Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Part 1

Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Part 1

What is Indefinite Thinker and Infinite Player

A Story…

Steve Jobs was a visionary, and he is till date considered one of the biggest Entrepreneurs and CEO of the company. He had a great passion for great technology, and beautiful designs. That was eminent in his work.

The time is of early 1980s, Apple was working on their 3rd Device Apple Macintosh. They decided that they wanted to sell a complete device that can be used by any random person. They wanted power supply directly built in to the system, and wanted the computer to be fully covered in a plastic case. These today’s common things were unknown till then.

Steve Jobs, the Co-Founder of Apple was in favor that they definitely need geometric figures. Their machine must be able to display squares, triangles and various other figures. Upon some hard coding, they could prepare a way to show these figures on their device.

Steve Jobs was enlightened by the idea of Graphic User Interface. Before that everything needed a command to run.

Steve Jobs wanted that there new device, can make visual content, it can make geometric shapes, it shall have icons, and various other features. Engineers worked really hard. Steve Jobs constantly took demos to see how the work is going.

A demo was arranged in a hall, where both Co-Founders and many others gathered to see how it worked. Everything seemed good and amazing, but Steve Jobs seemed unsatisfied. Upon being asked he asked, for rounded rectangles. The edges for them should be circled. People found his idea outrageous.

The demo was supposed to showcase the ability of device to draw geometric figures, like squares and rectangles. But Steve Jobs wanted rounded rectangles.

Steve Jobs was an Indefinite Thinker and more importantly an Infinite Player. He took some people to a white board near by, and made them touch the whiteboard edges, there were rounded edges, he took them to a street to show how everything has rounded edges, some have radius of the edges smaller while others larger, but edges must be round. The signs on the side of the road were rounded, the handles of the door were rounded. The sign boards were rounded, and every small or big thing had some kind of radius to it.

The bunch of engineers who were earlier unconvinced by the idea of having rounded edges, realized that nature had diverse styles of rounded edges. It was decided that they needed rounded rectangles.

As it happens with an Indefinite Thinker, people to tend realize it late that the guy is right. Upon realizing they started the task of coding the program to have the edges rounded. Then came another obstacle, and this obstacle was something only an Indefinite Thinker could solve.

This was the brilliance of Indefinite Thinking, they could think of opportunities and scopes of improvement in a manner in which no other company thought. But then be informed of a hurdle that

The Problem

The processors that they wanted to use in their machine, didn’t possess the ability to calculate squares of numbers. Storing all the squares would consume a lot of memory and the memory resources and cost for memory would make machine too expensive. It was obvious that could not be able to find a solution until they became a bigger company

A Definite Thinker will probably lose on it, and either give up the idea of edges or he will compromise on performance by using more storage. (Okay, having different processors is an option, but I wished to contrast what a Definite Thinker will do and what an Indefinite Thinker will do)

So what did the Indefinite Thinker do? They found a wonderful way out. Bill Atkinson got idea was a simple yet amazing algorithm. He worked on a fundamental concept, “the square of any no. ‘x’ is equal to the sum of first x odd no.s” For eg.  4^2 is adding first 4 odd no.s 1+3+5+7 = 16 = 4^2.

42 = 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 16

52= 1 + 3 + 5 +7 + 9 = 25

It is very simple, it could be easily put into existing computer, didn’t require much memory, and was simple yet subtle solution.

This is an amazing story, and if you just leniently skipped it, then better read it again, this story will be told many times in this creation, and this a great example of the whole concept of the Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

This story along with few others if learned and understood properly will help you leverage the concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. And trust me it is life changing, there will be many more brilliant and wonderful example, but this example has always been simple yet amazing.

This meant that basically they could calculate squares easily and, besides if they calculate square of number and then the user demanded a square of number that was near to the current no. they could simply start counting from the already calculated square.

This was an amazing implementation they could calculate squares and powers of numbers even when the machine didn’t support it, an Indefinite Thinker and Infinite Player can do such amazing things.

