IFTTT: Amazon of Intergrations

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Amazon is your go to when ever you have to buy relevant stuff and has widest range with wierdest to wierdest stuff.

Similar is the case with integration between Apps and services your go to is IFTTT, which stands ‘If This Then That’ it is a service of services, where you can make applets that integrate 2 services. This can do simple tasks, like when you are geographically near your office turn on Do Not Disturb or when you are about to reach home turn on Air Conditioner, or mute phone at bed time.

It is also used by websites like Milyin to automatically post new Creations on Twitter. For using it the first step is to connect services for eg.

If you want to mute phone at bedtime, then connect to clock and your phone by searching those services, though in this case if you have IFTTT app installed, then it will automatically connect those services for app will obviously on your phone.

So after connecting through a service you can either search for applets on IFTTT,  and install them or if you want to create your own applet, then the process is really simple.

Go to create new applet, and there you would be greeted with ‘IF This Than That’ and now click over ‘This’ which means the trigger, this is the parameter that defines when should it work, for eg. To mute phone at 9, your trigger is 9pm, so select this as clock, then it would ask you further trigger, in this case it would be time, select time.

After that it would ask you ‘That’ which is the result, in this case it would be more the phone, so select phone and then mute.

It would summarize your apples and would ask what you would like to name it and option to save. Click save and you are done. You can now enjoy simpler life.





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