Why Is Unexpected Text Appearing at Bottom Of My Creations

If You have ever published a Creation, on Milyin, and haves observed random text at the end of the creation, then we are here to help you.  Milyin has constantly worked to improve the Content Creation experience, and add features that make the Content Creation process simpler.

One of such feature was signatures. Signature is a short text that you can set up, which appears at the bottom of any creation.  Sometimes, people may not know the significance and meaning of Signature, and as a result can add a signature. This signature always appears at bottom of there post, and as a result they get annoyed.

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But How To Remove the Signature Text. Well the process is simple

  1. First, Head to this URL, Edit Profile
  2. Scroll to Bottom, and find the label ‘Signature’
  3. Click on the textarea next to it, and type your Signature line. If you don’t want any text to appear, then delete everything written there, and make it blank.
  4. After writing, Scroll down, and click “Update Profile

Incase you want to learn more about Signatures, you can read it here at: What Is Singnature Text And How To Use It

This way your Signature line would be removed, and now your posts will probably not have any random text coming.

What if some random text still appears at the bottom of the posts, then there can be another possibility for that. The headings can be the culprit in this case.

Milyin consolidates all your headings, and converts them into a Table of Content, that appears in the Floating bar. Sometimes frequent changes made to headings, can cause the Table of Contents, to show something unexpected.

It’s worth taking note, that the problem with Table of Content is always specific to every post. Which means that only a particular post would be affected by this issue. In case this is true, then all you need to do is, find the wrong heading, and erase it to the fullest, and type the heading again. This second method is a quick fix, and should solve your problem, if it doesn’t then you can contact us, and we shall help you do it.

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