How to Become Courageous in Life

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Courage is a important portion of the lives of most of the successful people. In this post we will discuss 7 tips how to become courageous in life and take risks in life.

Take Risks How to Become Courageous in Life

Is driving risky? Yes. We all know that there are lots of cars, and accident can happen anytime our lives are at stake. But do we have to build up our nerves and gather whole lot of courage to drive every morning to office.

No absolutely NOT. We slowly become habitual. The first time ever when we learn how to drive, we need to become courageous. This is because we know that there is risk and we are fearful, but slowly as we gain habit the fear dies.

One of the key lessons among, 7 tips How To Become Courageous in Life is to Remember “ #Action Kills Fear”. The fear and worry and uncertainity only remains till the time we are stagnant. As we take action our fears die.

The Perspective Required To Become Courageous in Life

Courage to do what you want is a thing you really need. There would be no one on earth who doesn’t want to be successful. And everyone would have his own unique dreams but really a few #accomplish them

I admit that there would be times, when taking the risk turns out to be unfavorable to you. But you will learn. Always remember that you have to go to right direction. It would take courage, it would be hard, it would be slow. But “it is better to go slowly in right direction that going fast in wrong direction”.

Sportsmen, need lot of courage. When the last ball of the match and you need 3 runs in cricket. Or when you need a goal in final minute, any random person would be fearful and heart must be pumping.

Here you need to become courageous in Life. #Courage to take action and take risks. A courageous person will take deep breathe, and take a unexpected move. Staked in such places are big.

When the #Game is big and everything is on stake you cannot afford to loose. Courage, is inside yourself. The attitude to win is what make you to become courageous in Life

The Courageous Path To Reach Your Destination

People who love the journey reach the most beautiful destination. The ones who will have the destination or the purpose or there mission in eyes will try to hit the destination. The ones who will see the obstacles will hit them.

Take this for eg. whenever a person learns skiing and tries to go through trees. He is advised to see the path rather than trees. The skier who will look at trees will collide with them. T

ones who will look at the path will go through the path and become successful. This change in perspective is a important part of 7 tips How to become courageous in life.

Getting Out Of Comfort Zone And Build Confidence

Confidence is important. Confidence or some times illusion of confidence can make you really successful. Why will anyone buy a product from the salesman who is not sure about specifications of his own products.

That’s the case. You need confidence to become courageous in life. Always remember that no one can give you courage. Courage is from heart. But you can build it. Like we talked about learning how to drive from first time. The habit of being courageous is the key.

Be courageous, start small, remember that ROME was Not Built in A Day. You can’t build your confidence in a day. But slowly you will build it. Always start small. Start small, but never settle for less, keep improving the bar.

Start with something like taking a new road for office on the day you are running late. Or may be become courageous in life by trying some random things like trying to jiggle to balls. You may fail, but you will build the attitude to understand 7 tips how to become courageous in life and implement it in routine

Make Trusting Teams

Thousands of Years Back, the position of humans in society was not very good. We had dangers from animals, weather and nature far more intense. But then they needed courage to be able to take risks and become the supreme species ruling the earth.

The reason was trusting teams. Humans not only worked in teams but also, were able to cooperate. The sense of cooperation and collective belonging helped them understand the 7 tips How To Become Courageous in Life

There was a trust that even if someone falls asleep on duty, the person around him would wake in case there is a danger

There was a trust in the team that helped them and will help you also to understand 7 tips how to become courgeous in life.

Become Courageous with a Ship And Iterate Attitude

Eric Schmidt the former CEO of Google, had a way of working in which, if there was a time when they could make a choice, or there was uncertainty making the decision making harder, they would still take a risk.

The reason?. Well simple, ship the product or the service to consumer, and then see the response. There are many things that you won’t imagine while on the desk, but you will observe it practically after you take risk. The next paragraph will explain and make you understand 7 Tips how to become courageous in life with it.

When ever Google took risk with product, either there product got successful, or they learnt things, that no one could imagine, just on paper. The knowledge they gained not only helped them improve the product and make it better the next time, but also, it helped them understand taste and thought process people, which helped them predict many things in future.

Feel Confident, with A Irrational aspect

lucky charms or religious totems is irrational, but if they’re scientifically proven to give you more confidence. They give you a hope and a faith, that in hard times things would get better.

This faith and the believe of better future, will make you courageous. This works, i can tell you. If a priest says you will get that job, for which you are going on interview next thursday, you would be much more optimistic and this is how to become courageous in real life.

This is honestly a thing that matters and varies from person to person, but ya, for the ones who trust it, they will have it work in a fairly wonderful way. These people would find it as the biggest ingredient of recipe of 7 tips to become courageous in life.


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