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With all things going on this platform, it’s really a high time to introduce you all to a new Milyin Creation Guide for the Content Creators. In this creation guide you will learn about creating a master piece content, i.e. the creation on the website.We personally have made a lot of discussions regarding this creation guide main points to remember.

  1. you will be able to create a quality proven and SEO friendly creation on Milyin.
  2. you will learn various tips on how can you promote your content through external referrals.
  3. you will see on how can you make a perfect keyword integration list for your creations

We want that whatever you write should reach its right audience and for doing that you need to know some key terms.

  1. traffic: it is no. of people visiting your posts in a time period.
  2. Meta Description: First 180 characters of your post are called meta description, whenever your article appears on google below the link this this text is visible.
  3. Keywords are words that define what your content is about


If you will master the art of creating a mastered creation – you will not only get much views but also you will make an impression on other people.

This way, they will be pleased to share your content through different masses.

Despite of presence lot of resources for a mastered content creation, many people have a different process for their content creation, which is knowingly or unknowingly against Google

This strategy definitely for content creation guide cannot be a successful one.

Well today, all that changes.

Now because you have a whole new content creation guide, which you are reading, that’s EXACTLY going to show that how can you write a perfect creation and what other people will love the most about your creation.

And when you will find yourself enough comprehensive, you will get always struck with traffic raining all the way around you.


First of all, let’s start our kick off with the optimization for the title. After visiting the page of New Creation, you will observe a lot of sections for your listings.

The first section which you will definitely observe is the Title Section.

Now the question come “How to Optimize Title For the Content Creation?”

This becomes seriously the most important answer for your serious content creation:

First of all research on the topic on which you are writing upon. Make sure that you include the target keyword into your title.

Case Study: This has been certainly proven that the Titles with numbers rank much more better than the titles with no numbers. Also it has also been proven that titles with odd numbers tends to rank well in Google.

So make sure you probably include the numbers in your title….

And also ensure that you include your username in the last of the title. This can increase the User Experience (UX).

One most important things to be considered while creating an apt title, make sure you don’t exceed the title strength more than 70 characters (space included).


All of us know that keyword plays a major role in content.

Certainly keyword researching is a long process, but I will make you go through keyword implementation in brief.

How to get quickly started with Keyword Implementation:

Short and Simple: You have to pickup long tail keywords. These are the keywords which usually high intent but low searches on search engines.

If you try to pickup short keywords, such as insurance, SEO, etc., you will definitely not rank.

You can rank for many different keywords if you rank for a long tail keyword.

No wonder so many keywords are next to impossible to rank for: for which everyone and their mom is trying for the exact same keywords!!

Make sure that you include 2% of your targeted keyword in the Content.

It also depends on how often you take up the right keyword. You should pick up a keyword, in fact long tail, which has a high CPC commercial value

For Example:

Someone searching for “Buy SoudCloud premium membership” may have a high intent than someone searching “Buy SoundCloud membership for free“.

Here as you can see:

All of them have used the long tail keywords with odd numbers, with the exception of one.


It is well known that the social media is a major traffic source for websites. We have been using our social media for the same. We have decided to allow our content creator the same power to use social mediaStarting now all the creations, will be posted over all social media accounts of Milyin, the text for social media would be the Title of Creation and the Hashtags used in the posts. We would also be sending your featured images, on social media, though if you don’t add any featured image, a randomly generated featured image would be used in it’s place. Apart from that the last would be the link of the post.Note: It is worth taking note that we crop images if required in case of Instagram to comply with their API though in most cases this is not required. And Also we may exclude some tags in twitter if the characters go over 280 which is the max limit of characters possible in tweet. We send your creations over social media accounts of Milyin at  Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

This is one of the most important integration in the content: Include the Hashtags in our content

Use the hashtags instead of meta tags. These hashtags will be automatically converted to the meta tags.

These are figured out as the major ranking factor.

Use of hashtags should be without any space between the words. Through this you can definitely increase your rankings.

Featured Image

Anyone can make up that “Why Features Images are necessary?”

But those of you don’t know, let me answer your question that why they are necessary:

They attract more and more people to view your Creation.

Like here in the image above, we see that all of the posts have got their featured images updated.

This is interestingly good for SEO too.

Featured Image can be a good way to show up your real thought

Add Media

To make your content look more attractive, it is recommended that you include the media in the form of images, videos or even better Podcasts.

Posts by Backlinko are unbelievably amazing. There post possesses a lot of images which makes this content look attractive and creative.

Case Study: It is found that the content with different types of media possessed a 73% increase in traffic than the normal posts with no images.

This sounds really good…..

Get Links to your Creations

The question come reading this Creation Guide “Why we should get links?”

Building Backlinks to your creation is the most important step for ranking in Google even for short terms.

Google claims that Backlinks are ranked as one of the top three ranking factors on Google.

You have to build as many as links as you can to your Creation.

Mind it that you have to build a high quality backlinks from a high authoritative website. This way you can boost your content to the top for your targeted keyword.

You can read here the #Link Building Guide of Backlinko in which he listed that E-mail outreach has been the main portal for making links to the site

Conclusion: Creation Guide

So, at last, we have come to conclusion of this true Milyin Creation Guide.

Here are the points we have mainly discussed in this Creation:

  • Optimize for Title
  • Keyword Implementation
  • Hashtags
  • Meta Description
  • Featured Image
  • Use of media in the content
  • Building Backlinks

Here’s the Next Step

Now we want to turn it over to you:

Which of the Creation Guide Tip you are going to try first?

Are you going to start doing Keyword Researching and Implementation?


Going to make use of images, infographic’s and other media?

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below right now.