They wanted the calculated the Squares of numbers but they were held in a quagmire, the processor of computer didn’t support it. They were infinite players, even though they were bound by the rules in the form of limitations of processors, still they thought like infinite player, and that made all the difference.

The ability to be an Indefinite Thinker, gives birth to creativity and innovation, this gives birth to out of the box thinking, and unconventional ideas. You do something impossible with just the simple change in thought process.

This creation will help you become an Indefinite Thinker Infinite player. By becoming an Indefinite Thinker, you will develop a thought process of an artist, or a poet. They have a respect in society because they think indefinitely. There is no perfect way to become creative, we are all creative, we all have that secret of indefinite thinking in them, we just need to learn how to use it. An Infinite Player, is someone who is the doer, any work you do is a play, an Infinite player, is a mindset with which you need to compete and a perspective of setting goals.

The Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player Explains how to play in an amazing way to find solutions to tough problems and great ways to handle them. Indefinting Thinking is a lifestyle.

The Indefinite Thinking makes you creative, and helps you find the best solution. Indefinite Thinking is the key to success for the people who have infinitely big goals.

This was amazing and very well implemented example of Infinite Indefinite Game. Till now you must have got a feel of how is like to think indefinite and how is it like to work/play infinite.

Now let’s study in depth each of these terms.

The Finite And The Infinite Game

“Life is a game”

When I got to know about Finite And Infinite Game, I was really excited, because I felt that it gives a reason about what distinguishes people who achieve their goals from the people who do not achieve their goals. But then I realized it misses on the right thought process, as a result, Indeed research and found the missing piece in the form of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player, which I will discuss about this in the next portions, but before that let’s understand the concept of finite and infinite game as presented by them

Whenever you have a competitor you are a part of a game, a finite game is a game with defined rules, and everyone follows them. An infinite game is a game where there are no definite rules and therefore there is more liberty and freedom to players. A game of Football has definite rules and therefore can be termed finite but creation writing is infinite you don’t have rules, you can write whatever you want and therefore it is infinite.

So what is a player? A player is a person who puts efforts to reach towards his goal. Success and failure are different yet important parts, but sheer existence of a person working towards a goal makes him a player with respect to that goal.

A Spectator/Viewer is a person who doesn’t put any effort, in terms of that goal. A Viewer and a Player, can be defined only in absolute terms, a person can be a player for one goal, and still be a spectator for another goal.

We play to succeed. All of us play to succeed, all of us want to achieve our goals. People who seem to be not willing to succeed, want to succeed somewhere else. But surely everyone wants success, and it’s human psychology that we play to win.

But we know that some people succeed, while others keep lagging behind. Some people select goals of distinctly different format from goals of others, and that makes a difference.

Finite Game:

A Game with Definite Rules, and Limited Ability To do anything different. In a finite game you play for a definite goal, for example in a game of chess your goal can be to get the king of the opponent. A Finite Game is a game that can have a correct distinction about when your goal is achieved. You can exactly tell that when the king of opponent dies you win the game, and therefore you have won the game.

In finite goals there is nothing abstract. You have defined parameters. Like if your goal is to become the greatest player of chess, then you would have some defined parameters like the number of matches won, or the ratio between matches won and matches lost.

Take a scenario of a 2 year old kid, when he sees other people walking, he wants to walk and works hard for it, when he learns to walk, he sees his elder brother run, and he wants to run. When he grows up and learns to run, he wants to learn riding a cycle. When he achieves the goal of getting cycle, when he gets a cycle, ge wants a car like his parents. As he grows older he even gets a car, now he wants a bigger car, and then when he gets a bigger car he wants an even bigger car. When he gets that he wants an aeroplane.

A Finite Player puts up goals that are possible to achieve, everything that he wants, can be achieved. And when a Finite Player achieves what he wants, he wants more or he wants something different. He is never satisfied with his goal.

