Writing Your Bio

Content Creator Bio

For people to know a little bit about you and maintain profile, changing profile pics, cover photos and writing bios are good options. To change profile pic head here, to add cover photo head here. Here we discuss Writing Content Creator Bio

  1. To get started first ensure you are logged into Milyin. You can login here
  2. Now, head to User page, User 
  3. From the Profile, click the cog wheel icon for settings in the right
  4. A drop down list appears. It shows options such as edit profile, logout, etc.
  5. Click Edit Profile.
  6. You see your Bio in a box near profile pic.
  7. If you never wrote it, it would say “tell a bit about yourself…”
  8. Clicking it, will bring up a cursor
  9. Here you can write a short bio about yourself
  10. Don’t use Highly personal information, as people would be able to see it
  11. You can write maximum 180 characters in it, so keep it short
  12. Click update profile, and you are good to go