How to make yourself grow to great Business Heights? Some Of My Business Tips!!

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Before beginning the guide of “How to grow yourself to Great Heights”, let me ask you some questions….

1)Do you really want to be successful?
2)Do you have the potential to start with a new business?

First of all, take some unique time and answer these questions and try to understand that reading this creative business idea guide will not really help you unless and until you really want to start.

If you want to see whole new business tour with all projections, examples, tips, then this guide for starting a BUSINESS will help you a lot. 

I’m personally doing a business and researched a lot about creative Small Business ideas and How to make yourself grow to great Business Heights tips for which I’m going to show you in the upcoming part.

I’ve divided this guide into 4 sections. Each section is of 31 ideas, but the last part of 11 business ideas is something special, you will probably love that.
That’s the spirit……

So, let’s start with the first section of Business ideas:

1. Business Ideas Requiring High amount of Hard-work


Most people think that by by investing a lot they will be able to get a success.                                          But this is not really true:

Start your online service provider business. Start providing your passion services online at different platforms. Reach out different Bloggers and Youtubers by just e-mail outreach.

They will be the best providers which will make you earn thousands by just working from your home comfort. This is among the creative small business ideas with low investment and high profit .

Online business idea

Bonus: You can also start providing services to those people around you who don’t have the resource for online payment. Ex- applying for different documentations, making online surveys, etc.

This can make you profit at a whole different level.

You can provide travel services and booking services at the offline market in India. Still in India, most people reach out for the offline services. You can also perform as a travel agent.You can start this business for as low as Rs5000.

Bonus: Reach out popular travel agents in your area and ask them for a proposal to partner with you.

This business of city guide can be restructuring and unbelievable.

Tourists coming to explore the city will make sure to arrange for city tour guide before their arrival date. You can provide your details to Google Maps, publish lots of news articles, make your website for online booking.

This can be achieved for as low as Rs20000. This can be a very profitable small business idea if you work with your full potential. A lot of hard work is required to outcome with the best results.

Your ideas should be unique.

ice cream van

You should make yourself unique. 

This will be the most lovable and the real secret, the successful enough business.

Don’t work for all that Vadilal, Quality walls, Amul, start making ice-creams on your own and sell them in those parts of the city where there is always crowd, a lot of people visit.

Kids will really regard your idea!! This can be regarded as a small business idea with low investment.

Show your creativity, make extraordinary ice-creams, and sell them at a much higher rate. You will be really successful.

This is I think the most paying business on this list of first 30 offline as well as online business idea.

You can be a professional photographer by just taking a course for 6 months. This will be the most successful one with full guarantee. But investing on this business will be little expensive too.

You can start providing photography service in weddings and other functions. You can also partner with a big company and be a high payer.

If you are really passionate about photography then urgently reach out your nearest coaching center.

Supply stationary items

This will be a great fit for you: with some applying conditions:

1)This cannot be someone’s dream to be a shopkeeper… Hahaha….

2)This is only meant for supplies.

3)This will be a high pay-out as suggested.

Opening a stationary shop is not a real fun, but if you are only money-minded then this will be definitely yours.

You should open a stationary shop near a residing colony, where people reside.

Sell your own made art


Handicrafts business idea

Selling your self-made art to people will make a new flow in people. This will be a very good business option. 

If the product made by you will interest people, it will continue with a whole different level sarge among the public. You can start this creative small business with no money also.

This can be a good online business idea too as it has higher evaluating among online consumers. You can sell your own made typical paintings, your latest invention and even your daily articles.

Bonus: Always think of a higher level, never reach out on small opportunities. You can make your handicrafts famous not only at the local level but at also among the online media.

Tie-up with big companies

You all must be thinking “Why we should come in contact with other companies?” 

But there is an unknown strategy behind this. 

I will take an example:

Suppose, you see an article in a weekly magazine about a big company with a good potential startup. This will be the high time to reach out that company. You can ask company by just e-mailing them for their good hope and ask for any need they want.

You can ask them whether they require a professional person in any particular field. 

One big thing, you can also make money through small companies.

Here is the spirit, if you have a good amount of audience on local/online market, then ask the company head to promote their business to their required level at the end of any particular date. And in return, ask them to pay you. I’m 100% sure they will really think over it and will not deny for your offer. 

