How Do I Report Inappropriate Content on Creations

Report Content

As a mission to make a better experience for all readers we wish to insure tgat no implict content gets onto Milyin.

As a result we created a system to report content over Milyin. In this system you simply have to go to any post that you feel to have inappropriate content over it.

Simply scroll down to the respective post and find the button called ‘Report Content’ clicking it would bring up a form that you need to fill up.

All you details would be private and Milyin won’t provide them to the Cintent Creator you reported. We promise to not inquire you any further regarding the matter.

Milyin would further investigate the post, see the past records of Content Creator and take required actions. Milyin under its Creation Policy has stated that no one can put up inappropriate content, and Milyin has all rights to take any actions like banning the account deleting post or alter it.