How to View a Content Creator’s Social Links

Social Links

You after reading a Creation from Content Creator or CC may like to get his or her social links, to follow him in multiple places. You can see Content Creator’s links, from the CC’s profile, you can find CC’s profile at The user page. The user page shows user links in form of symbols, below the name and profile picture, click them to see there profile. You would only see those link if the user himself added those links.

You can find a User Profile, by going to Discover and typing in the name, and clicking the appropriate profile. If you know the User id, you can directly head to User Profile PageThe User Profile page has the following link structure. (user-id) /

Replace (user-id) with the id of Content Creator. Alternatively if you don’t know the user id, you can open any post of the CC and at bottom of the post, in the Content Creator box, click the CC’s name, to get directed to CC profile.