What are Pingbacks and Should I Enable Them On My Creations

Content Creators on Milyin, have the option to enable or disable pingbacks and trackballs for there Creations. Pingbacks (basically pingback and trackballs both) are a benefit of the fact that Milyin was built on Solid foundation of WordPress.It’s great to have link to your creations on external site as it helps to increase viewership and spread the word. If you have Pingbacks enabled, Milyin would automatically send and recieve pings from other related sites.

A trackback is a notification that Milyin sends to an external site when you link to it in your content. Let’s say that you’ve just published a new Creation on dog training tips, which includes a link to another website that contains some solid advice for your readers.

In this scenario, you could send a trackback ‘ping’ to that site, in order to get the owner’s attention. That person could then choose to approve the ping. This would display an excerpt of your post and a link to your site in their comments section.

If your creation and the external site both have the pingbacks turned on, then they will send each other ping requests, and upon approval your post and the other site would start to display the link for each other.

The pingbacks are really great, and they help get a lot of traffic. In case some other website links to your post, then we shall automatically approve the ping that they sent.

In order to toggle Pingbacks, you can just Add New Creation or edit a Creation, and in the interface scroll to bottom, where you can see the buttons to keep Pingbacks open or closed

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