Try to reach out big companies through Facebook groups, E-mails and other online platforms. Reaching out companies can be a among good online creative small business ideas.

Pack and Move Items


Many people around us are shifting their house from one place to another. There might be many people shifting their house in India itself or outside India. 

This will perform as a good chance for you. You can hire a truck driver for as low as Rs2000 to shift the luggage and charge the people as per the distance and road conditions. You can start this business for as low as Rs50000. 

This business can have higher approach through online media. You can widen your business and tie-up with other companies.

Bonus: When someone is looking forward to shift, make yourself the first one to reach them.

Sell useless items

This is where most people hang out and come up with huge profits.

Yeah, I’m talking about EBAY, OLX. Just make an account here and widen your approach. Sell your used or not required items.

You can also sell it at local level, which may not be that useful.

Bonus: Post your ad on EBAY, OLX. If you get bids for the product, then buy it from the other people who are selling at a low price as compared to the bids. You will come up with huge profit. This comes under one more “How to make yourself grow to great Heights majestic tip”.

For ex: I bought a Macbook for around Rs1,10,000 from one person, which is around 1,80,000 in the market. I post it’s ad on OLX and I get lots of bids on it. Say I got a bid of Rs1,30,000. What will be our profit?

We will directly get a profit of Rs20,000 in one go. (You can also negotiate with the buyer)

Pack and deliver

As I mentioned above in Packers and Movers section about the creative small business idea with low investment:

But here we are not talking about that packing services, here we are talking about the food items, stationary items, gift shops.

You can originally provide services to those shops which are not providing any packing and delivery services. You can reach out to them by just contacting them on phone. 

Ask them to keep you for reasonable price. Ultimately, their sale will increase if they like their items and are eased with their delivery services. This is how you can work for them on a daily hour basis.

Remember, this is not a job, this is a business as you are providing them services of delivery, they are not asking anyone for delivery services.

Depends on numbers

bookkeeping services business idea

If you have interest in great numbers then this type of business will work for you surely.

You surely do not need to be a Certified Public Accountant, but you should have an ever increasing amount.

There are lot of sources for your freelance bookkeeping, such as the Freshbooks, Harvest, etc. There are lots of invoicing services as small business ideas.

Promote, people buy, you get comission

affiliate-marketing-business idea

Choose a product, get the link, promote, anyone purchases you get some commission. 

That’s not it…..

Affiliate Marketing is a very broad term!!! If I start this topic in night, then it will be completed in next evening.

This is one of the most successful online business idea. I see many people in US are making a ton of money daily, then think about monthly. Affiliate marketing not only consists this, it is made of a very long chain. 

Read This: Neil Patel’s Affiliate Marketing Guide

This has been I think the most potential business on the planet. You can start this business at absolutely no money. Just you want to promote the product.

Share your own views

Struck with new online business idea, among one of the most recognized business ideas in the whole world.

Start with an unique blog. Shout out with an unique design, provide whole different experience and services. Make something special that everyone likes.

You can start with whole new blog for absolutely free with or

You can customize your site according to you and you can use different themes. You can promote your creative business through blogging. You can also open an E-commerce website and sell your items. You can earn here also through different ad networks, paid reviews and affiliate marketing too.

Read Here:A step-by-step guide on how to start with a blog.

Buy a domain, list it & sell it

You might have heard of Domain Flipping. For those who don’t know what is it and have never heard of it, you are seriously going to be of high profile.

You just want to buy a good domain, which contains the target keyword, and list it on auctions.

If you get a very good response over your domain, then you are most probably obliged to sell it.

Sounds Good:
For ex: I bought a domain named “”. This domain consists of the target keyword “travel” which might be very useful. This domain actually costs around $5500 in the GoDaddy Domain Auction.

Related:#ffffff ; color: #ff0000;">#ffffff ; color: #ff0000;" href=""> Domain Flipping Guide | onlinedimes

This is a seriously actionable online business idea that can boost your income from a less than a penny to more than $17,000 a month just like Jack.

Open a cloth shop

In India, every person strikes with opening a cloth shop.

But after all this they realize that the idea of opening a cloth shop was not very right.

