How To Stay Inspired in Life: Steve Jobs

How To Stay Inspired In Life

How To Stay Inspired in Life by Taking Inspiration. We will discuss how hardships hit hard in life and still staying inspired staying motivated while practicing perseverance will make you successful.

Let’s discuss the hardships faced by person. A child is in womb of his mother when parents decide that they didn’t want a child. He is put for adoption, before birth. Even before he comes to existence he is being left by his own parents. The new parents with whom the child has been put for adoption, back out on the day of birth, because they wanted a girl and the child was a boy.

After birth, he is finally handed over to a family that is not very well off. The biological parents take a promise from adoptive parents, that they will ensure the boy goes to a good college.

Till here the child even before birth was not liked by his own parents. After birth his planned adoptive parents also move away. This was one of the most negative start anyone can imagine for his or her life. But by the end of this you will know how this person is actually a really successful and widely known name in the entire world.

He when started his school life, was not much enthusiastic about studies. His teaches struggled to have him do work. Some teachers even bribed him with chocolates to get work done. He played pranks with his friends, that landed him in trouble.

He was bullied in school. To the extent that he threatened his parents to not go to school at all, if they didn’t took him to other place.

Till here you might me wondering why such a negative and unlucky person id being talked about when the topic is inspiration. But don’t worry we will tell you How to Stay Inspired in Life.

When it was time to go to college he selected one of the big college of the town the Reed College. But into his college life he decided he didn’t want to study and decided to dropout of college.

He got a part time job in a company. Frustrated and tired of his life, it was hard to find inspiration for him. Then came the time when he went to India, and visited some buddhist Monks to rediscover his own self.

After returning he started to see the world with different perspective. He full of energy, started a company to sell his best friends invention.

That soon turned into profit, and he became millionaire at 24. But it was not long when due to his own mistake he was kicked out of his own company (let’s call it Company A). His success and hard work was called one hit wonder, and his hard work and efforts were all gone as he was now jobless.

He started another new company (B), and then with 12 years of hardwork stablished it fairly well to the extent that the company that he left acquired his new company. This meant that A acquired B and got him back to his original company. His relentless work and unstable condition of his original company made him the CEO.

He was made the CEO of the Company from which he was kicked out 12 years ago. And it seems like dream and impossible but it is true. He after that became one of the most successful CEOs in the World.

Now it is a right time to introduce you to the actual character so that you can understand how a seemingly fiction is actually a real story of a really successful Billionaire.

He was Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was born to Joanne and Abdulfattah. He was adopted by Paul And Clara Jobs. He lived in Palo Alto and did schooling there. He joined Reed College and after that went to Work in Atari as a part time.

After returning from India he started a company with Mr. Wozniak, that we all know today as Apple. He with his Macintosh and Apple II became really popular. But then he did one of the bigger mistakes of his life, which was to hire John Sculley to be the CEO of company.

Due to converging opinions Steve Jobs was kicked out by John Sculley. It was sad to see a person being kicked from his own company by a person who he himself had hired.

But still Steve Jobs knew very well how to Stay Inspired in Life. He started a new Company called NeXT. Skip 12 years, and NeXT was not in good financial condition and Apple was not in a good Innovation Condition.

Apple bought NeXT so that they can use NeXT software which was really great. Board realized that only Steve Jobs could save them, and as a result in less than year of his return, he was made the CEO of his company.

He knowing How to Stay inspired in Life, worked day and night to bring Apple back up. Over the next decade, he brought back the magic of Apple and gave it a amazing turn around. From a point where it had no great products. He worked to bring up iMacs, iPods, iPhones and iPads to the market

He is considered to be one of the greatest CEOs and entrepreneurs of all times. He is a true inspiration. He knew How to Stay Inspired In Life and his life teaches us the same way of remaining Positive and Inspired in Life for being Successful.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs

How To Stay Inspired In Life

How To Stay Inspired In Life

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