How Do I Login or Register On Milyin


If you are willing to join Milyin, and be a Content Creator, then you can register here.

  1. First Name, it is your first part of name
  2. Last Name, it is your surname
  3. Username, a unique word which would be used to recognize you, usually kept as person’s own name
  4. Password: create a password, confidential to you, to prevent any one else from accessing your account.
  5. Confirm Password, re-write the password to ensure what you typed is right
  6. Email Id, your email id, used to confirm your details, before activating account. Also used to send important details and notifactions
  7. Gender, it is your gender if you are not willing to share you can select Not Specified
  8. Birthdate, you can select your birthday,
  9. Mobile No. This is your phone no. It would be used for communications and not displayed publically

After that simply click the register button and you would be registered. Now you need to verify yourself by clicking the link that you would have recieved in your email.(email you filled in form) After which your registeration shall complete and you can now login


In order to login into your Milyin account you would need to go to Login, and provide your details. We ask 2 things in the form

  1. Email/UserId: we ask you to tell the email you used to register your account, or the user id you selected while registering. You have to fill either of the two in the first column, please ensure correct spellings.
  2. Password: we ask you your password it also had been filled in the register form, and ensures that only you can enter into your account. In case you forgot your password see this.