I don’t Want Others To See My Profile, How To Have Private Account

Private Account

For the people who do not like to show themselves in front of others, you can keep your account private by following steps

  1. To get started first ensure you are logged into Milyin. You can login Or Register with Milyin, if you need support in Login or Register click here
  2. Now, head to Account page, Account
  3. From the tabs in left select Third option, after that
  4. You see 2 options, they are Account Privacy, Hide My Profile From Directory
  5. If you want your account to present but invisible to others, select Account Privacy and select only for me
  6. If you don’t want your account be even present as a url, you go to Hide My Profile From Directory and select yes
  7. After filling, click Update Account
  8. Your Account is now updated, in some cases you might also have to login again