How Can Reality Be Malleable? Eplained

Reality is Malleable. Reality can be bent into ones favor. Reality can be distorted. Take this for example. Steve Jobs the founder of Apple back in 1984 was working over there first PC Macintosh.

Upon testing, he felt the PC took lot of time, to turn on. He asked the engineer to refuse time. This was the first thing that any person would do. And like a unwilling employee, he claimed it to be impossible to cut a single second from it

This was a harsh reality. According to engineer the speed was at it’s limits. He had accepted Reality the way it is. Steve Jobs leaned forward in his chair, and in a calm and deep voice asked the engineer, “Would You Do it, if it saved someone’s life”

Now the engineer got puzzled. Engineer was trapped into Steve Jobs attempt to bend reality and made Reality Malleable. Engineer like obvious, questioned how did it saves someone’s life.

And here the real magic begins. Steve Jobs explains, that there PCs would be sold to thousands of people. If everyone spends few extra seconds daily to turn it on, soon the total time would be more than, the life span of many person.

The engineer understanding importance of his work, went onto reduce many seconds from the time.

Reality is defined as, the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

We can’t control existing facts and observations. Changing existing facts would be Manipulation.

Making Reality Malleable, is picking up existing facts and observations, and then using our own perception to make it malleable.

To make Reality Malleable you pick existing facts (like The PC was slow) and then put up your own perspective, though process to question the status quo.

Now what marketing agents or sales people, do is manipulating or hiding the facts. That will be called manipulation. Manipulation gets caught. But a Malleable Reality is Benign. It is just a change is perspective, it is a paradigm shift.When

Steve Jobs said that it saved someone’s life, it was factually true, because it saved time, but if seen from other perspective, we do it everyday. When we are on Instagram, when we watch TV, or may be day dreaming, we waste time, and this time can also be collectively many lives. The perspective makes a impact. Reality can be malleable,

We also use the ‘the glass half full/half empty’ analogy to differentiate between a optimistic and a pessimistic perception of life. I think we could take this a step further. One could consider the glass half full of water, or instead half full of air. It depends entirely on how you perceive what is in the confines of the glass (or in any given situation). Both perceptions are correct, yet different.

This happened in Vietnamese war also. US won almost all the major battles in the war. Vietnam lost 10s of thousands of men in the war. The loss that Vietnam faced was many times larger than United States, but they still won the war. Reason?. They made reality bend there way.

You can make reality malleable to bring a change in society. What you need to is know the facts as they are. You need to very well know full reality. Then start questioning.

Question everything that can bring you to your goal. And then form a perspective. Once you form a different perspective, that can bring paradigm shift in world bring it in front of people. This technique is called Reality Distortion Field and Steve Jobs was master at it.

Without manipulation, you have to present things is a perspective that suits you and then #act upon it. This #art was very well done by #SteveJobs.

In 1998 when Apple was on verge of bankruptcy, Steve Jobs very well knew the reality that they had no cash and no products, capable of instant turn around. There was little to no opportunity of getting investors.

He questioned (if word ‘questioned’ feels a bit harsh you can say ‘self introspect’) each and every thing Apple had. He bent the perspective such that Apple got $150 Million investment from Microsoft which was enough to save Apple, and give it time to bring good products

The perspective that Steve Jobs presented was amazing. Apple has many patents and many rights for Graphic User Interface from early 1980s. Microsoft had stepped in to the Graphic User Interface game after Apple, and had violated there rights.

The cases were long in court. And both Apple and Microsoft knew, that Apple would win the case. Steve Jobs made a case, Apple would take back all cases in return for investment from Microsoft.

The simple perspective change, was a live saver for Apple, and Microsoft also got free from hassle of court cases


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