The problem with the finite game is that once you achieve your goal, the game is over. The characteristics of perseverance and consistency are non-existent. Take this for example, you give a child a toffee for completing homework, for the child the finite goal is to get toffee, once he gets it, the next time, the toffee won’t excite him that much, he would want a chocolate, and then a bigger chocolate. Once the finite goal is achieved trying to achieve it again is not that exciting, and soon you start to slow down.

Now what is an infinite game, before getting to know this, here is another story for you guys.

About 3 decades ago, not everyone owned cars, and cars were considered a luxury by common man. My father, was working in a company, for roughly 6 years, he had a promotion and he got a chance to be in a group of employees that were rich enough to own cars.

Realizing this fact that he was amongst the minor percentage who didn’t have a car in the group, he decided to get a good one. He did a research and found out the most expensive car that his co-workers owned. His mindset was that in order to survive in this group, he needed to be like the people in this group, and to leave an impression he needed a great car. Therefore he made a finite goal to get a car more expensive than the most expensive car that his colleagues had.

Now his colleagues were not millionaire and therefore there cars were also not Ferrari they were decent cars, the most expensive car in group was still a normal car, but he still set up to have car more expensive than the cars of his colleagues.

This was a finite goal, he decided to save roughly 15% of his monthly income for 16 months. He would use this money saved along with some stock investments along with a small loan to get the car. And guess what, he was able to buy that car after 17 months. Even though he was a month late, he was still happy that he had what he wanted.

Till here the finite goal seemed to be great, and you may feel that it’s fine everyone does it. But, the bad part begins now. Some of the colleagues had bought a new car in the meantime. And even though he had a car, he didn’t feel like the supreme, and the problem was that it wasn’t worth it to start the process of collecting money again and get a new car again and do it repeatedly.

That’s where the Finite game lacks.

Infinite Game:  

Game with indefinite rules, and no parameters is an infinite game. An infinite game undeliberately or unintentionally provides people the people the ability to innovate, be creative and think out of the box. In an Infinite game there is no winner or no looser. An Infinite goal is like ‘becoming fit’ or ‘becoming handsome’ there is no true definition of it, you can not do a perfect distinction of handsome, you can’t tell the exact day or exact time when you became fit.

An Infinite Player plays till infinity, this means that an Infinite Player will play as long as they can play. And therefore it’s called infinite. An Infinite Player has advantages in terms of the reward and in terms of decisions that he makes. Take the case of buying a car that we discussed in finite game.

A good creation writer will set a goal to write a New York Times bestseller, and would be a finite goal. An Infinite Player will rather set up a goal to write great literature. An Infinite Player will continue on improving and writing and therefore will be working really hard, and even if his first creation is not good, after few creations he would have multiple bestsellers, because his goal is to become an amazing writer, there is no true definition of a great writer, and therefore he will improve till infinity.

But which is better?, or which is the right one?, or which one should I be? I shall say it all depends, it depends on your goal, what goal you have and the nature of your goal decide it all. Though I must say that an Infinite Player is more powerful, but none of the 2 are bad, and none of the 2 are wrong by any means.

Now before proceeding, I want you to read the story we talked about in Finite Game portion of The story of buying a car. How do you adjust the goal so that it becomes an infinite goal, and you start playing an infinite game.

Suppose a person gets a promotion and sees people with better cars. Then he feels the need for a cat for his own. In such a scenario how do we play an infinite.

An Infinite Player would pick up a goal like, “being able to buy great cars throughout my life”. In the story we read in Finite game, the goal was to get a particular car. The infinite goal here is to build a cash flow that gets you a good car every few years. The type of game you play depends on your goal. Only condition is that you can’t be a finite player and dream the success of infinite player.

The Infinite Player rather than saving money to buy a car, he would probably save money to buy an asset in the form of stock or invest in real estate, his investment would generate a portfolio income, and in a few years he will buy the car. Even though his first car can take more time than simple direct saving, but the beautiful thing is that when he buys the car, the investment would start to again collect in the form of returns. He would have money to buy another car in a few years.

