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How can you build up your own Progressive Web App on WordPress with or Without Coding.

PWA or Progressive Web Apps are used to make apps for mobiles that are similar to native apps in functioning. Progressive Web Apps are usually used to improve speed, extensive caching can help open app and web pages like Native App.

They work with help of Service Workers and Web Manifests. Web Manifests handle the visual portion, they create the splash screen for launch, the top menu bar color, icon for app etc. so that they look beautiful. We would discuss how to build them in a minute understanding the concept is also important. The only basic requirement is to have SSL, so that site connection is secure.

Service Worker, is the heart and Brain of the PWA. And we will help you do all of PWA, on WordPress, with ease. Though it can be that there are some wrong things which you do in your site, which slow you down in general. A PWA is less effective if you do not follow, some important things, like Lazy Loading and gZip compression, and overall WordPress Optimization, as a result I wrote this cool guide, 17 Secrets to How I Optimized My WordPress Website to Load in 927 ms (100%GtMetrix)

Service workers enabled Konga to send 63% less data for initial page loads, and 84% less data to complete the first transaction!

Web push notifications helped eXtra Electronics increase engagement by 4X. And those users spend twice as much time on the site.

The ability to deliver an amazing user experience helped AliExpress improve conversions for new users across all browsers by 104% and on iOS by 82%.

Service workers are Javascript files that handle the backend and the functioning. The can be used to make work even offline, or fast as native apps. They take care of functioning side.


So, beginning with, there are multiple ways to do it. A easy one and a difficult one. The difficult one can be obviously difficult or people who don’t know javascript. As far as easy one goes. You need a Word press plugin, Super Progressive Web Apps. This plugin will automatic generate a cache first service worker and a manifest based on the colors and setting you select.

Simple put in the setting and click save your files would be generated and automatically linked.

The second method is to code it on your own. We recommend the second method because it gives you more control over how it functions. Now you can use Google Developer docs, to learn and understand how to code. But there is another trick if you want to build your PWA on your own.

Based on your needs you can get the type of PWA you want from PWA Builder

This site can create your own manifest and service worker you simple need to upload the service worker and manifest file into your root directory, and but the register java code any where on pages.

The 3 of the method work fine, though the 2nd method is the most customizable, and the first is the easiest.

A good App works best with a good site, as a result do not forget to checkout I wrote this cool guide, 17 Secrets to How I Optimized My WordPress Website to Load in 927 ms (100%GtMetrix)

Once you set it up, you can verify if it is working by Google Chrome on Desktop first. Open a page of website and press F12 on keyboard, this opens Inspect element, in the menu of inspect element you shall see options such as elements, console etc. Select Application, there in the window that opens, check and verify manifest/service worker to see if it is recoganised.

If it is recognized, then people would be able to download the PWA from mobile. Any person when visits your site through compatible device, it will see a banner at bottom of screen asking to add your site to homepage. Clicking which installs it. Unlike Apks, it will install automatically, and unlike the earlier versions, the PWAs support push notifications also, this means you can send notifications also.

Now the plugin we talked does most of it, but it cannot take control of updates and push notifications, and though the updates can be handles by the PWA Builder site that generates PWA files for you automatically, but it also doesn’t support Push Notifications.

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