Why Was Milyin Created

Creating Milyin

Milyin was created to insure, that each person on this planet had his own audience, each person had someone who was listening to him. Each person could have his own stage. No person’s voice gets buried under some other person’s voice.

Never hear someone louder than you on Milyin. Also you can read what other people believe in, and there opinions here. You can read all stories on Milyin, also to read according to your taste, you can subscribe Creator, by a button below the posts in the about Creator box. With it you receive notification by email whenever that  Creator publishes a story

If you want to write on Milyin, Your Milyin account is your pen and page in this case. You write with help of Milyin and account insures, that you can see and manage your articles from creative console. Milyin Creative Console includes: My Creations, New Creations, . New Story is the page to create any New Story. Studio is present in the header menu accessed from any page.