What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode, is aesthetic option that shall Make color scheme darker, and is Good For eyes in less light environment, moreover it can save battery of your Device as darker colors require less energy to display.Moreover a dark background and light color, has less contrast, therefore it gives less strain to eyes, making reading a pleasure.

This shall not affect your functionality, it is just for enhancing user experience, please keep in mind that when you set the dark theme, it is only unique to the device you are using, this means that if you login to some other device you would have to set it again, this is done because the basic intent is to keep it a user specific toggle, rather than a configuration at its core. Also as it uses cookies to store the status of Dark theme, it may be that when you are browsing in incognito or private tab, it does not work, because of the way the browsers work.

Now it is not that the above things are issues or problems that we are/will be correcting, these are intentional. At our core we design everything for normal mode and not dark mode, so we want to serve you the content as its actual and then let you decide if you want to change color scheme or not, each time you change your device.

You are requested to wait at least 10 seconds (don’t reload or go to some other page) after toggling the mode, for us to make necessary changes.

For iOS And MacOS users and Android 10: We deeply integrate, with the operating systems. If you have Dark Mode enabled on your device itself, then you are directly served Dark Mode content. You don’t need to toggle Dark Mode from here, the system status of Dark theme, would be used by Milyin. Read more here

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