What Are The Content Ethics and Requirements for Creating Downloadable Creations

Content Ethic

Milyin Downloables, require you to follow many guideline and rules. It’s better to know your responsibilities and duties so that you don’t violate our policies and rules. We are really strict when it comes to Downloadables, and you may even get banned for violating our policies.
The Content Creation ethics for the Downloadables have been mention in our Creation Policy. Below we have mentioned the key points for the policy so that if you are too lazy to read the full policy, you can go through the below points from Downloads Section of Creation Policy.
You can include paid downloadable content, like books and images for your creation. You can do it by going to creation interface and selecting post type as downloadable.
Any creation with such downloadable content shall be called a downloadable or a downloadable creation. The file itself shall be called the “Download”
All downloadable creations, follow the rules of normal creations, in addition to the rules mentioned below.
For Content Creations with downloadable content, we want the content to have accurate and precise description of the downloadable file.
By putting the link for the file, you assure us, that you have all the necessary legal and intellectual rights to do so.

You are allowed to sell images, videos, PDF files, and Books. You can also create bundles or combinations of these, and ZIP them in a single file.

By putting the link, you give Milyin the right to view it and examine it. We have the right to use it and display a portion of it as a testimonial or in any other form, though we promise we shall not distribute it, and do any work that leads to loss of your sales.

By putting any download on Milyin, you grant Milyin the license, to use, distribute, sub-license, monetize the content in any way it wishes to do so.

In case of suspicion we shall ask you questions regarding the downloadable file.

Milyin has the unquestionable right to remove a download link in case it wishes to do so. Milyin will remove the link, if it shows content that is not good for all ages and/or the information provided with the creation is not accurate with the actual download and/or the download is not easily accessible.

We may also give you a soft warning, or ask you to edit your creation, just in case we feel that it can be corrected easily. We want the link to be a direct download link or at maximum, a single click link. Which means that after purchase when the customer clicks the link, it should either take it directly to file, or maximum require a easily accessible single click to download.

The link you provide and the downloadable content itself both should not contain any spam, or advertisements, you are not allowed to do paid promotions, marketing or false claims in the download. If you are found doing any such activity, your download can be in the risk of removal.

In case a customer reports a violation to our policy and/or human ethics, we shall examine your download. In case you are found to be at the fault, we shall refund the cost back to the customers, and your payments from that creation shall be seized. We may directly delete the creation, or give you a one time chance to improve it if we feel that minor editing can make it correct.

Milyin shall periodically check and examine your creations. We have the right to store any downloadable content that you publish. Even if you remove the link or delete the creation, Milyin still owns the license over it.

When you write a creation, which is of the downloadable type, you shall see a textarea with label “download notes”, you need to include all relevant information, about rights, and ownership of intellectual property with clarity in download notes.

In case the file has a password, the password should be mentioned in the Download Notes. Also, if you are selling content, for which you own the intellectual rights you need to mention them in download notes. For example, you need to mention your ISBN number if you publish a book on Milyin.

If you don’t own the Download, you need to have all permissions from the owner, and they should be mentioned in the creation itself as well as the download.

Moreover, if you used someone’s intellectual property for just the portion of download, then you need to mention the permission to use that portion, and the locations where it has been used.

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