In a finite game where the limitation was finances, and you get the car when you have the necessary finances, it seems to be a for sure finite game, but an Indefinite Thinker will do the magic, and will alter the goal to be infinite. A Finite Player after achieving the goal would be too tired to play further, because he never planned that he would need a new car in the future. In contrast to the finite player, the goal of Infinite Player is to buy great cars, and the keyword here is cars, because he didn’t select a particular car, the Finite Player chooses a particular car and set it as the distinction between goal achieved or not achieved.

The finite game is fully acceptable if you leave the game once you achieve the goal. Once you bought the car, if you can remove the thought of competing with others for car, then it’s fine. But when you buy a car and achieve your goal you don’t finish the competition, and you still keep an eye on others car, and wish to compete. A finite game doesn’t allow you to compete once you achieve the goal.

Okay, you can again set up a new goal to buy another new car, but then you shall always lag. Remember in the “How it Started Section” I discussed why some people lead and other always lag behind or follow. The reason is the Finite and Infinite Game. For a Finite Player if he sets a new goal again, he shall have to start from the very beginning.

But an Infinite Player sets an infinitely big goal, like buying great cars throughout his life. The choices made by finite and the Infinite Player make difference. An Infinite Player would not have to start again from zero when he would have to buy a second car, he develops assets and the return from those assets gives him new cars every so often. Selecting the right goals, and making the right decisions can help you succeed in life.

Infinite player will buy cars throughout his life, buying a particular car in the journey would be just a milestone, buying any new car for him will take him closer to his Infinite goal of achieving financial state of easy cars.

A Finite Game can be played like an Infinite Player by just changing Perspective

Remember we talked about a scenario of a boy, first he wants to walk, then he wants cycle, then he wants car etc.

An infinite goal means you will set a goal so big, that you won’t have to change the goal. Infinite goal means something so big, you will never need to change it.

Owning a helicopter is a really big goal, and this means that you will constantly work towards that big goal. You will not slow down, when you learn to run, and once you learn to run you will not settle you will not waste time. It may seem a bit too abstract but you shall understand it with this example.

Imagine you are to go on a trip from Washington DC you pack a day’s clothes and keep money, and get on the road, you travel 7 hours and reach Columbus, Ohio. Your finite mission is achieved, once you reach there, you see you still have fuel left, and you realize you can go to Aurora, Illinois, which is just 6 hours away. When you reach there, you get dopamine rush and want to go to Des Moines, Jowa.

You don’t have clothes and as a result you have to stop in Aurora for a day, so that you can ask your buddy, to send over money, and you buy some clothes. You waste a full day in that, later you move onto Rock Springs, Wyoming. You enjoy there and you realize you are already so far from home, you can reach Salt Lake City, which is not very far off. You again use your credit card, and move to Salt Lake City. You best friend lives in San Francisco and you decide to finally go there.

The above was how finite game works, you reach a goal and you realize that you want more so you chase the next goal, and then the next. You are stuck in a rat race. You make plans and get resources for one goal, and you liberally use them assuming that you have ample your reach your goal, but then when you change your goal, and you realize that you have no resources left.

The Difference Between Them

Now imagine a person who sets goal to reach San Francisco, he will pack more clothes and take more money, like the previous person he will also pass through all those places and landmarks, but he will try to waste least time there. The first person would slow down car multiple times and get down the highway multiple times assuming he achieved his goal.

Whereas the second person will be wise enough to get decent resources, or if he doesn’t then he will surely use them wisely, because he knows there is a long journey ahead of him. He will carefully use the resources.

The problem with finite game, is that when we see that we are close to achieving our goal, it’s our psychology to slow down. And as an Infinite Player never achieves his goal he will run till infinity without slowing down. And in order to get that never ending passion and energy within ourselves we need to be truly passionate, we need to love the journey, and we need to an indefinite thinker.

