Getting Started On Milyin | How To Start Writing Creations on Milyin

Milyin was created to insure, that each person on this planet had his own audience, each person had someone who was listening to him. Each person could have his own stage. No person’s voice gets buried under some other person’s voice.

Never hear someone louder than you on Milyin.

Milyin Devotes to Make A World Having Vast Majority Of People Who are Passionate About There Work, Who feel proud to have different Thoughts, Beliefs and Opinions. Milyin Supports all those who Improve Society and bring a change.

Now Let’s Talk Getting Started

Milyin is a Content Creation Platform, on our platform any person can publish posts on any topic with full freedom (we like to call “posts” “Creations”, which means you publish Creations on Milyin rather than Posts, though they are more or less same).

The only thing required to write posts at Milyin is, that you must be registered at Milyin. The Key aspect is that you earn a income for writing posts from Milyin at rates defined in Creation Policy

Any registered user can write posts at the URL (ensure that you are logged in). At the link provided above, you would be greeted by a form with fields like Title, Post Content, Excerpt, Comment settings, post status (draft/publish) etc. You can toggle them on or off as per your need.

You can save your posts as draft with the button at the bottom left of the screen. Once your post is complete you can select the status as publish and then save it. This will publish your post making it available for Readers of Milyin. You can manage your posts at

The latest posts of all users can be seen at

Milyin is a open content creation platform, we DO NOT put any restrictions over what users can write. You are free to write whatever you want at Milyin.

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