? Well something that you can do for your entire life. Only God knows how your entire life happens. But you need to think of those you can really do for at least 30 years. What if you don’t do this ? You get into huge quagmire.

A Not-so-Short Story

Let me tell you a story of a girl. In early childhood, she was great in studies, studious and always scoring good in class, she was loved by all. At the age of 11 she dreamed to become a CEO of some big company.

She worked really hard, and she was passionate. Her passion to become famous and gain popularity and being rich was a driving force, and in fact she was really passionate, one of the most passionate people I have ever met.

I don’t comment on her being what type of player or thinker, because at that time I had not discovered the concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite player, and because I didn’t know it, I couldn’t observe her to find out what kind of player she was. And just in case you wonder, how to identify a player, them we discuss in Game Quadrant

Nevertheless her hard work was unprecedented. She got good marks in almost all grades, and then when came the time for college, she thought, what kind of job do I want to start with. Once she figured that out, she decided the college that could get her there. With full energy and enthusiasm she gave the entrance exam.

The result day, she was equally excited and nervous, and she got selected, so her hard work was paying off. After college, she got the job she wanted. Her dream job was knocking at her door. Those years in college and few years after them were amazing. She was passionate and her hard work started to pay off at the age of 24, (a gap of 13 years)

But then she got married. And her husband, was equally earning and rich person. They were both really successful. She got distracted during marriage time, but her life goal of being CEO was still there. Late shifts, and family pressure started to take a toll on her.

They had developed ample savings for themselves. Financial problems never came in there way. But they had less family time, emergency meetings and long hours were common, they got less time with one another.

Her husband was in favor of her leaving job, they had long working hours, and there were days when they didn’t meet because of the office pressure. She loved her husband and the need for love started to outgrow. She questioned herself one night, “Do I want a rich life or peaceful life” and the next day she resigned. She was 26 at that time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong, if you change your life goal, but what she had done was giving up, she was unsuccessful in achieving her mission. For a few years, life was smooth sailing but then at the age of 32, she saw her Instagram show her colleagues rising to unprecedented heights.

That was like lighting a candle she saw someone else achieving her dream. It’s heartbreaking to see someone else being rewarded when you wanted to get the reward. She was still much bothered, she had “moved on”. She was really happy with her married life and a new born daughter.

She for some personal work gave a visit to her own office. And what she realized was that no one knew her, she had lost her identity, her colleagues had moved on and were so close to the dreams she always wanted.

All old memories were recalled slowly, she realized eventually that for the past few years her life has been at a standstill. Though at the age of 32, she was miles behind her competition.

She went back home, thinking what’s going on in her life, after that day she slowly started to lose the feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment in family. She had found her passion at a really early age, but the problem remained that she lost it.

When she landed in troubled waters, and here life needed her to take an important decision, she at the age of 24 chose temporary happiness over permanent happiness.

Life Goals Take Time

Life goals are not decided in a few hours, they take months, you need to truly see the future, and dream big. 

There is nothing wrong is her dream was to live a normal life and give time to her family. The problem arises when the goals change quickly. Rarely does a person get 2 chances to set and achieve life goals. And that’s the thing about passion.

It doesn’t matter what your goal actually is? If your goal is to be a family person then it’s fine, if your goal is to be the CEO of the company, then it’s fine. What matters is that you can’t complain. Be whatever you want, but Don’t dream of another thing. If you want to be CEO, then forget the thought of being a family person. An Infinitely big goal needs you to

A passionate person needs an immense level of optimism. A pessimist, will lose faith and give up in tough situations, but an optimistic person will always keep hope that things will improve, and a brighter more fulfilled and happy future adores there way.That hope helps them maintain calm. Passion is power, passion gives you energy and enthusiasm, and if you are passionate enough, you will be able to motivate people around you.

Passion gives you the courage needed to take big decisions and risks. Some less capable people succeed from capable people just because they choose to act. What is the meaning of risk? Risk is nothing but lack of knowledge. Is driving risky? Well yes and no both, it all depends upon your knowledge/skill required to drive and your control over vehicle. Literally anything can be made to be felt like risky.

Passion comes from what we love, and infinite goal comes from what we want to achieve. They both give you something to work for entire life, but one can be passionate for a finite goal also. Therefore they are both giving you something to work. Passion gives you something that you love to do. You can even love playing video games. Then you find a goal. The goal can be to become the greatest player in a game, or may be become a giving tips about these video games.