Why this was not right?

It depends upon the approach(as my site clearly satisfies). Their approach is only at the local level. Even at the local level they do not promote. Just open the shop, if anyone comes, that’s it.

They should be more creative. Start advertising your shop through different portals. 

Also, you can open an online store(which is much more effective), sell it there. 

In India more and more people are turning towards online shopping. The percentage of people is ever increasing. This is a true and much more effective online business idea to widen your approach.

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Selling clothing items can be very much effective online. Don’t just sit and wait for the customer. Promote your store through e-mails, messages, Facebook, Youtube, Milyin, etc.

Start promoting at offline level

When we think of Affiliate Marketing, promoting other’s products online comes to our mind.

But that’s not it. As I told you Affiliate Marketing is a very broad term.

Greetings!!! You can start this in the offline market too.

(A recent study shows us that Affiliate Marketing has been ranked as the biggest earning source of a website.)

You can just reach out different companies in your cities. And make them an offer regarding the promotion of their product at the local and the commercial level.

If you are successful, they will give out you with a payment never thought of, if they liked.

Job Consultant….. HUH……..

It is pretty common nowadays in the market. Many people are going to opt out for this type of business.

But many of them fail. Why?

I have the answer to this question. Many of the people fail because they are not going on the basis of skill and support. This can also be a good online business idea, if you know how to implement it correctly.

But what about those who achieve this doing right?

These people with much more creative content pass out with flying colors. How can you do this?

Here is the right term: Being a job consultant you need to have a right amount of knowledge about the jobs in the local as well as the official level. Being a job consultant, you ensure that people get a right job with security, with desired facilities. They ensure you for the job fixation.

This is what you can do and provide people with their desired jobs. In return you will get paid by the consumer for your service. Minimum Investment- Rs10000

Real Estate Business idea

Being a Real Estate Agent(Property Dealer) can make you huge profits. Starting this type is very easy.

You can promote your business offline as well as online. But my priority will be definitely online. This can be a good offline as well as “online creative small business idea”.

You just need to be updated with all the listings in your area. You can provide different properties on rent and for sale. You just have to do is that contact the person who is selling the property and the person who is looking forward to buy a new property.

Contact the buyer if he/she is looking for a new property. Suggest them good properties available and contact the seller.

Once the buyer is satisfied with the property, just sell it to them. And quote a price with your appropriate commission. Arrange all the paper work from the seller and the buyer and just go for it.

This will be a good business option.

You can expand your sales through online market. Just impress the buyer with your words and you are all right to go.

One time or the other, you must have heard that you can earn money(good amount) by just selling the photos clicked/created by you.


This might be a very good option. You can sell your personalized art online. You just have to care the most is that it should not be a copied image. This is one of the best online business ideas which can turn you to a true creative and artistic business man.

Read Here:Here are the top 12 photos selling website

This is not like the packing and delivery services. 

This can also be a good option for a small offline as well as online business idea. You can be very good at this point. In starting you will not be able to earn much but as your experience will grow, your sales will definitely grow.

If you have a dhaba(as we call in India) or a restaurant, then this is surely for you.

There are many students moving to big cities to continue their studies. But for staying, they would also need everyday food which will be very difficult for them to cook.

You can then provide tiffin service to them. Make a definite list of food in your tiffin. And you will be in for this kind of business. This can also be made very reachable using the internet. Just post your ads at different websites, OLX, Quickr, etc.

Being a social media influencer is not an easy task.

Really!!!       Why?

First let’s understand who is a social media influencer.

A User who accesses social media on the basis of of expertise, knowledge in a particular field and posts content related to it on their desired social media platforms. 

This is one of the most recommended and a high paying online business idea. If you want to start this type of business, you need to have a brand. You can start with your own blog/company and make posts on social media regarding your niche.

Influencer’s get their most of the money through paid posts. But this is very far. You just have to start with your own brand.

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youtube business idea

Make Videos, earn views and then earn money!!!

It’s all that….

What could be more simple than this?

But what you are thinking is not right. It’s not a very easy task to earn from Youtube.

Despite of this fact, many people are earning money from Youtube in a lot of ways. They are paid from advertisements, affiliate, paid reviews and much more.

