How Steve Jobs made a Perfect Balance of Smart Work and Hard Work


The time is of early 1980s, Apple was working on their 3rd Device Apple Macintosh. They decided that they wanted to sell a complete device that can be used by any random person. They wanted power supply directly built in to the system, and wanted the computer to be fully covered in a plastic case. These today’s common things were unknown till then.

Steve Jobs the other Co-Founder of #Apple was in favor that they definitely need geometric figures. Their machine must be able to display squares, triangles and various other figures. Upon some hard coding, they could prepare a way to show these figures on their device.

A #demo was arranged in a hall, where both Co-Founders and many others gathered to see how it worked. Everything seemed good and amazing, but Steve Jobs seemed unsatisfied. Upon being asked he asked, for rounded rectangles. The edges for them should be circled. People found his idea outrageous.

#SteveJobs was an Indefinite Thinker and more importantly an Infinite Doer. He took some people to a white board near by, and made them touch the whiteboard edges, there were rounded edges, he took them to a street to show how everything has rounded edges, some have radius of the edges smaller while others larger, but edges must be round.

As it happens with an Indefinite Thinker, people to tend realize it late that the guy is right. Upon realizing they started the task of coding the program to have the edges rounded. Then came another obstacle, and this obstacle was something only an indefinite thinker could solve.

The processors that they wanted to use in their machine, didn’t possess the ability to calculate squares of numbers. Storing all the squares would consume a lot of memory and the memory resources and cost for memory would make machine too expensive. It was obvious that could not be able to find a solution until they became a bigger company

A definite thinker will probably lose on it, and either give up the idea of edges or he will compromise on performance by using more storage. (Okay, having different processors is an option, but I wished to contrast what a definite thinker will do and what an indefinite thinker will do)

So what did the Indefinite thinker do? They found a wonderful way out. Bill Atkinson got idea was a simple yet amazing algorithm. He worked on a fundamental concept, “the square of any no. ‘x’ is equal to the sum of first x odd no.s” For eg.  4^2 is adding first 4 odd no.s 1+3+5+7 = 16 = 4^2. 

This is an amazing story, and if you just leniently skipped it, then better read it again, this story will be told many times in this book, and this a great example of the whole concept of the Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. #tag

This story along with few others if learned and understood properly will help you leverage the concept of Indefinite Thinker Infinite Player. And trust me it is life changing, there will be many more brilliant and wonderful example, but this example has always been simple yet amazing.

This meant that basically they could calculate squares easily and, besides if they calculate square of number and then the user demanded a square of number that was near to the current no. they could simply start counting from the already calculated square.

This was an #amazing implementation they could calculate squares and powers of no.s even when the machine didn’t support it, an Indefinite Thinker and Infinite player can do such amazing things.

They wanted the calculated the Squares of no.s but they were help in a quagmire, the processor of computer didn’t support it. They were infinite players, even though they were bound by the rules in the form of limitations of processors, still they thought like infinite player, and that made all the difference.

The ability to be an Indefinite #Thinker , gives birth to #creativity and innovation, this gives birth to out of the box thinking, and unconventional ideas. You do something impossible with just the simple change in thought process.

Thanks for Reading, Warm Regards, Aditya
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    Blame, resentment, whining, and complaining are excuses we make when were not living the life we came here to live. ?? Live Optimistic...

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