You need to be truly passionate about what you do, and you should be ready to follow your passion until you achieve your dream. And if your dream is an infinite goal, it means that you will never stop moving towards your goal.

You can choose whatever you want, and you can take ample time for it, but be sure to never change it again. Because it’s far more difficult to start again. This doesn’t mean that once you fail you should be sad. It means keep trying, don’t let yourself go into a quagmire, and be sure to achieve your goal.

Many people say that passion is really important for success, and that’s quite true, because passion moves us forward, it pushes us to work hard in times of difficulties.

People with passion have changed the world, truly passionate people are infinite players. And passion is a mission or a dream rather than a goal.

As we talk later, being a Zero Thinker, will help you better understand yourself, but true passion is different. If your Zero Thinking has not landed you to your true passion, then continue being zero thinker. It’s your life, you can’t compromise a major portion of life, and if you compromise who knows your life can go into regrets.

We discussed earlier that passion for something, is justified when you are willing to do that thing at different situations. Just try doing that thing for 10 extra minutes after time is up, did u feel fulfilled? If yes then it may be your passion.

For a month or so, make a list of all the things that you love to do, and love means that you feel good when you do them, it shouldn’t be the reward that excites you, it should be the task. Keep shortlisting and then one by one, Try each doing each of them in different situations

Test yourself in a variety of situations, and don’t forcefully sit yo prove the world your true passion. Just try missing a family function and working on that one thing, write down how did you feel after doing it, try staying up late at night for doing it. Try doing your task in every small break and in as many situations, and keep writing your feelings on a sheet.

Now it would have taken you some time to write down and shortlist the things, and again some time to test them in various situations. After that, on a suitable time to read all of them one by one, read out loud in your mind each task, and think what work did you enjoy the most. Reading your feelings will tell you which tasks did you love in these situations.

Take the story of that girl from last heading, had she tried continuing her studies when there were family functions or a family member was ill, she would have learned how she works. It’s nothing wrong in going to family functions, the point is that can you sacrifice them if needed to achieve your dreams.

How to Find Your Passion And Become Successful. Passion is Everything, and as we say it’s The Passion That Matters. Here are tips on how to find your passion and become successful.

Passion is when you do something you love and try to succeed including making career in it. Really less people are able to find their passion and love life and those who do find passion, they change the world in an unimaginable manner. Today we will give you tips

Advice of Steve Jobs on Finding Your Passion

Steve Jobs is my role model, and one thing that inspires me about him was his passion to make great products. He was the founder of Apple, and he was the main visionary behind the First Macintosh. People who worked at Apple, loved it all due to Steve Jobs magic. But he was shunted out of his own company in an unceremonious way.

He was a multi millionaire at that time, he could have used the fame he had gained and his money, to live his life peacefully, but he was a truly passionate person, he started a new company, and acquired a 3rd another company. His second company was called NeXT, and it made computers, and Steve Jobs decided to make it a competitor of Apple, his 3rd company was Pixar, he acquired Pixar for their great work. He used supported them in making animated movies.

His hard work and passion for tech, didn’t let him settle when he was rich, he started again from scratch, after 12 years of relentless effort, his company was acquired by Apple, and he came back at Apple with great respect. Later in about a time of year he became the CEO of Apple.

His one company today lives at the heart of Apple and other lives at the heart of Disney. From where do such people come. Even the company that shunted him had to get him back just because they are doing great work, and Steve Jobs’ passion and energy both were so difficult to ignore.

Justine Musk’s Advice On How to Find Your Passion

Justine Musk a successful writer and a wonderful human, wrote in an answer on Quora about How to Find Passion and succeed with it. She very well told that passion is something you love. At any point and place in life if you find yourself really energized and willing to do a particular task, note it down in a notecreation or diary. Keep doing it till you make a list. Then try connecting the dots and common things about most of those activities. That common thing of all those activities that you love to do is your passion.

It would take you some time, it would take you days to make a list of things you truly like and then a lot of time again to figure out the common among all those activities. The basic concept is that if you loved to do a particular type of work over and over again and again then that is your passion, making that field your career and goal if life is sure to make you help find your passion.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Thoughts on How To Follow Your Passion

Gary Vaynerchuk is a motivational speaker. According to him, a majority of people in the world do jobs and work in companies they hate just because they have not found their love and passion. Here’s the thing, it’s better to face the heat and gain success following your passion than to have shit and keeping doing shut while crying and dreaming for success.

He gives a method where u should ask almost all your good friends well wishers and known ones to tell one thing that you are best at and the thing you are worst at.

