Why Does The Dark Mode reset after Login/Logout


div class=”Milyin-Container”>Why Is Your Dark Mode state resetting after you login or logout. If that happens with you, then it is intended to be that way. Milyin uses different dark mode strategies for Dark Mode in cases of logged in and logged out user. 

For a viewer of Milyin, that is not logged in to Milyin, we store the Theme Toggle State, in the device storage, which means that your browser stores the data about Dark Mode being toggled.

The Dark Mode is applied at Device level, with the help of after the page load processing. But if a user is logged in, then we use different strategy.

For a logged in used, we save the Dark Mode toggle state in the servers. This means that the Dark Mode state is taken for a logged in user, for any device.

Storing the Dark Mode Toggle state in the server for logged in user, reduces the page size, and makes the dark mode get applied faster, therefore improving user experience.

We do not allow the use of same strategies for logged in and logged out users. And this done to give the best possible user experience for all people, across all factors. 

Therefore Dark Mode shifts it’s strategies when you login or logout. We have to use different strategies for our Dark Mode, for best experience.

We cannot do a server side dark mode, for logged out users, because we couldn’t find a way to do it for logged out users. For logged in users, we could have stored the IP address, but we respect your privacy, and therefore we do not want to track your IP address, therefore a frontend device level theming is the only possible solution.

We can’t let you toggle the device level state while you are logged in. In case you want to know more please go to What is Dark Mode and You can also see this Why Can’t I Toggle Dark Mode on My Device

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