How Can I Change My Cover Photo

Cover Photo

Any Foreground is incomplete without Background, similarly any Profile Photo is incomplete without a Cover Photo, you can update your photo here. Also if you want edit your Profile Picture, and write a Content Creator Bio

    1. To get started first ensure you are logged into Milyin. You can login Or Register with Milyin, if you need support in Login or Register click here


  1. Now, head to User page, User 
  2. From the Profile, click the cog wheel icon for settings in the right
  3. A drop down list appears. It shows options such as edit profile, logout, etc.
  4. Click Edit Profile.
  5. You see your Cover Photo (which would be blank if you never changed it) with a overlay of camera icon.
  6. Click it to change or remove your photo
  7. If you want to replace your existing Photo with new one click Change Photo
  8. From the popup, that appears, click upload photo. You can select your photo from device.
  9. The photo gets uploaded. Crop The photo to required size
  10. After cropping, click apply
  11. You would be able to see a preview of your photo as it would look
  12. Click update profile, and you are good to go