How To Set Featured Image/ Thumbnail for Creations

We highly recommend you using your own Individual Featured images for your creations, for it help attract more visitors to get influenced from your ideas. Adding a featured image is very simple and it makes your posts looks more attractive hence it attracts more viewers.

A featured image, is the most important image of any Creation, it is the image that is shared on social media, and is displayed in taxonomies.

By default any New Creation has a auto generated featured image added, you can see it in the top portion of the creation editor. We recommend to put your own image, to make it more relevant to the actual creation. Learn more about What are auto generated thumbnails.

To add a featured image just click on”SELECT FEATURED IMAGE”, it is displayed on top whenever you are writing new post. Then select”choose file”. Then just select your file , after some crunching scroll down and click on”Use as featured image”. Your featured image is uploaded.

Please note: The images are compressed in back end for better image performance, as a result, even after you set the featured image, we still don’t display the image in preview. (The auto generated thumbnail is still there in preview, even after you set the image). In order to see the preview of your image, you would need to reload the page.

Its better to use a featured image as it gives some information about your posts and attracts users. Remember your featured image should not exceed 128mb.

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