No doubt that reaching, San Francisco is a finite goal, because it has a clear distinction and it can be achieved. But the above example shows you that even if you select a finite goal, it is always better to select a big Finite goal. And yes, a Finite Player will slow down even in his big goal. He will slow down when he is close to San Francisco. But an Infinite Player will have an infinite goal, something like, traveling the maximum distance by a single car. He never slowdown and will try to travel maximum distance.

Now when I use the word slowdown, I do not mean hurdles, from slowdown I means an unforced decrease in speed towards the journey to achieve our goal. No doubt hurdles will come, people will come in your way, and those are hurdles rather than slowdowns. We need to face them, and we can do that by Indefinite Thinking.

But a slow down is when the road is clear and you are capable of moving ahead but still you don’t move just due to unwillingness or laziness. Such slowdowns happen with mostly finite players because they know that they will still achieve the goal even if they slow down a bit, or take a nap. An Infinite Player never slows down, and as a result he gains a lead in the race. And more often than not due to this, he will travel far more distance than a finite player.

In school, the below example was experienced by me quite often. My parents asked to get a particular grade and once I got it, the parents asked to aim even higher. The motivation of achieving a big goal was soon overshadowed by the resentment of my goal being to shallow.

You should know that incase you want to study Finite Game and an infinite Game, then James Carse’s creation and Simon Sinek’s creation are great options. This creation just talks about the need for infinite game, and indefinite thinker. An indefinite thinker, is a person with a mindset to think any problem as an infinite problem it talks about how to become an Infinite Player and how to build a creative unconventional thought process.

The need for infinite game arises from the biggest problem of finite players. A Finite Player upon achieving his goal will get greedy and want more, once a human gets one thing he needs another. A Finite Player is hit with demotivation when he realizes he needs a new thing. Imagine u decide to wake up early and reah before time, you reach 15 mins before time and sit on your seat with a proud feeling that you have achieved what you want, but soon you realize that you forgot an important file at home. And all your motivation is turned into remorse and resentment.

The above example is how the finite game will work. A Finite Player sets a mission and achieves a goal and then realizes “oh! this was not what I wanted and expected to happen”


The whole reason why finite game fails can be explained in just one word “Greed”. Human brain is greedy, if we start earning a billion dollar a month we would need 2 billion. We don’t like what we have and therefore when we get what we want, we start to demand more. And the result is we are in a quagmire. In a Finite Player constantly sees himself playing catch up with his dreams, but then comes infinite player, an Infinite Player is equally greedy, but an Infinite Player wants infinity, his goal was never a billion dollar, his goal was infinite.

The human greed moves us forward, we have always been greedy, first humans used to go everywhere by walking, then we made the wheel, that didn’t seem enough so came bicycles, the greed was satisfied for some time but then we need cars and then we needed planes. The wheel was invented 1000s of years ago, when we were just at the budding stage, but then airplanes are just a little more than a century old.

The law of attraction attracts whatever we want, the universe brings it to us, we just need to dream big. We just need to dream big and stay constant. We can’t change the dream once we achieve it. Success is converting your imagination into reality.

Infinite Game also teaches us team work. When your goal is infinite, your team will have the best jems. In infinite game, there would be instances where you would be a part of the team. In offices I have seen, really talented people getting kicked just because they couldn’t achieve a finite goal. In offices we have really short term goals. They want to get a project completed by the end of the month.

A Finite Player wants to go fast, it wants to go for fastest possible speed, and for it he is willing to give up all his resources, he can sacrifice his employees for a finite goal. But an infinite goal means the goal is to travel the longest distance possible, and for which we need to save and efficiently use resources. Our team members are also important resources, and as a result it teaches us team work.

When I was a kid, my father due to some office trip went to Switzerland for a week. As a kid I always remained excited. It was a good stay for him, and at home I waited for him to return. Upon his coming back home after a week, he told a lot of stories, and had done a lot of shopping there.

Later I found some Swiss chocolates in his bag, and I assumed them to be for me, I took one and start eating, my father upon finding that I ate one of them, scolded me. He had brought those chocolates for the children of his friends. That day he prioritizes his friends more than me.

