What is Chat


Milyin Chat is the new way to communicate and engage for Content Creators at Milyin, any registered user can chat with another user with the help of Milyin Chat. The Chat is fully secure, opening the page shows you your feed. Your feed includes recent chats in reverse chronological order, if you have no previous chats it shall be empty.

On top exists a button with ‘+’ symbol which can be used to initiate a new chat. At the new chat page you would be asked the display name or the username of the Content Creator with whom you want to chat, you can enter multiple usernames to initiate group chat. As you type it shall suggest some names, if you are not sure then first find the details of user through Discover, after putting write username you need to write some message in the text box below it. Now you can send with the ‘arrow’ shaped send button at the bottom.

Once done the chat shall appear in your feed also. Your chats are absolutely secure, your conversation is safe with us. As said in the privacy policy, we never use data secret to you. your conversation is only visible to you and the recipients of the chat.