What Are Downloadable Creations on Milyin

If you have ever written creations or looked closely, you must have seen the Creation Type “Download” and must have wondered what it actually is.It’s a part Creations with different featurs.. A new type of creation, and a one of it’s kind experience.

Traditionally Milyin Creations, were used to write, add images, tags and enjoy the experience. This seemed to work pretty well.

But now we are expanding further from just written, we are adding Downloadable to Milyin. These creations would be basically creations, which have a link to sell downloadable files.

For example, a book writer traditionally would write, about his book, and give a summary for his book. Similarly many photographers, and many other creative professionals love Milyin.

But they want to sell there creative work too. So with #Milyin Downloadables, you can set the posttype to downloadable, and then add link for the file you want to sell. For example a book writer can upload the file to Google Drive and put the link for selling the downloadable file in the link area. Then he can set the price, download limit and download notes.

By this way the Creator made a digital product which users can buy. After publishing, people

would be able to visit creation, and besides the normal content, would be greeted by a add to cart button.

If users buy, they would be given the link which you typed in, and therefore they would get access to the actual downloadable file. Essentially you are selling the file, in a creation.

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