As in all families, the infinite goal is to make a happy family, and for it a necessity was that each member of the family, had got an infinite goal to make the whole family happy. When any member of any team, thinks different from the rest of others, then the machine starts to break. For achieving an Infinite goal, we need teamwork. And teamwork comes naturally in teams, with all players having the intent to be Infinite Players

Regardless of how hard you worked, you would be scolded because you have not achieved your goal. But this is not the case in Infinite game. In an infinite game the goal is infinite and the team as a whole shall spend infinite time to reach as close to the goal as possible.

In an Infinite Game, you never fail to achieve your infinite goal, we discuss about it later, when we talk about how an Infinite Player never losses.

As I said that because you can never fail to achieve goals, an office team will value the real talent. There are no deadlines and no targets. But how do we distinguish a good player with bad player?

The answer is in Indefinite Thinking. Indefinite Thinking is the ability to find creative solutions for the problems, and therefore as we progress in the game, we shall have only the people with the same infinite goal, and the people with the ability to solve problems.

A team with Indefinite goal shall get like minded people at the end of the day

An Infinite Player Never Loses

I defined an infinite goal, as a goal with no correct distinction. You cannot tell when you have accomplished the goal. This arises a question, who will be a winner or a loser of Infinite game. An infinite goal is Infinitely big in size and as a result we can never reach it, our efforts to try to reach as close to that Infinite Goal as possible.

In sports, the person or the team with better score wins. And in business if your goal is to have a particular annual income, then if you achieve it you win.

But in an infinite game, the goal that you set can never be achieved. Because as we said the goal is infinite. You can just keep a check over milestones you achieve in the journey towards your Infinite Goal. You can just go close to your goal.

In an Infinite game, there is no winner and loser. We just lead or trail behind. There exists no clear distinction between winning and losing, therefore the question of “Who is the winner?” Is a invalid question.

It’s like elections, in the United States, they happen every 4 years. There is no one who can actually win politics. They win elections, but it seems odd to say that the party won politics.

Elections are a milestone, of larger infinite game of having major hold in politics. The party that lost one election may win another election. The losing party just couldn’t reach that particular milestone later, and they would become a leader. The infinite game is about becoming a leader, be it the game leader or the industry leader.

And always remember being an infinite player, is just a matter of choices. There is no rule to make a game finite or infinite. We just have to change our perspective. With the simple change of perspective. Any game or any condition can have finite aa well as infinite players.

An infinite goal can be set within a finite game too. What matters is that our goal should be infinite. If everyone is playing finite, then it does NOT mean that you also, need to play finite, if you have an infinite goal, you will be an infinite player, you will have a high level of passion.

You Never Win, You Lead

And most importantly you will never ever lose in the game. This doesn’t mean you lagging behind in the game is fine, it’s just that, if you lag you have a sure chance of becoming a leader

This infinite game also gives birth to a threat as well, if you currently lead in the race to your infinite goal, then you should remember that your lead is temporary. Another person with the same goal, can anyday take away your lead. There is a constant need for improvement if you want to play infinite.

So, in an Infinite game you need to do whatever the existing finite players do, but you need to get an extra edge over them, by finding extra opportunities, and more improvements in yourself to reach closer to your infinite goal. And how do we find the missing opportunities or the extra edge will be explained when we talk about the Definite and Indefinite Thinkers.

You never win a game, so you should be careful with that. Work with constant improvement and iterations, so that you keep processing towards your infinite goal.

The need for this constant improvement is fulfilled by Indefinite Thinking, once you achieve a milestone you never rest. You should think about other aspects, also, you need to improve in manners that your competition never imagined.

The goal is not just to tell you what is an Infinite player, but also to help you become an Infinite player, and for doing the same you need to understand and become an Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player.

Indefinite Thinking is a thought process, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a practical approach to handle problems in life, and find better ways to improve our lives and approach towards our infinite goal.