The result would be that you would know what you are good at and therefore it will help you find your passion. Another important thing about how to find your passion is that you should never consider materialistic things like money as a factor.

One thing you should know about how to find your passion is that remember money is the fuel money is not the result of money is the cause. You can’t love money or be good at money or like earning money. “People Who Love The Journey Reach The Most Beautiful Destination” you should love the journey you should love the work and not the result.

Simon Sinek’s How To Find Your Why

Simon Sinek is another motivational speaker. He has given a different concept of finding your cause or dream or ambition. He very well tells how to work and achieve your passion goals.

How to Find Your Passion is just half of the story, he says Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a leader of a team, or are looking to find clarity on your next move, your WHY is the one constant that will guide you toward fulfillment in your work and life.

According to him people buy “why you do” rather than “what you do”. He himself has promoted the concept of Finite and Infinite Game, but absolutely no one has thought of concept of Definite And Indefinite Thinking. Also, if you read more about his Golden Circle and the need for “Why” rather than “How”, then it shall totally comply with Definite And Indefinite Thinking. I have found my concept of Definite and Indefinite Thinking to be true in all cases.

He has talked about the importance of leadership and thought process, according to him on your journey of how to find your Passion, you should always have a bias for your team and your goal, you should be willing to sacrifice your finances for your people.

People Who Love The Journey Reach The Most Beautiful Destinations

I talked about passion earlier, but the creation was supposed to talk about Finite And infinite Game, Indefinite and Definite Thinkers, from where did this passion come up. Well let’s clarify, passion is a part of finding your infinite goal. I taught you Finite and The Infinite Game so that you understand the need for being a finite or an infinite player. if you wished to be an infinite player, then you needed infinite goal which was explained in past few headings. A life goal or infinite goal demands you to put a major part of life in it.

I have some people who love playing video games, and they call themselves passionate about video games, and they truly enjoy there game. But playig video games entire life can seem stupid. Not because it’s bad, but because it will soon become boring. There does not exist a goal. And as a result, probably no one will remember them. They need a goal, which can be like becoming a YouTubers and give best tips about video games, or become a game developer or become greatest player and then take sponsorships etc. By simply playing games throughout his life, he would just be a spectator and not a player.

Find a Goal You want to achieve and The path that You Love To travel

A passion with just what we love is incomplete, it needs a mission statement. Passion is whatever you love, but you need to decide something which you want to do in that area and a goal that you want to achieve. Irrespective of finite or Infinite goal, a passion and a goal is required.

It’s the Passion that Matters. But you need passion for achieving a goal, and a passion for doing what you do. The second part of passion, which is support for doing what we do shall be naturally existing in Indefinite Thinker. We shall Discuss it in depth in the headings, “Definite and Indefinite Thinker”

You need to love what you do and be passionate about achieving a goal. But a Passion has two parts, the journey and the goal. First we need a goal, without a goal we can’t work.

Passion is very important, in fact if you are truly passionate, you naturally start to be in the correct type of game.

Not everyone can work towards a singular mission for years. And that’s where we realize that we need to truly love the cause, the visions, and the work that we do. The love for our work comes from passion, and the right mindset for working with passion comes from this portion

Passionate people are the ones who love the journey, they love what they do. Any rational person does a job, for salary at the start of next month, these people in my eyes are not passionate ones, and neither are they infinite players.

Why? First of all passionate people are the ones who love their work, whereas non-passionate people work for results. One person loves his work and other person loves money. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wishing money, and in fact it’s quite common infinite goal to have an infinite amount of money.

But like I said that you need to love the goal and the journey. A goal to be rich is fine, but people never bother to think which is the right road to reach a destination.

But, there is a difference, these people have a goal to have a salary at first of every month.

There goal is achieved at the start of every month, and therefore the goal cannot be infinite. Rather if there goal is to “earn good” then there is no true definition of earn good, each time you get a pay hike you will want more..

Always remember that keep your goals crystal clear in mind. Slight change in words can make life unstable. A stable life is when you follow your passion, and the goal that you want to achieve is a result if that passion.

For eg. if your goal Is to get a salary at the start of every month throughout your life, then the goal is infinite, because you shall be working for infinite time. And because salary is received by job, this means you love your job too, which makes your life stable.

But if your goal is to get rich, and you do a job, then it’s not stable. If you are truly passionate about being rich, then a stable system, shall have you do job, invest in companies, do trading etc. you will do everything you can to become as rich as possible.