In order to start your brand new youtube channel, you need to be somewhat creative. You need to start something different than anyone else does on Youtube. Most of the people are going for News, Technology, Health,  Business, Sports, Vlogging- but that’s not it.

You get a variety of niche to start your Youtube channel on. 

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This could be the most successful and most profitable business if you know appropriate techniques.

If you are specialist in a language other than your country’s primary language, then this business will be a mind-blowing startup for you.

It is said that a translator makes around 25 lakh rupees a year($40,000 per annum). And more specifically, this is the minimum amount an average translator makes.

You just have to translate the scripts of the people to another language, which you know and they have a desired language. If all is matched, you should be the first person to reach out the consumer.

Now, the question comes that how can we find such services?

The answer to this is simple Freelancing. Anyone requires a service you should be the first one to bid. This is an awesome online creative small business idea which can boost your 9 to 5 earnings. GO FOR IT!!!

Have you not understood till now…

That’s what is it. On the website you are reading this blog, can also make you earn.

That’s our spirit. You can make your content on Milyin, your article will monetized from the day 1 you created your content with ads.

In return, we will pay you. Milyin has some terms and conditions, that you really need to follow.

If your article gets good amount of traffic, you will get paid on being clicked on ads by the viewers. You will be notified that what you will get. You will get better CPC and this is one of the best online business idea.

Register on now.

This will help you to make a nice choice..

If you are in a craze of video editing, then this business might work for you. Creating for Youtube is not a creative online business idea.

Just create professional video and sell it to the people. They will really like it.

Strategy: Make your video visible to public by just e-mail outreach. Contact big video bloggers and ask them to promote you. 2-step email outreach will definitely work.

You can also go and target out the parties where their people require the video footages. Create their videos in such a way that they will recommend everyone other to visit you.

Do you know that a professional video editor earns around $70,000 a year. This sounds crazy. 

Business idea home designing

This business, from my side, is the most fun one to start with.

Designing others house sounds very interesting. But the fact is that I’m not really a house designer….

Designing the home of other people makes me feel very nice, why would not anyone feel that good. You  can earn as much as Rs30,000-Rs40,000 for just designing a one 2BHK house. That’s I mean really insane.

This business idea is more productive at the offline market. You just don’t need a degree, but you must have the proper sense of building and designing a house which would balance everything out there.

Event blogging is a type of blogging, a How to make yourself grow to great Business Heights tip, which can make you rich by just posting content on the upcoming event or festival, which is celebrated in the whole nation. 

The condition is that you have to start this unique business idea at least 3 months before the event.

Course provider business idea

Yeah….. being a course provider on a topic that may interest you would be a better creative small business idea, on a condition if you have a good knowledge of the subject.

Many of you, by now, will be dumbstruck and confused on “how to start a small online business”, but here comes the best online opportunity to start upon your task from now only.

Many of you might imagine, the online course, not a good option. But you will be better far away by start providing your courses online through video clips. Promote it, sell online courses and you are good to go.

This baby-sitting service can be concluded good for women. This is a good small business idea for women.

This can be a good way to start with a new business as you only have to invest a very minimal amount. This can be manageable under Rs3000.

In India, you are only required with baby essentials and just have to accompany the baby by just going the customer’s house or even better can really happen….

I just got an idea in my mind for a super-duper profitable business!!!

Just find out a crowdy place, such as a market, or a mall and a fair can also work. Mark my words, select a place in your city in which every time there is crowd. Just open a baby care center, and start with a business. 

Only you have to invest some money, but afterwards there will be monsoon of money in your house!!

poster making business idea

If there is a new company starting out in your area or you find a new request from the company to design their poster and create bio, then this creative small and this offline as well as online business idea will blow your mind.

You just have to look for someone who want a service for designing the poster. If you are creative enough to design those big posters, then this business type is definitely for you.

Planning For The Great:

So these 31 How to make yourself grow to great Business Heights list to start a high profitable business, must had provided you with all the good essentials to quit that 9 to 5 job and start with a new business. This was the first 31 list which required a high quality time to put on. Next will be the list of ideas which you can start by spending 3-4 hours a day. We will give you an update as soon our next 31 list of creative small business ideas will be uploaded.


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