Before I introduce you to Indefinite Thinking, I want to firmly propose that in my opinion, Indefinite Thinking is one of the most powerful tool humanity has, it has remained undiscovered till now. Indefinite Thinking tells you how to do Smart Work and hard work, it talks about problem solving, the creative skills of artists, and the ability to change Perspective of people for a given situation and form public opinion.

This wonderful concept further explains what many other creations have talked about till date. The goal is to become an infinite player, and the Indefinite Thinking is the tool we use to Become Infinite Player

In a race, what matters is who reaches at the finish line, before anyone else. It doesn’t matter, if someone burned more calories, or someone reached a higher top speed. What matters is that you need to reach the finish line first.

Same is the case with our lives and our life goals. What matters is the end. It doesn’t matter when you start, or how you work, what matters is that you need to cover the maximum distance, because the people who are ahead of you will slow down some day when the hurdles arrive, but if you can Dodge those hurdles you will surely be ahead of them.

Going Far Not Fast

A Finite Player tries to be the fastest. All he wants is to achieve a given milestone, at the fastest possible way, he shall consume all his resources for it. A Finite Player shall never cover the maximum distance, but surely he will cover a humble amount of distance at a fast pace, and once he does that, he shall leave the game.

If you start fast and get slow in between, then it won’t benefit. You can run with a normal speed, but you need to make the right decisions, and tackle all hurdles faster. You need to make the right decisions, and select the shortest yet, sustainable paths to reach your goal.

The Finite and Infinite Game makes you realize that everyone is a part of a game, but there are only a few who have a perfect goal. A perfect goal is a goal, that you imagine. It’s not just numbers and words. It’s something you can feel in heart. Something which you admire and you imagine how it would feel achieving it.

Athletes imagine themselves crossing the finish line. They make a clear picture of how the end would look like. And they start to crave for that feeling, and they put all their heart and soul so that they reach there.

But wait a minute, we were discussing infinite game, and how does a race come in an infinite game? In a race we clearly distinguish achievement goal, and as the finish line of the race is achievable it must be a finite game right?

Well the answer is Yes, and No. In the later portion of the creation a portion comes which talks about perspective. And that perspective can change a lot of things.

Whether a race is a finite and infinite game, depends upon our goal. If our goal is to win the race, then it’s a finite game. But if our goal is to be a great athlete then it could be an infinite goal. And if it’s an infinite goal then winning a race would be a milestone that takes them closer to the Infinite goal. And yes, Infinite goals can have finite milestones

And like an infinite goal, it is impossible to have something infinite work exactly as your dream. The goal is to reach closer and closer to it. For an Infinite Player each race that a person wins is just a milestone. The milestones in the journey to reach your infinite goal.

Imagine Your Dream

Imagination is really powerful, you need to imagine and feel your dream. Like we discussed about buying a car in finite and infinite game, we need to have a dream. Just go for a test drive for your next car, feel the steering wheel, try adjusting the seats and feeling comfortable sitting in it.

And once you come back home, keep recalling the good moments you had when you were sitting for a test drive in your dream car. The next day when you will sit in your current car, those memories would hit you, you will create a craving desire.

When you see, something great, and you create a genuine desire for it, you truly start working for it. The human grees if used in the right way, can be really powerful. If you begin with the end in mind, then you will rarely deviate from your goal, and you will always be on track. The End is always important.

Before I started writing this creation, I also had an end in mind. The title of this creation is “Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player”, here we see that the word “Indefinite Thinker” comes before the word “Infinite Player”, so we should discuss and learn and talk about “Indefinite Thinker” before “Infinite Player” right?

No we start with the end. We started with our ultimate goal, the ultimate goal of this creation is to make you an Infinite Player. Helping the significant portion of the world’s population to become an infinite player.

As a result we started with the goal, and therefore we discussed what is Finite And Infinite Game. And then we shall discuss how to become a Finite and Infinite Player.

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    Blame, resentment, whining, and complaining are excuses we make when were not living the life we came here to live. ?? Live Optimistic...

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