What is a Verified Account

If you have observed Milyin closely you must have observed some account having “Blue Ticks” after there Display Name. These Blue Ticks are symbol of Verified Account.

A verified account is a account, for which Milyin verifies the authenticity and credibility of all details provided on its own. A verified account, has a direct right to moderate any post that the account holder feels is not good for community.

Verified Accounts get priority support too. Milyin wants a great Content Creation experience, and wants to protect visitors from spam. As a result Verified Accounts shall have the right to take any actions against account, if they feel it violated our Policies. Though the Content Creator can appeal against it in future

We have created a feature of verified profiles on milyin any content creator can get a verified profile. Verified profiles simply means that audience can trust that content creator and separates them from the fake id’s. At milyin we take care that no fake id gets verified.

In order to become verified you should either be a direct administrator of Milyin, which are mostly employees, or you need to be a great Content Creator, with lots of trust and influence on Milyin

If you also want to get verified profile then follow these easy steps. First of all please ensure that you are logged into your account. If you haven’t then please login

  1. Head to User Page
  2. Now scroll down in your profile
  3. Under the Profile bio, you shall see a button called “Request Verification”
  4. Clicking this button will notify Milyin, we usually repsond in 3 days after you request verification.

We shall soon check your profile, ask you questions, and revalidate you information, once that is done, and we are convinced, we shall approve your verification. If we are unconvinced we have all rights to decline your verification.

If You Still Need Help you can Chat with us.
You Can also Write us an email at creators@milyin.com
Or You Can visit our Support page and Describe your problem.