How Can I Block/Unblock a User

Blocking Users

Milyin has a system for Chat, where content creators can chat amongst one another. Sometimes, we find annoying people, whom we want to stay away from, as a result Milyin, introduced the feature of blocking, if you block a user from Milyin Chat, the user shall not be able to chat with you.It is possible that some user may be annoying you and you just wants to block that user but dont know how to do it. Here we discuss how to block a user.

The blocking shall only prevent the blocked account from chatting with you, that account would still be able to comment your posts, view your profile etc.

So here is the way to block a user on milyin.

We see that you are not logged in to Milyin, this action requires you to be a logged in user, theerefore before moving ahead please Login to your Milyin account. If you need help you can go to these pages, logging In or registering to Milyin.

Please follow following steps.

  1. Open Milyin Chat
  2. Open the conversation with the id you want to block.
  3. In the message threads, scroll to top,
  4. Just above the first message you shall see 2 buttons, one to block user, and other to delete conversation.
  5. Click block Button,

The user gets blocked, now the user shall not be able to chat with you or read any previous chats with you, untill you unblock the user. But what if you have blocked a user, and later you changed your mind.

How do you unblock a user. Well the process for unblocking is quite different. For that the steps are given below

  1. First of all again make sure, that you are logged into your Milyin account, if not, then please login.
  2. Then, head to Your Privacy Page.
  3. Here scrolling down shall, give you a field where you shall have all the accounts that you have blocked
  4. Every account shall have a unblock button next to it.
  5. The last step is to Click the “Update Privacy” button, Clicking it unblocks the user, and he can read the conversations and chat with you again.

Some account is actually spam, then you can Contact Us, and report the spam account, with request to be removed from Milyin.

If You Still Need Help you can Chat with us.
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