How to Put Hashtags in Social Media Posts of Milyin

Social Media

It is well known that the social media is a major traffic source for websites. We have been using our social media for the same. We have decided to allow our content creator the same power to use social media

Starting now all the creations, will be posted over all social media accounts of Milyin, the text for social media would be the Title of Creation and the Hashtags used in the posts.
We would also be sending your featured images, on social media, though if you don’t add any featured image, a randomly generated featured image would be used in it’s place. Apart from that the last would be the link of the post.
Note: It is worth taking note that we crop images if required in case of Instagram to comply with their API though in most cases this is not required. And Also we may exclude some tags in twitter if the characters go over 280 which is the max limit of characters possible in tweet. We send your creations over social media accounts of Milyin at  TwitterInstagramLinkedIn