What Is Singnature Text? And How to Use It…

Signatures at Milyin, are similar to the signature line that we have been familiar on Gmail.Signatures are shot texts, that can be configured for each content creator. These signatures shall automatically get added to the bottom of Content so all Creations owned by the Content Creator. This can be used for variety of purposes, like thanking viewers, link building or giving credentials. Like you can write a text like this:

Thanks For Reading,

Or you can add something like this to the bottom of Creation which has your credentials and qualifications:

Influencer, Public Speaker, Optimist



You can even include the links for your top posts for users to read:

Thanks For Reading

Check Out My Too Creations {Link}

Regards Steve

These were just examples, you can do whatever you like, and use them for your own creative purpose. Remember these Signatures follow all the rules mentioned in our policies for creations.

Setting up such text, will add this text to bottom of All Creations owned by the Content Creator. Any reader will be able to see it.

You can also include the links for your top posts or recent posts in it. This ensures a good ending to all your Creations. Best thing about it is that, in future if you wish to edit the Signature, you don’t need to manually edit each creations. Just updating the actual signature would update it for all old creations also.

But How To set up the Signature Text. Well the process is simple

  1. First, Head to this URL, Edit Profile
  2. Scroll to Bottom, and find the label ‘Signature’
  3. Click on the textarea next to it, and type your Signature line
  4. After writing, Scroll down, and click “Update Profile”

With this you can set or update your signature line.

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