In first you work for a salary, which is a definite amount of money that an employer pays you. Your target is to do everything, so that you get that employer is happy and you get salary. In the second case your goal is to do everything to generate the most income possible.

What happens is the people play to get salary at the end of each month, which can be called a finite milestone, and they can do it for their entire life, therefore it can be called an infinite game too. But the problem is that they never aimed to big. They aimed probably 20% increment in salary at the end of the year. An infinite person will set his finite milestones extremely high, probably 200% jump. He will think indefinitely and reach it some day or the other.

A majority of people don’t know how to set their goals. Half of the people going 9 to 5 job want money, they wish that they could be extremely rich, they dream of having an extremely rich life, but they set their goal as a salary. They are never passionate about getting salary, they may hate the company, but they work for a salary. The goal is to be rich, not to get a good salary.

They don’t love what they do, and in fact they hate the journey to get a salary, yet they do it. It is well known that taxation laws favor business owners more in most countries. An extreme wealth needs you to be a businessman. You get a job only if you love your work. A person who loves coding and is not having money as priority suits a programmers job.

Find your passion, and then set an Infinite goal, clearly decide whether you want salary or wealth? And then find a path such that you love the journey.

A good carpenter will not put a lousy piece of wood at the back of his cabinet even if it faces a wall. A passionate person may spend more time in a small task, just so that it becomes a great piece of art.

Life Is Short

Life is really short, you need to act quickly, life rarely gives a second chance. 75 years is a long time, and in terms of years or life span, our lives are really big, but our life is too short to achieve everything. Ask a kid whose grandfather lies on the deathbed, life is not short for the Grandfather, but life is short for the kid, the kid can contribute everything he has in life but still it will not give him his grandfather back.

Life is too short for the kid who couldn’t complete his exam, life is short for an entrepreneur who was late in a big public keynote.

As a passionate Indefinite Thinker, you shall know that, if you connect the maximum number of dots you can achieve the impossible, but the constraint is time. You have to start on time. May be that you connect the dots when it’s late and achieve your mission, but it would not be worth the effort.

It is better to think and prevent the milk from spilling, than too collect the milk after spilling. When you have passion you will work for infinite time.

Now just read the passion advice of people in last portion. They all talk about the journey, the journey here is a metaphor for the process of reaching your ultimate goal, and your ultimate goal is the destination.

Passionate people love their journey they love their work. We saw it with Martin Luther King. He demanded rights of blacks. Even though, almost nobody believed that blacks would get their rights. And demanding these rights would have been called foolish by many.

The reason? Because they saw it from the perspective of results, and it was almost impossible at that time, to imagine blacks being equal to the whites. And it must have been foolish to work for something, whose fulfillment was next to impossible.

Any such person would get motivated whenever he got failed is his quest. But in contrast people like Martin Luther King, loved the journey, he loved the cause and he worked for it. He took motivation every time he saw people putting their hope in them.

Journey is The Reward

The journey is the reward. Even though blacks got equal rights, due to works of Martin Luther King, but still somewhere in some part of America their must still be some incidences of black discrimination observed. Does that mean that Martin Luther King failed? No. When your goal is infinite, we never score infinity, we just try to get close to infinity. For to efforts of Martin Luther King we have reached closest to having an equally between blacks and whites, sick that the difference between them is negligible, but it still exists.

Imagine a company willing to maximize its market share for a particular product. The percentage share can be 100% also, but it’s practically impossible to reach 100% market share. They can just rather fill market share and there each edit would take them closer to 100% market share.

That’s the beauty of infinite game, an Infinite Player will never achieve his goal, but his journey to reach class closest to his goal is the reward. In this case, a high market share would reward them in more income.

For a Finite Player the reward would be, to get probably 40% or 60% of market share. There goal is accomplished once they reach there Golden number, and even if they have some ideas to increase the market share screen further, they will refrain to do it just because their goal had already been achieved.

And it is worth noting, that even though I had told you that after finalising the goal, the first step is to start thinking Indefinite, but the inverse also works. If you truly were an Infinite Player and have an infinite goal, then to achieve it you will naturally start thinking Indefinite. Take the Market Share situation for example.

If you truly want a large Market stake then, you will naturally start thinking of every possibility that your competition missed, and as many of these small possibilities start getting leverages, you start gaining what your competition ever imagined.

Infinite Game is same as “To better Your best” when your elders or your seniors see you gaining success, they say “Keep Betting your best”, it means if you are the leader, if you are the number one, still keep bettering yourself, because the race never ends

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