How Steve Jobs Created Problem For Himself: Enter John Sculley

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Steve Jobs was running Apple fine during 1980s, it was Mike Markulla’s marketing strategy, campaigns and principles that had got Apple decent pile of cash reserves, and his marketing principles somewhat live at core of Apple even today.

But Mike in early 1980s presented his desire to leave Apple for personal reasons. This project had been quite good and went to long.

Steve Jobs irrespective of his arrogance, had a impact of India and Buddhism, that was seen in the fact that he was self aware and understood himself really well. Even though he wanted to head Apple and explore new possibilities and success, but he knew it was not the time to do these experiments. As a result a search began for the new Driector.

Jobs and Mike looked many options. They realised that they didn’t require someone from IT background, they needed someone who knew marketing and managment, with some references there search narrowed down to John Sculley from Pepsi-Cola division of PepsiCo. He got renouned for his successful marketing campaigns campaigns including Pepsi challenge.

Sculley was invited on a meeting at Apple, he was at Los Angles during Christmas time, spending time his his children. He took them to a Computer shop. And his marketing mind saw the faults in there marketing. He could see how poorly they were marketed. His kids enquired what made him so serious about computers and he told about planned meeting with Steve Jobs. As soon as he spoke they got excited and energised, for them Steve Jobs was a real Celebrity.

This made Sculley take Apple more seriously. Upon ariving at Apple, he could feel a different environment, whcih was more casual and more inclined to research and development. Steve Jobs in his amazing way talked how they wanted to change world and change the way people thing about computers. He gave Sculley a 8 page memo, that gave Apple a lot of respect in his eyes. But it was a bit insufficient for him to leave PepsiCo and start a new league at Apple.

Steve Jobs and John Sculley both while having a meal discussed that Apple had a lot of capability to have a generation of its own. A paradigm shift in the way people think. Sculley told that what they did with the Pepsi challenge campaign was combine ads, events PR to make it a national buzz. It was like lighting a bulb, Steve Jobs realized that this was exactly what he wanted for Apple.

For Steve Jobs that was a exciting night as he got to learn a lot of new things and fun stuff, and for Sculley that was amazing to see amazing ideas and things that were going to shape future. Sculley could not sleep that night imaging future.

Steve Jobs and Sculley became great friends. Once returning fron Hawaii, he stopped by Apple managers got ready, and they were very excited to know that PepsiCo could purchase 1000s of Macs for next few years.

He wanted Sculley to be first person outside Apple to see Macintosh he got the event arranged by Hertzfeld. And the presentation was energizing, witg his wonderful theatrics and Reality Distortion Field #SteveJobs made it a point that he wanted to present a revolution. He was more of a showman. And he wanted to put all his oratory skills in it.

Jobs was able to impress Sculley with it, but he was still reluctant to leave Apple. They in a meeting discussed different aspects. One of them was $1 Million in salary and $1Million in joining bonus. Jobs was ready for it. He was ready to even sacrifice his own salary to get him because Sculley was the best person he ever met.

Sculley uttered one last demurral, a token suggestion that maybe they should just be friends and he could offer Jobs advice from the sidelines. “Any time you’re in New York, I’d love to spend time with you.” He later recounted the climactic moment: “Steve’s head dropped as he stared at his feet. After a weighty, uncomfortable pause, he issued a challenge that would haunt me for days. ‘Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?’”

That was like a brick hitting hard in head. He was speechless. For the first time he felt that his conscience didn’t allow him to say no.

The environment at Apple was a whole lot suprising. Once Jobs in his arriga t manner was criticising Lisa, when someone raised objection, that Mac had not been delivered. He could criticize once delivered. #Sculley realised that at #Pepsi. no one could have had courage to criticize the #Chairman but #Apple was different.

They had amazing partnership, they could complete each others sentences. To the extent that Jobs would freely call him late at night without bothering and ask him to get his presentations corrected.

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